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  • Two Toned Red Lip Tutorial

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    My Website! :http://www.carlibybel.comDirect Link to my Fashion Blog!! :http://www.thebeautybybel.comCome check out my beauty page for quotes & love!http://www.facebook.com/beautybycarliCome say hi !!! I love tweeting!http://www.twitter.com/carlibybelInstagram:@CarliBel@TheFashionBybel - My Fashion Page for OOTDWho likes ordinary? TRY THIS LOOK to be Extraordinary ;) xoxo I did this look on a girl for a 1920's inspired photo shoothad to switch the audio.. hate that.
  • Sophiedereuver

    Dec 25, 2012

    how did you get your cheekbones that way?
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