Vibe Check Candle
8 oz
Color: Vibe Check

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Why You'll Love It

Airplane Mode

This is your sign to put your phone on do not disturb.

Take a little time for yourself (whether its a vacation or staycation) and transport yourself to your happy place. Made with notes of fresh lilies, green moss, and cedarwood bark - this candle is a soft and earthy, fave.

Notes: fresh lilies, green moss, cedarwood bark

Smells like: walking through a rainforest.

Details: 8 oz. 55-hour burn time. Soy-coconut wax blend.

Glow'd Up

Highly Scented, Luxurious Aromatherapy: Tired of weak candles you can’t smell without burning your nose? Our premium luxury Glow’d Up candle is highly scented and will throw warm amber notes, sprinkled with sweet hints of vanilla, and cinnamon spice into any space. The smell will remind you of a fancy hotel with hints of elegance and sweet cinnamon. Let Wakeheart Glow’d Up transport you to another world and drum up memories of past travels while inspiring relaxation and calm.

Size: 8 oz, Full Size
Burn Time: 55 hours

Vibe Check

Check up on your friends. Are they feeling good? Did they pass the vibe check? Did YOU?

Our soft-notes of sandalwood, coconut melon and breezy floral freesia make this the cool, calm, collected candle with a vibey twist.

Notes: Coconut Melon, Salted Sandalwood, Freesia

Smells Like: laying beachside on vacation as you smell a cool, sweet breeze.

Details: 8 oz. 55-hour burn time. Soy-coconut wax blend.

fragrance oil, soy-coconut wax blend