SlimLiner Turbo-Charged Foldable Hair Dryer
Full size
Color: Blush Pink

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Why You'll Love It

Every great hairstyle begins with perfectly dried hair! You deserve a hair dryer that does the heavy lifting for you. Our ergonomic, lightweight Cortex Beauty SlimLiner foldable dryer delivers maximum power while allowing you to personalize the temperature, using higher temperature for thicker, textured hair.

  1. Unfold the dryer and select one of the attachments.
  2. Turn on the hair dryer using the power button and select your desired speed and temperature settings (low, medium, or high), considering your hair type and thickness.
  3. Adjust the temperature, opting for a lower temperature for fine, thin hair and a higher temperature for thicker, textured hair.
  4. Style your hair as desired while using the cool shot function to set your hairstyle in place.