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Summer Saviors
Aurora Candle
8 oz
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Get Sh*t 

Highly Scented, Luxurious Aromatherapy: Tired of weak candles you can’t smell without burning your nose? Our premium luxury Get Sh*t Done candle is highly scented and will throw warm and musky cedarwood notes, sprinkled with rich notes of jasmine into any space. The smell will remind you of a beach bonfire with hints of oozing marshmallows. Let Wakeheart Get Sh*t Done transport you to another world and drum up memories of past travels while inspiring relaxation and calm.

No Inhibitions

The No Inhibitions candle, embodies letting go and letting loose. Sometimes it’s ok to put yourself first, run a bath, and dance in your underwear. 

This candle is smokey and earthy, and smells like palo santo. These notes will help balance and relax you, yet uplift your spirit and radiate good energy. 


Inspired by Aurora Borealis, Aurora is rich and warm with vanilla and finishing notes of cinnamon. 

Made with real essential oils of cinnamon bark, clove, ginger, and nutmeg.


Inspired by the Tundra snowfall -- Tundra is crisp, minty, and brings home the holiday feel with finishing notes of cranberry.

Made with real essential oils of cedarwood, and orange, to calm, soothe, and alleviate stress.

fragrance oil, soy-coconut wax blend