Dazzling 5-Blade Razor
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Color: Pink Bubbly

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Value: $19

Product Type: Shaving

What It Does: Our razor isn’t just pretty—it’s patented for a reason. With a curved, weighted handle that keeps blades floating above any surface and stops sticky buildup, it’s designed to drip dry upside-down from a magnetic wall mount. Five blades crafted from 75% recycled steel and a serum-infused soothing strip work their magic to give you the most delightful shave of your life—without any irritation.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 patented reusable handle
  • 2 cartridge refills
  • 1 magnetic wall mount 

Our Sparkling Clean Promise: REFRESHMENTS is a line of 100% clean, vegan, and cruelty-free essentials for your face, body, hair, and more.

This innovative, patent-pending razor features five steel-coated blades and a water-activated soothing strip for an extra-close shave, without the irritation. Equipped with a magic magnetic hanger that drip-dries upside down and a weighted, ergonomic handle that floats blades above surfaces—keeping them clean, dry, and away from slime.

Allow skin to soften in the shower for several minutes before shaving. Lather up with Pillowy Shave Cream and shave in gentle strokes.