Rose on Rose Face Roller
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With origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine, facial rollers are fast, effective tools to aid with lymphatic drainage, reduce the appearance of inflammation, give a lifted look and boost radiance. This elegant tool is handmade by jewelers from gemstone quality Rose Quartz and real rose gold.

Roll upwards and outwards on the face, aiming for the lymphatic drainage points by the ears. Roll downwards on the neck aiming for the drainage points by the collar bones. Use anytime of day, for your preferred duration, with or without skincare. May be refrigerated. Clean with rubbing alcohol.

Genuine semi-precious gemstone quality Rose Quartz, Rose Gold plating

Jenny Patinkin is a pro MUA, beauty expert, best-selling author and brand founder. Best known for her transparency about the aging process, makeup, skincare and the beauty industry in general, as well as her no fuss approach, Jenny’s "Lazy Perfection" philosophy resonates with women of all ages.