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Kenika Williams Wants to Inspire a Purposeful Approach to Your Home and Workspace


In a world often filled with chaos and clutter, enter Kenika Williams, a seasoned professional organizer, lifestyle creator, and the brilliant mind behind Tidied by K. Serving as the visionary force propelling this organizational revolution, Williams goes beyond merely tidying up spaces. She dedicates herself to bringing order and beauty to homes and offices, transforming them into masterpieces of organized bliss.

As we enter a new year, organization and cleanliness take center stage for many as a resolution. Amidst the surge in the desire for self-improvement and resolutions, Kenika Williams stands out as a trailblazer, emphasizing the transformative impact of a well-organized living and working space. At Tidied by K, the entrepreneur leverages her five years of professional organizing experience to help clients reclaim their physical spaces and alleviate the stress and tension that often accompany clutter. Ahead, we had the pleasure of chatting with the budding entrepreneur about her journey as a professional organizer and the significance of her work in the broader context of overall lifestyle expansion.

Turning Her Hobby Into a Thriving Business

Williams’ journey from hobbyist to professional organizer began with a Netflix binge sparked by a recommendation from her mother. The spark was ignited by the popular series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” where she realized that the art of organization could be more than just a personal passion—it could become a lucrative venture. This revelation marked a pivotal moment for Williams, propelling her to see an opportunity to provide a valuable service to others.

However, venturing into the professional organizing realm presented its own set of challenges. In an industry predominantly occupied by white women, Williams faced unique obstacles. Moreover, in a space where professional organizing is often seen as a luxury rather than a necessity, being a Black woman added an extra layer of complexity. Reflecting on this, Williams notes, “I think part of the challenge is proving ourselves that we’re just as qualified or just as good, meeting the standards expected in the field.”

Despite these hurdles, Williams’ determination and passion for organization and ability to maximize every inch of her clients’ work and living spaces propelled Tidied by K to expand its services across Atlanta, GA, and beyond.

A Mission Beyond Clean Spaces

The Tidied by K website boldly proclaims a commitment to creating home environments tailored to high-achieving women and families, promoting functionality, intentionality, and streamlined living. At the core of her philosophy is the belief that organizing goes beyond cleanliness—it is a powerful tool to empower individuals, allowing them to present their best selves to the world confidently. “If you can feel productive within the space, within the task that you have allotted for yourself, you feel more efficient with your time,” she articulates. Williams stresses that an organized space fosters a sense of accomplishment, boosting confidence and productivity. 

Navigating the contemporary waves of minimalism and decluttering movements, Williams shares her insights on mastering the delicate balance between promoting a clutter-free environment and acknowledging sentimental values. She advocates for a nuanced approach, emphasizing that the key is recognizing when sentimentality impedes the quality of life and space utilization. “I try to reframe people’s way of thinking when it comes to decluttering, so you don’t feel like you’re getting rid of stuff that you love because that’s not the goal with decluttering. The goal is to make sure that you have space for what you’re actually using or know what you need to have within that particular space,” says Williams. 

A complete Tidied by K overhaul and organization service can take up to a full day. The process involves pulling everything out, sorting, categorizing, and decluttering in collaboration with the client’s desires. As the brand caters to high-achieving women and families, Williams emphasizes the importance of customization. The onboarding process is a well-balanced exploration of clients’ day-to-day routines, space utilization, and specific needs. Despite a standardized process, Williams proudly states, “We adjust it to meet the needs of each client based on what they have going on in their personal lives.”

One intriguing aspect of Tidied by K’s approach is its focus on long-term success. Williams highlights that the goal is to instill intentionality, allowing clients to maintain organized systems well after the initial transformation. While maintenance services are offered, Williams notes that most clients successfully uphold the systems put in place.

The true measure of success lies in the stories of transformation shared by clients. Williams recounts moments where clients expressed newfound excitement—whether cooking dinner or finding solace in a decluttered lounge room. These stories affirm the tangible benefits of Tidied by K’s work. 

Williams candidly shares her growth phase and strategy as the brand continues to evolve rapidly. She reveals she plans to build a larger team, outsource tasks, and maintain a strong focus on customer service, even if it means taking on fewer projects to ensure quality for existing clients. 

The Beauty of Organization: Top Tips for Beauty Products 

Williams offers a quick pro tip to ensure a harmonious and organized beauty haven. Drawing parallels to her approach with clientele, Williams emphasizes the importance of accessibility, ensuring each beauty item has its designated space.

Williams’ tips for maintaining an organized beauty space align with her philosophy of intentionality and purposeful living. She advises incorporating portable organizers to simplify the process, making it easier to keep beauty products in order and accessible on a day-to-day basis.Although Williams may not have an extensive personal collection of beauty items, her professional approach highlights the universal principles of organization—every item with a purpose, every space with a function.

In closing, Williams shares a powerful gem for fostering a clutter-free, clean living space: “I truly encourage people to be more intentional about how they treat their home, what they bring into their home, and what they allow to stay in their home.” This call to action invites individuals to reassess their relationship with their living spaces, urging everyone to curate spaces that genuinely reflect their values and enhance their overall well-being.

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Article Last Updated December 19, 2023 12:00 AM