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About Us

IPSY was founded on a singular mission: to inspire individuals around the world to express their unique beauty. Everything we do is to support you on your journey to self-discovery, so you’ll feel confident letting your unique beauty shine every day.

Before IPSY, before beauty bloggers, and...before the internet, beauty trends were created and communicated by a handful of people (like magazine editors and celebrities), and we simply followed them because—well, our friends, moms, and aunts did, too.

Then YouTube became a thing and a makeup artist named Michelle Phan changed the game forever with her boundary-pushing beauty tutorials. An entire generation of creators followed. Suddenly, beauty-lovers were bonding over their brow game, skincare routines, and whether or not a hyped-up product really worked. Beauty became a movement fueled by free conversation and an endless exchange of ideas and inspo.

IPSY was born out of this movement, and we fearlessly support the self-expression and inclusivity that made it happen. That’s how the Glam Bag came to life—a set of personalized beauty products you can’t wait to try, test, and tell your friends about. With the help of our incredible 3 million (and counting) members, we’re here to empower, energize, and re-shape what beauty is.

We’re IPSY and we’re just getting started…

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