Frozé Body Scrub

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Why You'll Love It

K wait. Can we just take a minute to acknowledge how amazing frozé is? Like, rosé wine + sugar + ice + cute and pink? Hello? Genius. That’s the vibe of our Frozé™ Body Scrub. A summer staple for optimal tan management, silky smooth skin, and literally just fun in the tub. Looking for an extra rough exfoliation? Try Frozé™ DRY... yes, DRY! Get naked, get in the shower, and before turning on the water, start your scrub experience. The more pressure, the deeper the scrub. When you're ready to wash away the guck and dead skin, turn on the water for a silky smooth, melting effect.

Scrub me all over your face and body 2-3 times a week, with whatever pressure feels right. Gently exfoliate dead skin with natural sea salt. Invigorate with blueberry essential oil, strawberry seed oil, and jojoba essence for the ultimate after-scrub moisturization. Get drunk on life. Be cute. For a deeper scrub, try me dry, then wash me off with warm water.

How to make Frozé (the cocktail!): Blend rosé wine, ice, frozen strawberries and freshly squeezed lemon. You'll be OBSESSED, we promise.

Sea salt, aqua, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, cap-b, glycerol, propylene glycol, jojoba oil, vitamin B3, chamomile extract, pot marigold, strawberry seed oil, citric acid, blueberry essential oil, CI45100