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Elizabeth Mott

It's So Big Volumizing Mascara

An ipsy exclusive launch! This mascara was created using a unique formula that delivers BIG volume and lengthens and curls your lashes without smudging! The hourglass brush ensures that you get the right amount of mascara applied to each lash. Use the It's So Big Volumizing Mascara with the Lash Card and watch your lashes grow bigger with each layer!

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deionized water, acrylates copolymer, bees wax, carnauba wax,stearic acid, triethanolamine, hydroxyethylcellulose, cetyl alcohol, polysorbate 80,polyvinyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, propylene glycol, methyl paraben, phenoxyethanol, propylparaben, ci 77499
  • kthornton

    Oct 18, 2014

    How can I purchase this ?
  • nemoes

    Oct 12, 2014

    I was not to crazy about this. I use for when I need a on the go mascara to carry in my clutch.
  • meme5050

    Oct 07, 2014

    This stuff is amazing!!!
  • kdiaz

    Sep 28, 2014

    i love this mascara.. better than my Josie Maran
  • giggly

    Sep 19, 2014

    Loved this
  • mlf

    Sep 10, 2014

    Great stuff! Glides on smoothly and covers every lash well.
  • barocho

    Jul 23, 2014

    I did not like this mascara. I found that it did not make much of a difference on my eyelashes. Many better product on the market that I would recommend over this.
  • TiannaGriffith

    Jul 15, 2014

    Loved this mascara! Almost all of it is gone!
  • chloejae

    Jul 16, 2014

    This is my favorite mascara. I just bought 2 full sizes. If you use the code "ipsytint" you can buy one get one free (it has to be two of the same product though). The mascara is $20 for one.
  • LisaDmz

    Jul 06, 2014

    Loved the brush application
  • nb3rry

    Jul 03, 2014

    Love the way it makes my lashes look!!
  • rhyta

    Jun 30, 2014

    good mascara
  • mlfraser0429

    Jun 30, 2014

    OK with the mascara, but didn't like the shape of the brush at all.
  • saranra

    Jun 26, 2014

    Like it long and does not clump. Smudges a bit though
  • whatababe2287

    Jun 22, 2014

    love it
  • mscz124

    Jun 19, 2014

    This was an awesome mascara
  • xheyitzmex

    Jun 05, 2014

    Was very surprised with this mascara! Makes my eyelashes very long and doesn't clump. This is the best mascara that I received in my Glam Bag so far. Will definitely consider purchasing in the future, does anyone know if this is sold in stores so I can save on shipping?
  • Yvette_A

    Jun 04, 2014

    I replenish it when i run out of it, love it!
  • KellyKinc

    Jun 04, 2014

    is there an "IPSY" discount code?
  • nalee_vue

    May 21, 2014

    I finally used this product and omg! It's awesome. Makes my lashes look fuller and it holds the curl all day long!
  • IleanaOneal

    May 15, 2014

    Love the mascara, dislike the wand.
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