Cellulite Roller
50 ml

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Why You'll Love It

Massage away cellulite from thighs, buttocks, arms, stomach, and more with ease. The Cellulite Eraser is a hand-held, full-body massage tool with the power to comfortably stimulate lipolysis (fat reduction). Vigorously massage areas of cellulite with dozens of soft silicone tips to activate cellular activity, increase blood flow, and remove toxins and excess fluid while reducing fatty tissue.

Step 1
Place palm flat on the top of the base below the handle.

Apply your favorite massage oil or lotion to the skin. While relaxing muscles, massage skin starting at the neck and progressing downward.

Massage skin following the direction of lymphatic and blood flow. Start with light intensity and gradually increase to heavy intensity, then gradually reduce to light intensity at the end. Use with your favorite skin care oil or lotion for 10 minutes in each location, three times per week.

1. Waist: massage upward and downward

2. Abdomen: massage in circles

3. Hips: massage lifting upward

4. Legs: massage from the bottom upward

5. Upper arm: massage upward and downward