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    College Kid Life

    I know going to college makes it almost impossible to look good on a daily basis. That's why I've been investing a lot of my time to figure out cute chic styles that are fast and easy for college, so that looking good really can be effortless! My own personal tips!!
    1. Use good second day hairstyles! A lot of the time in college I would curl or wave my hair the night before I went to bed so when I woke up it was ready to go without me having to do anything
    2. Skip fancy eye makeup! Seriously to keep it simple yet gorgeous I would conceal my eyes just on the lid and it would make my lid lighter than my crease and give a nice easy look without actually wearing any eyeshadow and it saved me the time of applying it
    3. Dress up yogas! Yoga pants were legit my best friend in college, I wore them pretty much everyday! I would definitely say invest invest invest in yoga pants and also it is really easy to dress yoga pants up with a cute shirt so you look put together without looking like you tried really hard
    4. Don't skip washing your face! I know a lot of people that began skipping washing their face in the morning when they started college and it actually came back to bite them in the butt because when they didn't wash or at least rinse their face to get off all the bacteria you sweat out while you're sleeping they ended up breaking out and having to use more makeup to cover these breakouts
    5. Find out what works for you! I am very lucky because I have naturally wavy hair so most days my hair was really easy for me, but I know a lot of my friends simply worked with their hair a lot to find good styles they liked throwing their hair up in that only took 5 minutes or less and no heat (example: sock bun, fishtail, french braid, headband braid, sleek ponytail etc) just find what works best for you!
    6. Don't worry! A lot of people in college roll out of bed and throw on sweats, so if you are having one of those days do not worry you really will just blend!
    7. Lasts all day long! In college there is really never time for touchups (plus you never want to have to) so I definitely recommend finding and investing in products that last all day long! Personally I really love the Revlon Colorstay line because all of those products really really last and they don't need touchups!
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