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      Category: Official Glam Bag: May 2013

      Birchbox V Ipsy

      So I have been a Birchbox subscriber for about 6 months. I loved my first few boxes and now am underwhelmed by them. I just recently found Ipsy. I have got two bags so far and have loved them. I have used every item! Birchbox usually has one or two I don't touch. This month I think I will use my blue polish with the Sation from last month to make a fun french. The finishing serum will be interesting to try. The lotion smells amazing!! Any why not feed my lip gloss obsession. I'm even down to try concealer. My Birchbox this month was full of small stuff and foil packs (grr). I also got another perfume like always that just goes to the garbage. Way to win it Ipsy!!
    • Jennifers620

      May 14, 2013

      I also get Birchbox & have been consistently disappointed. The lotion samples I've been getting are almost insulting. Not even enough for one all-over application. Last month I got a generous sized Strivectin Eye cream and the month before that I got a nice sized shampoo (which admittedly I passed on to a friend), which have been the saving graces of the whole program thus far. I feel like I'm getting the leftover stuff from the good boxes they make for all the other people. I never have received anything that they've "previewed" on their FB page. I'm annoyed and about to head over to Glossybox. But I sure do love Ipsy - member since Feb 2013 and so happy to have found it! :)
    • DazieJ87

      May 14, 2013

      I've debated on glossybox just to do a war, but at the moment I think ipsy, kiwi crate, and olive box are enough.
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