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These 80 Epic Halloween Makeup Looks Will Elevate Any Costume

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Halloween is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate. Who doesn’t love to dress up? If anything, it’s a night to show off your amazing makeup skills, which can alone act as your costume even if you don’t have one. Not going trick or treating? No worries, because even if your plans only include watching Hocus Pocus from your couch and tossing pumpkin-shaped Reese’s to trick-or-treaters, this holiday is the perfect excuse to try out some truly stellar Halloween makeup looks. Have some friends over for a spooky night in, try on some Halloween costumes, and play around with some makeup tutorials. TikTok transformation, anyone? We know you’ll nail it. 

There’s a time and place for glowing makeup with a few eyeliner cat whiskers, but why not challenge yourself to something a bit more creative. To help, we asked makeup artist Anne Baker (aka Glam N Anne on Instagram and YouTube) to create a custom Halloween makeup look just for IPSY. Keep scrolling to check out Baker’s butterfly creation, plus 80 other spooky Halloween makeup looks that you need to try. Which will you try? Let us know by tagging @IPSY in your look on social media.

1. Mermaid Barbie

Of course, with all the hype around Barbie, we had to include Dua Lipa’s gorgeous blue look as Mermaid Barbie. You’ll need blue eyeshadow and perhaps a couple blue and green colors in eyeliners to nail this ocean-inspired look.

2. Fairy

“And she was a fairy…” is one of our favorite TikTok sounds. Become your best ethereal self by playing around with this mystical look. We suggest adding rhinestones!

3. Ursula

Love purple? Show it off as Ursula from The Little Mermaid. You’ll need a lot of body paint for this look, and patience as you blend from your face to your neck. If you don’t want to cover your arms, you can opt for a black long sleeve T-shirt. The blue eyeshadow, red lip, and mole really tie this look together and make it recognizable.

4. The Mask

Jim Carrey’s role in The Mask is so iconic! Should you find yourself a yellow suit, this look is a must-try. You’ll need green face paint in a couple different colors to create the dimension of the mask with contouring and lines. Add in a maroon lip and the eye look of your choice.

5. Plankton and Mr. Krabs

We always see duos setting out as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy from Spongebob Squarepants, but what if you went as restaurant nemeses Plankton and Mr. Krabs? This reference shows minimal face paint and makeup to achieve the look, but you can get as creative as you’d like. We think Mr. Krabs would be well suited to a cat eye and a red rhinestone accent—or green, as it's the color of what he loves most: money!

6. Movie Barbie

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A post shared by Spotify (@spotify)

This is our favorite look Margot Robbie sported in Barbie. While the makeup is on the more minimal side, we love that the accessories make her hair pop: the long, flowing blond braid tied with a pink bow, and of course, the cutest beret!

7. Bejeweled Taylor Swift

Best believe we’re trying out this look. Taylor Swift’s music video for her song “Bejeweled” has us swooning over everything that sparkles. Fans showed up at her Eras tour in bejeweled outfits of their own and were sure to deck out their eye looks with rhinestones and jewel-toned eyeshadow.

8. Cruella 

Silver eye makeup is trending! Why not hop on the trend by being Cruella this Halloween? Add in some black and white accents and of course, winged eyeliner, for extra dramatic flair. Bonus points if you bring your dog along with you all night.

9. Pinocchio 

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A post shared by Judie (@judienne_faith)

Another Disney classic. Test out your contour skills with this Pinocchio look—all you need is a couple complexion sticks in a variety of colors to get the wood-grain look of Pinocchio’s face. Pair it with a red lip and you’re good to go!

10. Pop Art Zombie

We love how much creativity shines through in pop art looks. But this is the first time we’ve seen something scary within the creative style! It feels very Tim Burton, and we love the cartoon colors this creator used.

11. Bob Ross Painting

Why be Bob Ross when you can be one of his coveted paintings? This creator is insanely talented, painting a whole world on themselves to create beautiful scenery. Carry around an artist palette and perhaps leave a piece of your canvas blank. If you have guests during a Halloween party, you can let them take a stab at the masterpiece themselves.

12. Avatar

Avatar looks are so otherworldly. We love the white freckles and how they pop. Plus, this look is totally recognizable and you can count on compliments from friends on Halloween night. There are so many tutorials on Youtube and TikTok to achieve this look, but when in doubt, turn on the movie for some live-action inspo.

13. Boo!

Here’s a cute Halloween-inspired eye look if you’re looking for something more subtle than scary. How cute are these tiny little ghosts created with liquid liners? The pearl accents make the perfect addition to this mini masterpiece.

14. Scary Snake 

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A post shared by Joo🦋 (@joo_mkp)

Snake makeup can be cute or, well, scary. Just ask @joo_mkp. Her green-and-black snake makeup is especially creepy and life-like with the intricate shading. Along with green SFX makeup, be sure you have an inky black liquid liner to help you create this look, like ILLAMASQUA Liquid Eyeliner in Black.

15. Marilyn Monroe 

After you watch Netflix’s new movie Blonde, take inspo from Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe with @misslaceynoel’s incredible makeup for Halloween. All you need is the white dress and a blonde wig and you’re set.

16. Twiggy 

1960s model Twiggy inspired a generation of makeup fans. Her look is so fun to recreate, with thick black eyelashes and graphic eyeliner. Don’t forget the faux freckles, too. Makeup artist @sapplesauce666 used ’ COLOURPOP COSMETICS Soft Brown Freckle Pen to get the look.

17. Glam Skull 

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A post shared by Jana (@gemini.yinn)

Turn your classic skull makeup up a notch with crystals, like @gemini.yinn did here. Use glitter glue to ensure they don’t move and mess up your hard work. This MUA used NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP products for the skull details and we’re thinking that probably includes the brand’s Glitter Primer.

18. VECNA 

Chrissy, wake up! Stranger Things fans, this Vecna makeup look is for you. MUA @kind_madness made sure her VECNA makeup was just as scary as in the hit Netflix show. She’s an ultra-talented SFX artist but you can DIY the look with eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner.

19. Groot 

We officially cannot get over @kind_madness’s incredible pop culture-inspired makeup. This Groot makeup includes both makeup and prosthetics, taking it truly to the next level.

20. Spider Woman 

Arachnophobics, look away! Sure, you can make cute spider makeup by using black eyeliner with your nose for the base. Or you can get seriously spooky with @makeupmayralevg’s look featuring multiple eyes and serious fangs. Shudder.

21. Princess Fiona

Fans of the Shrek moves will recognize Princess Fiona right away with this unique Halloween makeup. @paola_mkeup used mostly body paint to create the look, which went all the way down her chest. Why paint one face when you can create four?!

22. Coraline 

Have a large black button laying around? Then this Disney Coraline makeup is totally do-able—with a little practice. MUA @makeupbyash.x used all makeup you might already have at home, including TOO FACED foundation and concealer and REVOLUTION PRO freckles and lashes. When finished, pop on the oversized button “in place” of your eye for the Insta.

23. Mad Hatter 

The Alice in Wonderland character is a Halloween favorite for the way it’s both cute and a little creepy. Just ask @brookeellismakeup. Like the above, this MUA used mostly affordable makeup you can get even last-minute, such as COLOURPOP COSMETICS’ The Child Shadow Palette and Darth Vader Shadow Palette.

24. Snow White

This classic Disney character is surprisingly easy to recreate, which is why we love it for a last-minute Halloween makeup look. After securing a black wig and faux lashes, make sure you have the perfect apple-red lipstick. We especially love BEAUTY FOR REAL Lip Cream + Color in Really Red.

25. Little Bow Peep 

Some of the best Halloween costumes are ones that make you do a double take, like @kraftykacen’s take on the classic Little Bo-Peep cartoon. The creator used actual marshmallow Peeps for her crown and the HIPDOT x PEEPS palette for the makeup. Easter, who?!

26. Candy Land

Creator @b_dockk writes she feels like a Candy Land character in this purple-and-pink makeup and we can’t think of a better description. We’re seeing a modern Sugarplum Fairy and we can’t wait to take inspo for this Halloween.

27. Freddy Krueger

Horror movie fans often skip the cat makeup and the Disney tutorials for something a bit scary—like Freddy Krueger. We can’t get over how realistic @jessicaslipstickscience’s recreation is, right down to the “bloody” eyes and that iconic hat.

28. Elphaba

Wicked the Musical fans recognize Elphaba from anywhere. With a little green face paint and a red lip, @shannonkibblemua created the perfect Elphaba. The big black hat musical lovers know so well ties the whole look together.

29. Glinda

If green Elphaba makeup isn’t your jam, then Wicked’s Glinda is the Halloween makeup for you. @yung.planet used makeup in her beauty kit for the look, such as LAURA MERCIER Flawless Lumière Foundation for her base and ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette for her eyes.

30. Blacklight Girl 

By using neon green pigment, @sapplesauce666’s makeup literally glows in the dark. Surprise your friends by using this color to create a variety of looks, such as a creepy skull or colorful doll.

31. 1920s Woman 

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A post shared by Maria (@mariaartistry)

Practice your thin brows with this 1920s makeup that’s sure to turn heads. @mariaartistry added faux lashes on the lower lash line to give her eyes a pouty look, as well as exaggerated eyeshadow and wine-colored lips. Instead of an apple-red, choose a lipstick with more purple in it like TOO FACED Melted Matte Liquified Longwear Lipstick in Drop Dead Red. Don’t worry if the application gets a little messy, that just adds to the look.

32. Midsommar

This costume from the 2019 movie Midsommar continues to be a Halloween fave. While you’re going to need a lot of fake flowers, the makeup here is pretty simple. @kraftykacen created little pastel flowers around her eyes to blend well with the entire look. Just grab your pastel eyeliner and get creative!

33. Rainbow Zombie

Who said zombies have to be black and white? @leechylovesfx combined LGBYQIA+ Pride with creepy zombie makeup in the most fun way possible.

34. Santa’s Little Helper

We’re taking tons of Halloween inspo from @leechylovesfx, including this creepy Santa. Combine two holiday looks in one for truly unique costume this Halloween. To wit, a scary clown face is juxtaposed here with candy cane eyes.

35. Annabelle

The scary doll from the 2014 horror movie of the same name is a surprisingly easy makeup costume. Just ask @yolizart_beauty. You don’t need special Halloween makeup to create the doll look. This creator used TARTE COSMETICS Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint in XOXO for the lipstick and the dripping “blood,” with L.A. GIRL PRO.color Foundation Mixing Pigment in White to craft the lifelike details.

36. Sally

Nightmare Before Christmas’ Sally has the features of a doll so if you can nail that makeup, you’re halfway there. Add teal blue face paint and a red wig like @makeup.byamberpaige and you’re ready for a Halloween party.

37. Butterfly Eyes 

Baker’s butterfly eyes look really intricate and complicated, but trust us, they’re easier to recreate at home than you think. Pack on your blue and purple shadows around your eyes in a sideways heart shape, blending as you go. Next, use an inky black liner to line your eyes and create the wing shape and veining. Add some dots using a white liquid liner, then finish with a few swipes of a volumizing mascara and peach blush. Want to take it to the next level like Baker? Pop on a matching lip. Bonus points for a purple wig and contacts!

38. Sunflower Scarecrow

This Halloween makeup look from @glamxnola is nothing like the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz—think more flower child meets farmhouse chic meets beauty guru. And the best part? We know you’ve been looking for an opportunity to bust out your favorite straw beach hat from summer and those overalls in the back of your closet. Though, you might not have yellow face paint. DIY the look by wetting eyeshadow before application. We like NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Hot Singles Eyeshadow in STFU.

39. Prism Lines

Want something more minimal and pretty? @webbmakeup’s got you. This pastel rainbow prism makeup looks exactly like a trendy Instagram filter IRL, and we love it. Don’t worry if you don’t have these exact colors. Just use the photo as inspo. Similar pastel shades will work just as well. Choose ones with a shimmery finish. 

40. Tie Dye Eyes

2021 was all about tie dye. Keep the look alive with @beautybyablondie's tie-dye eye makeup. You can use any colors you have at home for this eye look, or grab a pack of multi-color face paint at any Halloween store.

41. Violet Beauregarde

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A post shared by IPSY (@ipsy)

Looking for easy halloween makeup looks? The golden ticket goes to @beautybyjulia’s creative take on Violet Beauregarde from Tim Burton’s Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Now make sure that gum is Dubble Bubble, and we’re totally sold.

42. Floral Fawn

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A post shared by IPSY (@ipsy)

If there was ever a more ethereal Halloween makeup look, we haven’t seen it. The great news is that you probably already own all the makeup you need to recreate this flower crown fawn from @keikolynn at home, like bronzer. If you don’t have white eyeliner on hand, we suggest ESSENCE COSMETICS Kajal Pencil in White.

43. Butterfly Effect

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A post shared by IPSY (@ipsy)

We’re picking up on a Halloween makeup trend here. Only this time, @glambyzoelee is wearing the butterflies in her hair. Create a matching makeup look, and you’ll be an instant flower child. It all starts with a sunset eye makeup look and some faux freckles.

44. Galaxy Girl

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A post shared by IPSY (@ipsy)

@pomaq’s galaxy-inspired glam is giving us major Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century vibes (where’re all my ‘90s kids at?!). This costume idea is best done with various shades of shimmer eyeshadow and a holographic highlighter. OFRA COSMETICS Highlighter in Blissful is a great option with its illuminating pearl pigments.

45. Sultry Skull

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A post shared by IPSY (@ipsy)

Equal parts scary and sultry, @chrisspy nailed this modern take on a classic Halloween makeup look. You pretty much just need black and white eyeshadow or face paint to create skull makeup. We love that she added a smokey eye to the mix.

46. Vampire

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A post shared by IPSY (@ipsy)

Break out the fake blood. OK, you don’t have to have SFX skills to nail this vampire look. You can use red lipstick! It wouldn’t be Halloween without a classic vampire costume, after all. But we wouldn’t be IPSY if we didn’t make it a little glam. Peep this smoky eye and red lip take on vampire Halloween makeup.

47. Devil

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A post shared by IPSY (@ipsy)

We’ll admit that full body paint definitely takes @micaelakbeauty’s devil makeup to another level, but the commitment is totally worth it. Exhibit A: 👆

48. Alien

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A post shared by IPSY (@ipsy)

Elphaba wishes her green glam was this gorge. @baileysarian’s alien Halloween look is out of this world...literally. If you want to recreate, you’re going to need a lot of green face paint and a really good black eyeliner—ideally, a liquid eyeliner.

49. Puppet

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A post shared by IPSY (@ipsy)

@roxettearisa’s puppet costume is just glam enough not to be super creepy, which is exactly what Halloween is all about IMHO (now brb while we have nightmares for a week).

50. Pop Art

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A post shared by IPSY (@ipsy)

Want to give illusion makeup a go this Halloween? Pop art lips (like this look from @chloeybeauty) are the perfect place to start. Chances are, you have a pink lipstick at home. Instead of using black and white eyeliner to finish the look, we recommend choosing a product that’s approved for use around the mouth—just for safety’s sake! Halloween stores will have options but brands like NYX Professional Makeup do too.

51. Pennywise

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A post shared by IPSY (@ipsy)

You can’t go wrong with a clown costume, and @deneandale’s Pennywise Halloween makeup just has the It factor, you know? Since this look is all about the red lip, be sure to choose a blue-red to really nail the look, like BEAUTY FOR REAL Lip Cream + Color in Really Red.

52. Catwoman

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A post shared by IPSY (@ipsy)

Batman who? Here at IPSY, we’re team Catwoman all the way, which is why we’re so obsessed with @thegabrielzamaora’s take on the crime fighting superhero.

53. The Mad Hatter

There’s so much you can do with Disney makeup—literally the possibilities are endless. Take @margoldfish’s incredible take on the Mad Hatter from Disney’s 1951 animated feature film, Alice in Wonderland.

54. Euphoria Makeup

Euphoria’s makeup artist Donni Davy recreates similar looks from the hit HBO show on her Instagram and each is perfect for Halloween. This one incorporates blue mascara (Benefit Cosmetics’ BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara in Blue), Juvia’s Place The Festival Eyeshadow Palette and some affordable rhinestones. So cool and easy to DIY!

55. Clown Makeup 

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A post shared by Amber (@ambugmakeup)

Sure, a spooky Pennywise is a great Halloween makeup idea but there are a million cool takes on clown makeup. This colorful look from @ambee.makeup features unexpected pastel hues of purple and blue. All you need is a matching lavender wig and a sparkly tiara to finish the pretty – but creepy — vibe.

56. The Joker 

Like all clown makeup, there are various ways to do the Joker. The DC Comics character has a distinct look, but @oliviawest.mua’s take is somehow sultry and creepy at the same time. The addition of green temporary hair dye is an affordable but impactful addition.

57. Harley Quinn

There’s a reason why Harley Quinn makeup is so incredibly popular every Halloween. You don’t need a lot of products to create the DC Comics character and you don’t need to be a makeup artist, either. @buchan_faye’s Harley Quinn only involves one colorful eyeshadow palette, black and white eyeliner, red lip gloss and false lashes. You get extra credit for the two-toned hair.

58. Wednesday Addams

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A post shared by Stef Vaz (@xstxefx)

People always talk about Wednesday Addams costumes for Halloween but the Addams Family character’s makeup is just as distinct. It’s pretty easy, too. It mostly involves a dramatic cat-eye and loads of false lashes. @xstxefx’s version adds a bold smokey eye.

59. Bratz Doll

@marinamamic’s take on Bratz Doll makeup is especially eye-catching. You need a bit of skill for this makeup tutorial or a lot of patience. The key to this makeup is how large the eyes look when your real eyes are closed. Because of that, it’s pretty much all drawing with various eyeliner shades.

60. Doll Makeup 

If you prefer your doll makeup a bit more traditional, @wendy.warhol’s version is one of the coolest we’ve seen. The way she applied oversized lashes and faux freckles brings the whole look together. You can use eyeliner for the freckles but it can be difficult to get them to stay put (even with setting powder). We love FRECK BEAUTY Freck OG for how natural it looks.

61. Frozen’s Elsa

Do you want to build a snowman? Yeah, we don’t either but we do want to recreate @be_different_withmissy’s Disney makeup. There are so many ways to evoke Elsa’s icy glam, but regardless, there’s one thing you’ll need: white eyeliner. As long as you have white eyeliner and/or face paint, you can draw on as many snowflakes as you desire. We like ESSENCE COSMETICS Kajal Pencil in White.

62. Thunder 

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A post shared by ✨LENA✨ (@lenaaleew)

Who knew extreme weather could look so cool?! @lenaaleew put her skills to work to create this stormy (not Stormi) look. It looks like she used a few eyeshadow palettes, black and white eyeliner, and two lipsticks to nail the makeup.

63. Bloody Skeleton 

If you have SFX skills, this bloody skeleton makeup will steal the show at any Halloween party. @inthechairwithtiffany needed latex and fake blood to finish her creepy look. We have to say it was totally worth it.

64. Coraline

She might look cute, but Coraline—from the 2009 animated fantasy film of the same name—is also weird enough to be perfect for Halloween. @jaqueline_muaa drew on some simple doll makeup but added the oversized button eyes for a spooky vibe.

65. Cereal Killer 

@aureliamaemakeup used her SFX skills to create this scary—but funny—Halloween costume. You don’t even have to worry about what you wear. This makeup is all the costume you need.

66. Edward Scissorhands

By erasing her eyebrows with makeup and creating fake cuts on her face, @shanimonique_mua quickly transformed into Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands from the movie of the same name. To hide your brows, use a color-corrector with concealer and setting powder on top. You might have to do all these steps a few times to really cover the hair.

67. Ariana Grande 

Channel your favorite popstar with Ariana Grande-inspired makeup. @ellejamesmakeup nailed it with pink eyeshadow and graphic eyeliner, as well as the sky-high ponytail. VIOLET VOSS Pinky Promise Eyeshadow Palette has all the warm shades you need.

68. Olivia Rodrigo

Speaking of pop stars, it would be really fun to recreate the cover of Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album Sour with a face full of stickers. Bonus points for the cut-out letters on the tongue!

69. Kitty Cat 

Looking for an easy Halloween makeup idea? A cat is always cute and easy to make unique to your vibe and costume. You really just need a pink lipstick and some black eyeliner. Try REALHER Eye Am Amazing 24HR Eyeliner in Black for a formula that really stays put.

70. Dinosaur

If Jurassic Park was your fave movie growing up, this makeup tutorial is perfect for you. @emerald_alicemakeup’s shimmery green makeup seriously resembles a dinosaur’s scales without using SFX products.

71. Modern Cowgirl 

A little country, very chic. Using a white cream shadow as your base, draw splotches with a longwear black liquid liner to create the cow print. Just pair with your best western wear (think cowboy hat and boots) and you’re good to go.

72. Leopard Glam

Ash Walker shows off another fun take on animal print lids from the feline perspective. Since leopard print is so versatile, you can rock it with literally any shade of bold lip—we love the warm brown F.A.R.A.H Matte Liquid Lipstick in Coco. Complete the wild glam look with a matching headband, mani, or even a full-on catsuit.

73. ‘60s Flower Child

Time travel to Woodstock with these psychedelic floral lids in bubblegum pink, lime green, and bright yellow. P.S. If you’re looking for vintage-inspired beauty, @devyncrimson’s feed is packed with inspo.

74. Keith Haring

Tap into your inner artist because @kickiyangz’ playful, Keith Haring-inspired makeup is a great way to get the creative juices flowing. You’ll def want to have high-performance cream pigments and a liner brush (or felt tip liner like IL MAKIAGE Black Card Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner) for the detail work.

75. Snow White

An always classic Halloween option that’s surprisingly easy to pull off. For the makeup, you’ll need red lipstick, bold liner and lashes, and a healthy swirl of blush on the cheeks. Then, top with a black bob wig, red headband, and an apple prop that can double as a snack later.

76. Poison Ivy

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A post shared by IPSY (@ipsy)

It ain’t easy being green (as in, all-over body paint), but the results are well worth the effort as seen in @madeyewlook’s epic Poison Ivy transformation. So if you’re feeling a little extra this season, consider busting out the paint brushes.

77. Cher Horowitz 

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A post shared by IPSY (@ipsy)

Clueless over your Halloween look this year? As if! Do as @davidlopezzz does and whip up your own version of Cher’s quintessentially ‘90s getup. Bonus points if you have an old school cell phone, too.

78. Mother of Dragons

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A post shared by IPSY (@ipsy)

The show may be over, but the Khaleesi Halloween costume idea will live on forever. If you look closely at @anneprettyness’ creative interpretation of Daenerys and her dragons, you’ll see she used press-on nails to create scale-like texture. Genius!

79. Frankenstein’s Monster

The terrifying creation of Dr. Frankenstein never looked so good. @juliemcewenx sells the alluring green monster look with the addition of a purple smoky eye (with a little inner corner shimmer) and red lip. Top it off with a wild wig of your choice.

80. VMAs Xtina 

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A post shared by trinity (@trinsmakeups)

If you want to get *extremely* specific yet instantly recognizable, opt for an early aughts award show look. Transform into Christina Aguilera—AKA Xtina—with a glossy lip and brown liner combo, two-tone hair, and, perhaps the scariest feature on this list, the infamous skinny brow. 

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