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      Category: Official Glam Bag: Mar 2014

      March 2014 - Sneak Peek # 3

      Photo taken by Ipsy and posted on their FB...It's Sneak Peek #3!!! Looks like we have a Missha BB cream, a nail polish (Nicole by OPI?), and a Chella product (I've heard that it's an eyeliner, but Chella is known for their brow products so it could go either way). I don't know about you, but I'm getting more and more excited about this motnth's bag! And I love that there's a "travel" theme...makes me not hate this cold weather quite so much! ;)
    • ClassyMomma

      Mar 05, 2014

      I really hope that I get the BB cream this time...I've yet to get one and I would love to try it because everyone is always talking about it!!!
    • MeganMinor

      Mar 08, 2014

      Yes BB cream is absolutely amazing because it takes steps out of your routine; it's often a 2/1, or even a 3/1, with primer, moisturizer, SPF, etc. This particular BB cream is great, good luck I hope you get it! xo
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