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Joined: December, 2012 Eyes: Brown
Skin Tone: Fair
Hair Color: Dark Brown
About Me:
i love makeup .........................i love lipstiCK AND EYELINER.....i love doing my nails.... i am just teenage girl that loves makeup....

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    Nail art#3😄😄😄
    created Feb 15, 2014
      💄rocking red lips💄💄
      created Feb 15, 2014
      • MACphanstylish

        Jul 24, 2014

        girl more lukS???
      • Sdjones22

        Jun 04, 2014

        Love your looks, please come check out my page, I'm new to ipsy and looking to make new friends in the beauty community!
      • Hottprise

        Apr 24, 2014

        Awesome nails
      • MACphanstylish

        Apr 07, 2014

        perfect page bt create more luks dude..............!!!!!
      • rachelwishes117

        Feb 22, 2014

        Hey girl, I was hoping you could check out mah page! LOVE your look :3 and your so perty! THANKS!!!!!!
      • Fabu_Lizz

        Feb 20, 2014

        Hi Gorgeous! Loving your looks <3 Im hoping you might checkout my February Glambag look "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE" and show some love,I would really appreciate it Thanks http://www.ipsy.com/look/l-hrwmzzzhvvtj1k5f/Love_is_in_the_Air

        Feb 22, 2014

      • FabDivaFranklin

        Feb 15, 2014

        Hello! I love your look! I just posted a February glam bag look, I would love it if you could check it out and show love :) The look is called "For the love of glam, beauty, and all things fabulous" Enjoy! http://www.ipsy.com/look/l-hrph3nwtb2zm1tec/For_the_love_of_glam_beauty_and_all_things_fabulous

        Feb 16, 2014

      • PrettyShades

        Feb 14, 2014

        I love your mint nails! So Pretty <3

        Feb 15, 2014

      • Eleni_D

        Dec 12, 2013

        Hi glamie great page. I would appreciate if you Check out a few of my hair and make up looks. Thanks doll
      • LexiJBee

        Nov 02, 2013

        Hey glamster♡ I was wondering if you can check my new Leopard Halloween look :) xx I really hope you like it ♡ Copy & Paste the link , thanks ♡ -------------------------------- http://www.ipsy.com/video/v-hnj3dzjxtxw5335/_EASY_LEOPARD_HALLOWEEN_MAKEUP_TUTORIAL
      • ARosendo08

        Oct 21, 2013

        Hey sweetie ! I'm in love with your new looks <3 I was wondering if you can please check out my new look "Beware for big hair" and show it some love I would appreciate it so much. Can't wait to see more of your looks!! Thanks
      • KimberlyC

        Aug 30, 2013

        Hey glammie, Hope everything is ok and well. I was wondering can you take a look at my new look it’s called nail Art “painterly style” http://www.ipsy.com/look/l-hkelbyikam5yxeq/nail_art_painterly_style thank you for your time and take care. i love all of ur looks my favorite is ombre Pink Polka Dot Nails" look
      • MACphanstylish

        Aug 30, 2013

        luv dat nailsss......btw missin u alott

        Sep 01, 2013

        thank u and me 2....missin u .....
      • asianbeauty

        Aug 15, 2013

        Also I was wondering if you could love me because you're so awesome and I would love it if you loved me
      • asianbeauty

        Aug 15, 2013

        Hey girl was wondering if you could check out my new look " Education: Beauty" and " love it"
      • Casscadingsunshine

        Jun 25, 2013

        hey girl, I was wondering if maybe you could check out my Youtube channel .. its casscadingsunshine :) I don't mean to bother you but it would mean so much to me ^_^ I'm trying to spread the word & So far I really love creating videos about beauty, fashion ect :D xox cassie
      • Senada

        Jun 19, 2013

        U are very fashionable......Lov u ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

        Jul 13, 2013

      • Casscadingsunshine

        Jun 05, 2013

        lovely looks love,
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