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    Category: Official Glam Bag: Sep 2013

    Official Glam Bag: Sep 2013

    From Mona Lisa to Monroe, classic beauties have made us swoon from generation to generation. It's a month to showcase all the gorgeous you've got with September's "Classic Beauty" Glam Bag. We want to see a Look full of makeup tutorials showing us your favorite classic beauty looks. Check out the details below on how to score a prize full of all our brands this month.

    Challenge Instructions:
    *Log in to ipsy.com, then click “Create a Look” at the top of the site.
    *Place your Look in the category “Official Glam Bag: Sep 2013”.
    *Upload a cover image and at least 1 video, and tag recommended products for your Look, including: butter LONDON, Cailyn, Chella, Elizabeth Mott, Freeman Beauty, J.Cat, Jesse's Girl, NYX, POP, skyn ICELAND, Starlooks, and Victoria Jackson.
    *Share your Look across the Web and ask your friends to “Love” it!

    Official Rules:
    * Create your Look by September 30th, 2013 at 4PM PST.
    * Include at least one video that you create yourself using the Glam Bag products (additional videos do not have to be your own).
    * Tag all products from the September Glam Bag.
    * Click Love just above on this Look.
    * Must live in the United States or Canada.
    * Must be 13 years or older.
    * Only Looks made after September 11th, 2013 are eligible to win.

    How to Win the Challenge:
    * Three Looks will be selected to win: one most Loved Look, one editor's choice Look, and one Look at random.
    * Three winners will be selected and announced on September 30, 2013 on ipsy’s Facebook page.
    * One of the winning Looks will be placed at the top of the ipsy.com homepage during the week of October 1, 2013.
    * Each of the three winners will receive gifts from the September Glam Bag brands: butter LONDON, Cailyn, Chella, Elizabeth Mott, Freeman Beauty, J.Cat, Jesse's Girl, NYX, POP, skyn ICELAND, Starlooks, and Victoria Jackson.
  • J3haywo

    Jan 12, 2015

    Can you buy old months bag
  • British-charm

    Jan 19, 2015

    I want to know too. This is a great looking bag.
  • locallandscaping2013

    Oct 02, 2014

    I haven't seen my bag yet for September. and want to reserve my October bag

    Sep 13, 2014

    can I buy this onw
  • Shebug1971

    Sep 12, 2014

    I have had 20.00 taken out of my bank and have received no bag!!! Not happy!! :(
  • cherylgoldie

    Sep 09, 2014

    Thanks to Jose I will b getting my first bag!
  • Maddy41

    Sep 06, 2014

    Yay I can't wait to get my bag
  • LyssaPeacock

    Jun 16, 2014

    Loved this bag!
  • MichelleC33

    Jun 09, 2014

    One of my all time favorite bags
  • Skateata

    Jun 08, 2014

    This is possibly my favorite bag in the past year
  • LucyLaLaLa

    Apr 18, 2014

    Wow! Love this bag. I got my April bag and loved the Cailyn lip balm. I traded the light pink for the darker pink. SO happy I did! If anyone wants to trade their red Cailyn lip balm for this months Dr.Brandts Microdermabrasion, please email me at l.tate777@gmail.com :)
  • Pizatty

    Apr 15, 2014

    I love the deep colors in this bag
  • peony73

    Mar 28, 2014

    wow this looks like a really cool bag! wish I had got this one, love all the deep colors
  • Lbmorales

    Mar 13, 2014

    When I got this, I was super angry. I got the shampoo and conditioner. However, the It's So Big Mascara was the redeeming quality. Love that product.
  • blogshopwin

    Mar 12, 2014

    This was my favorite bag so far, mostly because it has my now favorite mascara inside.
  • StaceyBPhoto

    Feb 19, 2014

    This looks like a really nice bag....wish I heard of ipsy before December and could have gotten this one!
  • divarianispr

    Feb 18, 2014

    Ohhh Butter!! I love this polishes!
  • skyeirene

    Feb 17, 2014

    pretty sad I didn't get that butter london nail polish, always wanted to try it
  • Bossintellect_

    Jan 29, 2014

    first bag, already impressed
  • Finnster304

    Jan 27, 2014

    Kind of disappointed, I didn't know that Butter London nail polish was in this bag, its a brand I've always wanted to try, but it is really out of my price range for polish.
  • Starrywine

    Dec 27, 2013

    My birthday month!!
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