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Becky G’s Top 5 Beauty Tips From Her Familia


Beauty is a ritual passed down through generations—and no one knows this better than Becky G. Through her Glam Bag X collab, she’s spilling all the makeup and skincare secrets she’s learned from her mom, tias, and abuelitas over the years, while honoring the idea that self-expression is truly ageless.

“Makeup has always given me an outlet to express myself, and that’s what I want to give to the community through my Glam Bag X collection,” says Becky G. “My hope is that you will get to know me a little better and get to know and love my labor of love, TRESLÚCE BEAUTY.” Ready to join Becky’s familia? Keep scrolling for her top generational beauty tips and tricks.

1. Use Beauty as a Tool for Self-Expression

“My first memory is going through my mom’s makeup bag and making a beautiful mess of myself,” says the global pop star. “I’m pretty sure that picture is still floating around somewhere on social media. My mom was so great about it, too. She never got mad at me and just allowed me to express myself.” Becky’s early introduction to beauty as a tool of self-expression is something that still shines through today. Exhibit A: her elaborate nail art.

“My girls Master Weenay and Patty3DNails are my go-tos,” she says. “I’ll share my thoughts and ideas with them and what I’m wearing, but I like to give them creative freedom. As an artist, I feel by giving them that freedom in their process, it allows them to create something so beautiful. They know me, they know my inspirations, they know what I’m about, so they never let me down.”

Becky G posing side ways against chromatic background

2. Never Sleep in Your Makeup

“I’ve learned some great tips, and I’ve learned what not to do from family members,” says Becky. Number one on her never list is sleeping in makeup. “I know not to go to sleep with a beat face, so I take off my makeup each night before bed. My skincare routine also includes going to get facials on a regular basis. Really getting to know my skin has been a ritual in itself.”

3. Stay Hydrated for a Glow

“I make sure to stay hydrated by always drinking plenty of water because it’s great for your skin,” she says. Dermatologists agree that staying hydrated really does keep you healthy from the inside out, and that includes your skin (aka your body’s largest organ). Not sure where to start? Aim for half your body weight in ounces every single day.

Becky G applying eyeshadow using a TRESLUCE BEAUTY eyeshadow brush

4. Get Inspired by Your Cultura

“When I was five years old, I was in baile folklorico and my mom did my hair and makeup,” says Becky. “This was the first time an eyeliner wing was done on me. I got to wear red lipstick, and my mom even created a little fake beauty mark on my face. I love this memory of the way makeup transformed me at that time. I can probably blame my bold wing obsession on that very moment.”

5. Embrace Your Inner Artist

“I grew up playing with makeup,” she recalls. “I would go into my mom’s bag and play with whatever was in my reach. My play time always included makeup and getting creative—I would even do makeup for my cousins and tias for fun.” A decade later, her skills came in handy as she started her music career and went on tour. “I would do my own makeup—no glam team involved—so I got to really know makeup and products.”

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