Good Hair Day Haul
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What It Is:

This set of hair faves will help your hair look and feel its absolute best.

What It Does:

AMINNAH Babe Tame Frizz Control in Coconut Paradise 30 ml, Deluxe Mini: Get control of your tresses with this hair cream that helps fight frizz, boosts your shine, and smells like a tropical tiki party. You’ll love how smooth this stuff feels going through your hair.

TWISTED SISTA 3-Minute Moisturizing Mask 30 ml Deluxe Mini: Are your curls in need of a reboot? This fast-acting, restorative hair mask will help give dry-looking hair life in no time. It’s formulated with protein vitamins and five types of essentials to deep condition hair, boost moisture, and help reduce frizz when styling.

SUTRA Flexi Brush 1 ct Full Size: Calling all curly girls—this detangling brush is about to make your life a whole lot easier. Thanks to smooth and flexible bristle rows, it gently loosens knots, smooths, and defines your curls, so you have more time in the shower for the million other things you need to do.

REFRESHMENTS Towel with a Twist 2 ct, Full Size: Want to take a break from your blow dryer? These super soft hair towels help you dry your hair in style while keeping it out of your face and under wraps for as long as you need. Each wrap comes with a loop that helps hold it in place—no slipping, sliding, or readjusting—so you can go about your daily routine as you dry.

OUTRÉ BY USE ME Best Buds Shampoo and Conditioner Set 2 ct, Full Size: Fact: Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, which is where this nourishing hair care duo comes in. They’re full of anti-inflammatory CBD oil to help soothe your scalp while a blend of jojoba, baobab, and avocado oils helps repair and hydrate your lengths.

AMIKA The Conductor High Precision Styler 1 ct, Full Size: Trust us, this ceramic flat iron does not mess around. With germanium and ceramic plates and infrared heat, this baby helps deliver a smooth, frizz-free finish while also being gentler on your hair. Plus, the patented motion-sensitive auto sleep mode ensures you never have to worry about accidentally leaving it on.