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    Category: Official Glam Bag: Dec 2013

    Official Glam Bag: Dec 2013

    There's always a reason to celebrate! Whether it's buying your first car or welcoming your 2nd grandchild, there's always a reason to get gorgeous and feel glamorous!

    It's been an amazing year full of gorgeous Glam Bags, awesome products, and glamorous new friends! So grab your December Glam Bag and show us your gorgeous celebratory looks to win a fabulous prize filled with goodies from all of this month's brand partners!

    Challenge Instructions:
    *Log in to ipsy.com, then click “Create a Look” at the top of the site.
    *Place your Look in the category “Official Glam Bag: Dec 2014”.
    *Upload a cover image and at least 1 video, and tag recommended products for your Look, including:
    English Laundry, Ardell, Andrea, Salon Perfect, Be A Bombshell, Demeter, J.Cat, Mirabella, Jesse's Girl, POP Beauty, Nicka K New York, NYX, and Starrily.
    *Share your Look across the Web and ask your friends to “Love” it!

    Official Rules:
    * Create your Look by December 30th, 2013 at 4PM PST.
    * Include at least one video that you create yourself using the Glam Bag products (additional videos do not have to be your own).
    * Tag all products from the December Glam Bag.
    * Click Love just above on this Look.
    * Must live in the United States or Canada.
    * Must be 13 years or older.
    * Only Looks made after December 10th, 2013 are eligible to win.

    How to Win the Challenge:
    * Three Looks will be selected to win: one most Loved Look, one editor's choice Look, and one Look at random.
    * Three winners will be selected and announced on December 30, 2013 on ipsy’s Facebook page.
    * One of the winning Looks will be placed at the top of the ipsy.com homepage during the week of January 6, 2014.
    * Each of the three winners will receive gifts from the December Glam Bag brands: English Laundry, Ardell, Andrea, Salon Perfect, Be A Bombshell, Demeter, J.Cat, Mirabella, Jesse's Girl, POP Beauty, Nicka K New York, NYX, and Starrily.
  • thelovelygurl08

    Jan 09, 2015

    This bag is so freaking cute
  • msdivaj

    Jan 03, 2015

    This glam bag was one of my top favorite bags. loved everything in it
  • diva49

    Dec 07, 2014

    to cute
  • DSANTOS890

    Oct 15, 2014

  • prettyinperiwinkle

    Oct 12, 2014

    I can't believe I missed this one!
  • Paris_Girl18

    Oct 07, 2014

    The actual bag looks like the one were getting this month, just different colors!
  • Purplezebra831

    Sep 19, 2014

    I want the actual bag!! Wouldn't mind the NYX lipstick (red) and brush..

    Sep 13, 2014

    iwould like this one too
  • Kittie_Monroe

    Aug 27, 2014

    Can't wait untill I start getting my bag. I'm super excited lol
  • Mel_aanniiee

    Aug 08, 2014

    didnt really like my bag this month
  • cecewilsonyoung

    Jun 19, 2014

    Can't wait to see what is in my 1st bag.
  • BereniceCarter

    Apr 19, 2014

    I loved this bag, the eye shadows were one of my faves, and the lipstick goes with my skin perfectly!
  • cmarie618

    Apr 15, 2014

    Would of loved to get this polish color. If anyone has and doesn't like email me catherinemarie618@gmail.com
  • justbjoyful

    Apr 12, 2014

    like the poilsh and lipstick
  • mspeachbloom

    Apr 09, 2014

    Really loved the bag I got with this- it's my new makeup bag for my purse!! Was also a big fan of the 'be a bombshell' stick. Really lovely shade.
  • yespagan04

    Apr 07, 2014

    And the nail polish sucked big time the brush broke off almost immediately
  • yespagan04

    Apr 07, 2014

    This was my least favorite bag so far. The only product I really like was the bombshell tint stick. I don't wear eyelashes so I was a little disappointed with that.
  • Corvidkat

    Mar 14, 2014

    this was my favorite bag so far, POP, NYX and Nicka K brightened my dreary January.
  • GigiSD

    Feb 20, 2014

    The NYX "Extra Creamy" Lipstick was the perfect red--even for my very pale skin. It had a glow which softened it and gave it a most wearable shine.
  • GigiSD

    Feb 20, 2014

    Actually, this bag contained PERFECT accents for Christmas/Holiday parties (and everyday wear). I could have been happier!
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