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Joined: December, 2011 Eyes: Brown
Skin Tone: Light
Hair Color: Light Brown
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Island Luck
created Mar 16, 2013
    Sultry Glam
    created Feb 14, 2013
    • hellokitzia

      Sep 18, 2013

      Hi! I just recently started posting my looks on Ipsy and I would seriously love your opinion. Your Island look is so cute!
    • ckhoffmank

      Jun 02, 2013

      I read your blog about April's 2013 bag and loved your review! I'm reviewing Ipsy on my blog too (planning to at least)
    • BlushingNoir

      Jul 17, 2013

      Thank you!!!
    • charmainexoxo

      Mar 16, 2013

      Hi! Great looks (: I really love Sultry Glam! I hope you visit and check out my newest look called Summer Getaway♡☼♡ on my page. Thanks, Charmaine

    • WonderZ88

      Mar 16, 2013

      Hey glamster♥ I was hoping you'd please check out my new look "Anchors Away" for a cute nautical spring look. Hope you like it :) XoXo http://www.ipsy.com/look/l-he7fsk25ntid16l/Anchors_Away
    • CheshireCookie

      Feb 15, 2013

      Hey girl! Love your looks <3 They're fabulous :-) When you get a chance, if you could please come check out my new look: Paparazzi Perfect Face. I hope you like it, and if you do, if you could please "Love" it! Thanks! <3 Cookie
    • Starrlight

      Nov 29, 2012

      Hi Glammy great pic, love how your eyes look! I was hoping you would check out my newest look "Night out with Matt(e)" and if you happen to love it I would be thrilled! <3

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