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Joined: August, 2012 Eyes: Brown
Skin Tone: Medium
Hair Color: Light Brown
About Me:
Honest, elegant and artistic describes my videos best.
I was born an artist, a self taught painter for 10 years and went through an additional 3 years at Ringling College of Art and Design. Makeup is an...

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    Nails with Michelle Phan
    created Sep 11, 2012
      Beauty with Michelle Phan
      created Sep 11, 2012
      • beeely

        Oct 20, 2014

        Forever inspiring<3
      • koala19857

        Oct 11, 2014

        you guys know she will probably never look at one of these. i wish she would but shes probly to busy with stuff.we would all die if she replyed to one of our comments
      • 02bellaboo

        Oct 28, 2014

      • Olivia_makeup

        Sep 28, 2014

        You are super pretty
      • anyajensen

        Sep 22, 2014

        I love you you so much your so beautiful
      • AiramAraxiColon

        Sep 20, 2014

      • cazwol

        Sep 12, 2014

        I love you so much Michelle <3
      • Shera55

        Sep 10, 2014

      • Makeup_by_Ava

        Aug 16, 2014

        Hi I'm Ava! I'd really like if you would follow me, I'm a Huge fan.
      • Dania1

        Aug 15, 2014

        Style* :)
      • Dania1

        Aug 15, 2014

        I like your stile
      • koala19857

        Aug 11, 2014

        why no vids
      • lucidkitten03

        Jul 23, 2014

        I've been on the wait list since march! It sucks because I dont have a Facebook (I'm not an extremely social person), so I can't get off the wait list. Please oh please hear my prayer cx
      • emilythehedgehog

        Jul 25, 2014

        i got off the wait list by sharing on twitter or facebook (: hope this helps you! good luck :)
      • thoughtbubbles

        Aug 04, 2014

        Just create a dummy FB account and delete it after you share!
      • TabbiCaster

        Jul 22, 2014

        I used to be a Tomboy and I never wore make-up. I found your channel and the first video I have ever watched was "Smoky Eye Tutorial". Since then I have been following you and trying my best to continue to feel more confident and continue to do girly things. You have even taught me a better way to apply my cat-liner! The first thing I do when I get on YouTube is go to your channel and check for any new videos! I just want to thank you for being such a wonderful person and a fantastic role-model! <3 Love you Mish! xoxo
      • TabbiCaster

        Jul 22, 2014

        Now with the Glam bag, I feel inspired to try new things and embrace my inner girl!
      • Beautylicousinsider

        Jul 04, 2014

        Hi Beautiful can you go check out my page I put a couple of videos and pictures but I'm still working on it. Thank you so much gorgeous. BTW I loved your page. And can you please love my page! I can't wait to see more pics on your page.
      • bibbbyboo2

        Sep 29, 2014

        Oh my goodness oppression you the youtuber? I LOVE YOU and all your videos
      • maevasmakeup

        Jun 29, 2014

        You are the the best makeup artist ever!
      • Jcole89

        Jun 20, 2014

        Hi Michelle! I wanted to make sure about something in regards to my glam bag. I know the quiz lists a lot of products and I only chose the ones that were non-animal testing. Will this guarantee that all of my items will only be those products? Please nothing Covergirl or L'Oreal or anyone else that tests! Thank you!
      • jendiller

        Jul 27, 2014

        I understand where you are coming from but consider this, every ingredient has to be tested on animals before they can be used in cosmetics in the USA so for companies to say they do not test on animals is by using ingredients that have already been tested by other companies. They also pay for the info from companies that do testing. So really it is symantics. And since so many companies have already done all the research they have lists of ingredients that have already been tested. So think about it just because a company says they don't test on animals doesn't mean that at some point the ingredients were tested or they would not be sold in the USA.
      • Gurwant

        Jun 07, 2014

        I'm just getting into makeup and I thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
      • MissHannahBanana

        Jun 04, 2014

        I love Michelles makeup tutorials! They are so helpful! Thanks, Michelle!!!! Love ya bunches!!
      • hannah_gobert

        Jun 02, 2014

        ILY Michelle! Your amazin!
      • kayleefaithwalker

        Jun 01, 2014

        You're such an inspiration to me and have taught me so much! Love you Michelle!
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