Slant & Point Tweezer Set
5 oz
Color: Pink & White Dot

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Why You'll Love It

Full size slant and point tweezers in a fun polka dot motif!  Hand-filed tips are perfectly aligned, ensuring accurate hair removal at the root with each and every tweeze. Stainless steel is sanitary, durable, and easy to clean.

Perfect for shaping up your brows and eliminating any other stray hairs.

Use the Slant Tweezer to eliminate unwanted brow hair under and above your desired eyebrow shape and the Point Tweezer for removing fine or ingrown hairs.
Stainless Steel 

Hey there!  I'm Deborah, lover of coffee, sequins, and pajamas (in that order).  As a mom of three, I'm constantly looking for life-hacks to bring beauty and functionality into my home.  I launched COCUS POCUS out of my living room and it is now a global brand!