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The Best Lip Glosses for Shimmery, Shiny Lips


Lip gloss has come a long way since the early 2000’s–that awkward (for many of us) era of sticky root beer-flavored shimmer, and, of course, Lil Mama’s “Lip Gloss” playing on repeat on iPod minis across the country. 

Today, however, there are high quality lip glosses for every occasion and skin tone. They’re packed with ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E to hydrate your lips while offering a high-shine finish, and we can now choose from clear gloss, colored lip lacquer, and even plumping formulas.

If you’re ready to embrace the exciting variety of lip glosses out there, we’ve created this list of the 11 best lip glosses of all time. Whether you choose to wear these lip glosses alone or layered on top of a matte lip color, you're sure to have as much fun with your makeup as you did in the early 2000s–but with a more grown-up twist.

1. Best Colorful Lip Gloss:  BELLE EN ARGENT Lip Luire Gloss

Want to rock a bold, super-lustrous lip for a fancy, romantic evening? When just lipstick won't do the trick, choose a deep burgundy, highlighter pink, or fire-engine red lip from the BELLE EN ARGENT Lip Luire Gloss collection. These super-pigmented and sultry high-shine lip lacquers are our go-to for a colorful lip gloss, and they're made with jojoba and argan oil for hydrating wear. Wear alone or pair with a similarly-colored lip liner for irresistible dimension that will last all night.

An image of BEAUTY FOR REAL Lip Gloss + Shine in Nudist

2. Best Nude Lip Gloss: BEAUTY FOR REAL Lip Gloss + Shine in Nudist

Versatile and non-sticky, this pinky nude hue flatters any skin tone. Even better: it’s high-shine, ultra-hydrating, and gives your lips an energized, minty feel that’ll make this gloss your go-to for any season. Wear it on its own, or swipe it over your favorite liquid lipstick to amp up the shine.

3. Best Clear Lip Gloss: MAC COSMETICS Lipglass in Clear

Clear some space on your shelf for this must-have clear lip gloss. It goes seamlessly with everything–swipe a few layers over any colored lipstick for an amplified, glassy finish or wear it by itself for a soft, natural-looking lip shine. Made with jojoba oil for a hydrating feel, dab some on and watch this long lasting, high-shine gloss light up your lips without sticking.

An image of AVEDA Feed My Lips™ Pure Nourish-Mint™ Lip Gloss

4. Best Nourishing Lip Gloss: AVEDA Feed My Lips™ Pure Nourish-Mint™ Lip Gloss 

While we all know how important a good skincare routine is, sometimes we forget about including our lips in that routine, too. To give your lips some extra love and TLC, pop a nourishing lip gloss like this one into your makeup bag. Made with moisturizing fruit butters and botanical oils, this gloss smooths dry lips and leaves them with a hint of shimmer. And no offense to the sugary, cotton-candy lip gloss scents of the past, but we’re huge fans of this lip products’s natural vanilla, peppermint, and ginger aroma. It's like a spa day for your lips.

5. Best Lip Oil: STEVE LAURANT Beauty Orchid Lip Oil

Worried about lip gloss feeling too sticky? Try a lip oil instead. This lip oil’s hydrating formula is silky-smooth and non-sticky, so your lips will shine without catching of your stray strands in the wind. Layer this lip oil on top of a matte lipstick or lip liner for a beautiful sheen, or swipe on alone to let it work its moisturizing magic.

An image of VASANTI COSMETICS Power Oils Lip Gloss in Super Mom

6. Best Pink Lip Gloss: VASANTI COSMETICS Power Oils Lip Gloss in Super Mom

This universal pink shade flatters every skin tone, and is super hydrating to boot. Superfoods like raspberry, peach kernel, and nourishing oils like jojoba oil and pomegranate oil get to work nourishing and moisturizing your lips for a high-shine finish that looks as good as it feels. 

7. Best Holographic Lip Gloss: CATRICE COSMETICS Prisma Lip Glaze

This moisturizing, super-iridescent holographic lip gloss is a lip gloss that's unlike any other. It's an intense lip luminizer that will stand out in a crowd like a star in the night, and comes in a variety of pigmented shades. Choose from enchanted gold, liquid stardust, or pink brilliance: this glossy lip product is also totally vegan and made with castor oil for a hydrating high-shine finish.

8. Best Lip Gloss Crayon: TRÈSTIQUE Lip Glaze Crayon

This glaze has all the benefits of a lip primer and glossy lip balm in one. On one end of the dual-ended applicator is a lip primer for moisturizing, long-lasting wear, and on the other a lip crayon for balmy, pigmented color. The glaze texture is as hydrating as a traditional lip balm, but offers the same shimmer as a traditional lip gloss and lasts as long as a lip stain. Swipe it on once, and this coconut oil-infused lip polish will stay all day.

9. Best Plumping Lip Gloss: TOO FACED COSMETICS Lip Injection Extreme

Pucker up, because this is the very best plumping lip gloss in the game. For a full, smooth, and plumper pout without the botox or expensive procedures, turn to TOO FACED COSMETICS Lip Injection Extreme. A few swipes of this plumping gloss makes your lips look instantly big and bold. Wear it on its own as a clear gloss, or layer on top of a colored lip balm for a more pigmented plump.

An image of TRUST FUND BEAUTY Unprofessional Lip Gloss.

10. Best Red Lip Gloss: TRUST FUND BEAUTY Unprofessional Lip Gloss

There's nothing more classic than a red lip: it's timeless and goes with just about everything. For those moments when a matte shade just isn't cutting it, turn to this rosy gloss. This juicy magenta shade is super pigmented, almost like a liquid lipstick, and its smooth, non-sticky texture will have you reaching for it again and again.  

11. Best Sheer Lip Gloss: TOKYOMILK Lip Gloss

For a sheer lip gloss that will add just the right amount of shine without distracting from the rest of your makeup, opt for TOKYOMILK Lip Gloss. It’s made with castor and orange peel oil, so it's super moisturizing, too, and provides just the perfect amount of shimmer to your pout. Layer it with another lip product to add shine to any lip look, or simply wear it on its own for a dewy, glassy look. 


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