At ipsy, we're about more than just beauty products. We're about motivation, inspiration, and fostering a community that supports beauty both outside and in. We want to create a safe place (on our website, on Facebook, and elsewhere) for ipsters to share their passions and more. We're all here to support one another and learn new things, so please be on your best behavior!


Be positive.

We believe in supporting one another in the most positive way possible. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Help your fellow ipsters.

We love seeing ipsters help one another. Advice, tips, and tricks are always appreciated from one ipster to another.

Show us what you got!

We want to see your videos, photos, and looks, and we love hearing your voice. Share the best content you find on the Web, but also create your own. Define yourself and be an original!

Contact us directly.

If you ever have an issue, question, or suggestion, the best and fastest way to get a response is to email the ipsyCare. In fact, due to privacy reasons, we cannot use public forums to resolve individual issues. It is always best to e-mail ipsyCare so they can investigate and help you out!


Don't be mean.

Harassing, defaming, or bullying other ipsters or the community and company as a whole is a major no-no. There's nothing worse than someone who ruins a good party by displaying spiteful behavior. Don't be that person!

Don't spam.

When you share content with fellow ipsters, please provide context, don't post the same thing more than once, and don't share purely commercial links (like affiliate or referral programs). As well, please do not promote services that are direct competitors to ipsy.

Don't do anything you wouldn't do in public.

We have ipsters of all ages. Avoid profanity, sexually explicit content, and anything that might offend your kid sister.

Don't post personal information.

We value privacy. Please don't post your own (or another ipster's) phone number, e-mail address, physical mailing address, billing info, or any other personal information. As well, please do not post private correspondence between you and other ipsters, and between you and ipsy.

Don't impersonate another ipster.

Impersonating another human being is creepy and just plain wrong. Enough said.

Don't use fraudulent trickery to win our contests and giveaways.

This includes creating fake accounts to vote and "like." We will find out and we will not be happy.

We expect all ipsters to abide by these guidelines and the Terms of Use, and (while we don't enjoy it) we reserve the right to remove offending content and ban offenders in order to maintain a safe and positive community. Thank you for being an ipster!