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10 Bright Lipsticks That Will Instantly Liven Up Your Makeup Look


We love a no-makeup makeup look as much as the next person, but there are days when we just need a bright, bold lip color to boost our mood. This statement-making beauty product is a quick and easy way to totally transform your makeup look. Plus, with masks now becoming a part of our everyday lives, a bright shade makes for a fun touch (even if it’s just for you).

New to bright lip colors? There are few tips to finding one that’s perfect for you. When choosing the right bright lipstick for your skin tone, you want to make sure the shade's undertone matches your skin's undertone. Cool-hued lipsticks look best on cool undertones; warm colors look best on warm undertones. If you have a neutral undertone, you can rock either! But that’s not to say you can’t be adventurous and wear any color you love. Below are 10 bright lipstick shades we're loving. But don't just take our word for it—six of these have already been vetted by Ipsters who received these products in past Glam Bags.

HUDA BEAUTY Demi Matte Cream Liquid Lipstick in Boy Collector

HUDA BEAUTY Demi Matte Cream Liquid Lipstick

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Blue Red:

Here's a red to end all reds. This ultra-vibrant lip color features a color payoff you have to see to believe and it’s got impressive longwear capabilities. Once the creamy formula dries down, it reveals a matte (but never drying) finish that can hold up to coffee, cocktails, water–you name it. This bright lipstick is also infused with just a touch of menthol, which gives your lips a mild tingling effect that helps plump them up.

"Now this is a lip color with staying power," says Ipster Shopalot924. "Very happy with this lip color superpower!"

BEAUTY FOR REAL Lip Cream + Color in Hotter Than Miami

BEAUTY FOR REAL Lip Cream + Color

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Vibrant Magenta:

If ultra-bright reds aren’t your cup of tea, swipe on this warmer, but still super-pigmented magenta shade. This universally flattering color suits all skin tones—fair, medium, dark, and everything in between. It’s also packed with healthy ingredients like nourishing cupuacu seed butter, which keeps your lips hydrated all day long and gives the lipstick a creamy, super comfortable texture. No dry lips or flaking here.

"It’s a really pretty vibrant color," one Ipster writes. "It gives the perfect pop of color to any makeup look and it’s very versatile."

ILLAMASQUA Antimatter Lipstick in Solar

ILLAMASQUA Antimatter Lipstick

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If your skin has cooler undertones, this vibrant coral shade will help you glow. The semi-matte color goes on super smooth, and the long-wear formula requires next to no touch-ups. Finally, a bright lip that truly lets you "set it and forget it.”

"Love this color," one Ipster wrote. "I had to wear a mask on and off for most of the day and I only had to reapply once!"

IL MAKIAGE Infinity Long-Wear Matte Lip Cream in Geisha

IL MAKIAGE Infinity Long-Wear Matte Lip Cream

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Pinky Red:

If you need your red lipstick to stay put for the long-haul, try this bright red shade that will only come off when it comes into contact with a cleanser or makeup remover. The matte finish formula is perfect for a classic red lip that remains totally smudge-free all day long. And unlike some other drying longwear lip colors, this bold lipstick is made with vitamin E for a hydrating, but non-sticky finish. It's functionality and comfort at its finest.

The classic red color flatters almost every skin tone, but one Ipster found it to be particularly striking on hers. She writes, "The shade is perfect for my olive complexion without making me look orange or yellow."


For an even bolder, warmer alternative to the coral lipstick featured above, try this bright orange shade. This vibrant lipstick tends to look particularly striking on those with warm or neutral undertones. On fair skin, expect statement-making color. On deeper skin tones, it adds gorgeous depth. Either way, one swipe is enough to bring summer fun straight into fall.

Hot Pink:

This matte, bubblegum pink with purple undertones is playful with a powerful amount of color payoff making it another top-notch longwear option. Unless you use an oil-based cleanser or makeup remover, don't expect those pink lips to smudge, smear, or feather. While this is a pure matte shade, don't be afraid to adjust the finish by swiping on a clear lip gloss or lip balm for added hydration and a little bit of shine.



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Bright Purple:

Here's a vibrant magenta-purple luxurious enough to make anyone feel like a princess. This playful shade is a statement-making color on anyone, but it’s a go-to bold shade for deep skin tones. The intensely creamy formula is made with moisturizing vitamin E to keep your lips comfy and your color bright. Plus, it’s hypo-allergenic (aka great for Ipsters with sensitive skin).

SUGAR COSMETICS Matte As Hell Lip Crayon in Scarlett O'Hara

SUGAR COSMETICS Matte As Hell Lip Crayon

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Swiping on this rich, deep, perfect red is a sure way to make anyone with warm undertones glow. The velvety lip crayon is also a great way for beginners to get used to working with bright colors. It allows for a lot of control so you get maximum color payoff while easily outlining your lips with precision.

"I love the fact that it stays on for a really long time," one Ipster says. "I ate and kissed with it on, and it never left my lips or got on someone else! I exfoliated my lips beforehand, used a lip balm, then used an eyeshadow primer [on my lips] before using a lip liner and lipstick."

PHASE ZERO MAKE UP Matte Liquid Lipstick in Undercover

PHASE ZERO MAKEUP Matte Liquid Lipstick

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Bright Rose:

This cool-hued rose lipstick is an ideal pop of color for fair skin tones. The creamy formula swipes on smooth and dries down to reveal a pure matte finish. It won't smear or smudge, even after your outdoor coffee date.

One Ipster writes, "Classic and sophisticated, it’s a grown-up pink that goes great on many skin tones and with many makeup looks. I love the color on me way more than I thought I would looking at the tube. It's a nice, rougey pink without too much mauve, perfect for my classic light makeup looks to the more dramatic evening looks. The matte looks good without looking dry or cakey, and it stays reasonably well."

TOO FACED COSMETICS Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick

TOO FACED Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick

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This hybrid lipstick blends a longwear lip stain with the bright intensity of liquid lipstick. An innovative, angled velvet tip makes it easy to apply the color directly from the tube straight onto your lips for maximum color payoff in minimal time. 

This bright, '80s-inspired fuchsia shade is a guaranteed winner for medium to dark skin tones. Allow this vibrant color to take center stage by keeping the rest of your makeup look super minimal. Pair this "melted" lipstick with a swipe of mascara and a touch of concealer and call it a day!

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Article Last Updated July 24, 2023 12:00 AM