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How We’re Showing Our Pride and Joy This Month and Beyond


This June, we're turning up the volume on self-expression, love, and acceptance as we dive headfirst into a fabulous celebration of pride and joy. At IPSY, we're all about spreading the love and supporting our incredible LGBTQ+ community. That's why we're launching this Show Pride & Joy beauty campaign, where we're showcasing the most dazzling, fierce, and fearless Pride makeup looks that will leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to slay the world.

Here's the best part: we're not just talking about any makeup looks. We're shining the spotlight on the talented creators within the LGBTQ+ community who are the models and muses of this artistry (created by makeup artists Alexandra French and Celestine Pearl and hairstylist Ricky Fraser). We're breaking down barriers, challenging outdated gender norms, and proving that makeup is a universal language of self-expression. So grab your brushes, turn up the music, and let's dive into a whirlwind of color, glitter, and pure unadulterated fabulousness. It's time to show the world your pride and joy, one makeup look at a time.

How These 6 Creators Show Their Pride & Joy

1. Alex Boldea

Collage image of Alex Boldea

This bold cobalt blue winged shadow is stunning enough on its own, but the dazzling rainbow rhinestones take it to the next level. Not just literally, but also figuratively. They're not just pretty little gems, they're a symbol of unity, love, and the kaleidoscope of colors that make up the beautiful LGBTQ+ community. Together, this mesmerizing combo is unapologetically fabulous, just like the model rocking it: abstract artist and jeweler Alex Boldea. “What brings me the most joy about being part of the LGBTQ+ community is knowing that there are millions of people out there that have my back and I have theirs,” says Boldea. “I find queer joy empowering because you really have to overcome a lot of the stigmas, stereotypes, and even some of the social and cultural gender confines to experience it.”

2. Khai St Lawrence

Collage image of Khai St Lawrence

Dive into a world of vibrant hues and artistic expression, because this makeup look (worn by non-binary singer, songwriter, and stylist Khai St Lawrence) is as dreamy as a watercolor painting come to life! The alluring eyeshadow blends an array of hues like a masterpiece on your lids, the fuchsia lips bring on the bold, and the iridescent rhinestones are like droplets of stardust, adding a celestial sparkle that turns you into a living work of art to showcase your creativity and individuality. “When you channel self-love, it can show itself in different ways, whether it’s music, whether it’s an art piece, whether it’s a song, whether it’s a poem,” says St Lawrence about what brings them the most joy. “For me, being able to wake up and create something that becomes tangible from just this peaceful feeling that you get from being one with yourself, I think that’s what queer joy is. It’s that love that comes out of you in a very real way that can be communicated to other people.”

3. Khriss Alvarez

Collage image of Khriss Alvarez

Featuring a stunning gradient of bright blues and greens, this eye-catching creation is more than just eyeliner—it defies the laws of ordinary! The cut crease placement adds depth and dimension, while the lightning bolt-shape wing instantly electrifies your gaze. “I’m a fiercely ferocious androgynous man, making this world a better place one smile at a time,” says model Khriss Alvarez, but it has been a journey for him. “The advice I’d give my younger self is to not be scared of people’s opinions. Know that life is short, and the sooner you get to being and loving yourself, the sooner you’re going to be happy.” Take Alvarez’s advice and shine bright (like his super glossy lips!), sparkle fiercely, and showcase your unique beauty with every blink.

4. Alyx Liu

Collage image of Alyx Liu

The chrome french tips, the perfectly contoured and defined lips, the iridescent purple shadow with eyeliner winged to the gods—we truly can’t decide our favorite part of Alyx Liu’s look. “I am a Chinese-Mexican-American and a gender-nonconforming celebrity hairstylist, personality, beauty and fashion influencer, founder of ÚTILES BEAUTY, and pioneer for queer representation,” says Alyx. “The gender queer experience is often underrepresented in media, and I aim to change that with my journey of self-love and discovery. One of the things that makes me most proud about being part of the LGBTQIA+ community is that I really love all the colors of our little rainbow flag and all the individuals that fall under that umbrella. My favorite part is that we all look different. None of us look the same and the intersectionality and diversity within it is beautiful.”

5. Gia Gunn

Collage image of Gia Gunn

Get ready to embrace the power of pink with a beauty look that's equal parts sweet and striking! The soft pink eyeshadow sweeps across the lids like a dreamy cloud, and the next-level white cut crease is sharp enough to cut through conformity. Plus, the tiny pearls delicately placed along the cut crease add a touch of whimsical elegance that's fit for a queen, like our model Gia Gunn. “I’m a TV personality, content creator, and an overall trans goddess—which, yes, is a full-time job,” she says. “I enjoy inspiring people to live a life of authenticity and continuously advocating for the transgender community. A pivotal moment in my life is when I decided to transition from male to female. This honestly saved my life and has allowed me to be the woman that I am today. Thanks to the [LGBTQ+] community, to drag, to Drag Race, and everybody’s support, it has really allowed me to experience joy in my life.”

6. Cristian Leal

Collage image of Cristian Leal

“I’m an advocate for creating inclusive spaces,” says our model, makeup artist Cristian Leal. “As such, I’m changing perceptions one brushstroke at a time.” Starting with this diffused winged eyeshadow look that invites you to spread your wings and soar into a realm of vibrant color and playful creativity. The dance of light blue and hot pink eyeshadows blend together like a harmonious symphony that is all about embracing the joy of self-expression and making a statement that's uniquely yours. “What makes me most joyful about being a part of the LGBTQ+ community is finding creative people I can relate to and being able to express myself without boundaries.”

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Article Last Updated June 14, 2023 12:00 AM