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  • ♥ Blue Nail Art for Autism Awareness ♥

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    Hey guys! Read here if you're fabulous! xD

    Sorry it's been a while [ten days] since I uploaded. I've been doing some...stuff. There will be lots of rainbows and spring/summer designs coming shortly :D The sun has actually come out in the UK. Shocking!
    Anyway, I'm showing my support for Autism Awareness Month with some unco-ordinated blue nail art. Hope you enjoy and get your blue on!

    Much love
    xx mwah! xx


    My personal experience: http://professionaldq.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/autism-awareness-day.html

    Wikipedia's article on Autism: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autism

    My Facebook [nothing to do with Autism Awareness day]: http://www.facebook.com/professionalDQ

    Pale blue nail polish: Franken I made with an old blue and white
    Middle finger blue: Nina Pro, Blue Blaze
    Index finger blue: LA Colors, Wired
    Left thumb: Barry M Texture, Atlantic Road
    Right thumb: Barry M, Blue & Barry M, Aqua Glitter
    Water marble: China Glaze, Rainbow & Barry M, Blue & Barry M, Grey
    Acrylic paints: Normal water based ones from a craft store. They're all pretty much the same.
    Dotting tool: Also from a craft store, but you can find them on eBay
    Striper: A gift from a friend but you can find them ay Beauty Supply stores or eBay just type "nail art striper brush"
    Small paintbrushes: Set of three from BornPrettyStore

    Everything here is my legal and I am simply expressing myself. No hidden messages or sponsors. My nails are real. Seahorses are real too. I didn't even know that until a few years ago. HA!

    Music Credits:
    Song name: Cold Funk
    Artist name: Kevin Macleod
    Website: http://www.incompetech.com
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