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Joined: August, 2012 Eyes: Brown
Skin Tone: Medium
Hair Color: Light Brown
About Me:
Honest, elegant and artistic describes my videos best.
I was born an artist, a self taught painter for 10 years and went through an additional 3 years at Ringling College of Art and Design. Makeup is an...

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    Nails with Michelle Phan
    created Sep 11, 2012
      Beauty with Michelle Phan
      created Sep 11, 2012
      • Monekybelle02

        Jan 02, 2015

        love you soooo much! I'm getting my first glam bag this month :)
      • Kawaiikitty849

        Dec 31, 2014

        I agree
      • makeupholic97

        Dec 31, 2014

        you are the best beauty guru
      • Brandyfl

        Dec 15, 2014

        How do I get off the waitlist? I tried and it won't allow me! Thanks
      • karibari

        Dec 16, 2014

        You have to like ipsy on fb as well as all their stylists on there. Pretty ridiculous, but you can immediately unlike after.
      • just_a_wizard

        Dec 14, 2014

        I wish tipsy could reach other countries like Russia! Thank you so much! Your are a truly inspiration.
      • Resa12

        Dec 12, 2014

        You are so beautiful Michelle. My middle name is Michelle. Keep up the good work. I wish you much continued success. Bless you!
      • nattabynature

        Dec 04, 2014

        Love your work!!!!!
      • KathrynAngel106

        Dec 02, 2014

        I know that you're probably not reading this, but I just wanted to tell you how much I look up to you. Your videos helped shape me and I just wanted to thank you. Every day, I come home, watch your videos, and try out new looks.
      • Tinuss

        Dec 02, 2014

        Hello mish... I just want to tell you how thankful I am. I owe you so so so much. You were there from my very starts and you are still here, helping me more and more. I love your videos (always have) and I'm so grateful. You didn't just give me a tips and tricks how to look and feel better but you gave me some amazing memories. For example when my acne broke up really bad and me with my sister did your jelly poor strips and we had so much fun :D. thank you so much.
      • Tinuss

        Dec 02, 2014

        P.S.: May I ask you, is there any plan about shipping into Europe? I'm from slovakia and it's quite hard to get to your (or ipsy) products...
      • isisbathory

        Dec 10, 2014

        I have the exact same question, currently living in France, I feel so sad for not being able to get the ipsy glam bag :(
      • Mjohnson110

        Nov 28, 2014

        Your always there when I need a pick me up I know I never met you but your my bestie
      • beeely

        Oct 20, 2014

        Forever inspiring<3
      • koala19857

        Oct 11, 2014

        you guys know she will probably never look at one of these. i wish she would but shes probly to busy with stuff.we would all die if she replyed to one of our comments
      • 02bellaboo

        Oct 28, 2014

      • Olivia_makeup

        Sep 28, 2014

        You are super pretty
      • anyajensen

        Sep 22, 2014

        I love you you so much your so beautiful
      • AiramAraxiColon

        Sep 20, 2014

      • cazwol

        Sep 12, 2014

        I love you so much Michelle <3
      • Shera55

        Sep 10, 2014

      • Makeup_by_Ava

        Aug 16, 2014

        Hi I'm Ava! I'd really like if you would follow me, I'm a Huge fan.
      • Dania1

        Aug 15, 2014

        Style* :)
      • Dania1

        Aug 15, 2014

        I like your stile
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