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12 Blue-Black Hair Color Ideas for Your Most Eye-Catching Hair Look Yet

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One quick search on Instagram for current hair trends will leave you finding dozens of photos of blue-black hair. Reminiscent of the soft goth aesthetic, this multidimensional hair color has us all captivated. Who knew dark blue and black could look so great together?

Now, it's your choice if you want to pursue blue highlights, a midnight blue, a navy shade throughout, ombre, or just a blue tint for your hairstyle. Whatever you choose, we have all the inspiration photos you need to show your stylist the perfect blue-black look. Showing reference is important to your trusted colorist. This color is great for people who have naturally black or darker hair tones and want to show more dimension and edge. Read on for our favorite looks, which will you try?

Our Favorite Blue-Black Hair Inspo

1. Sleek Blue-Black Hair

This hair coloring looks so sleek and silky, you can barely tell just how many tones it has. The blue tones are almost seamless amongst the black but when it catches the light you can tell just how dimensional blue black hair color can be.

2. Reflective Blue-Black Hair

If you’ve wondered how her black hair stays looking so fresh and crisp, it’s because it uses blue tones to reflect shine. It acts as a highlight for a traditionally deep, flat color.

3. Midnight Blue-Black Hair

Taylor Swift-inspired Midnights’ album hair? This is it. It's silky and sultry, and asking for midnight blue is a great way to convey exactly what you want to your stylist when testing out blue-black hair color ideas.

4. Indigo Tinted Hair Color

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Love something a little bit more on the nose? Blue-black hair color ideas can also skew more blue. We love how this look incorporates blue tones and also silver tones to create a deep blue-purple reminiscent of indigo.

5. Moody Blues Hair Color

Ok, this look is very literal in the sense that you can clearly pick out the black and heavy blue tones. But, the color is well blended and maintained and shows a ton of depth. We love the different shades of blue, showcasing light blue and navy blue throughout the hair.

6. Blue Undertones

Another great look for testing the waters of this hair color trend. Add a little pop of color to your black hair with these undertones. You can play around with different shades of blue and get a feel for how you will need to upkeep the color.

7. Blue-Black Balayage

Some stylists would consider this a balayage or foilyage with how the blue is used throughout this jet black hair. With the more blue tones within your color combination, the more upkeep the color treatment will require. It’s best to consult with your stylist on helpful products to keep your color looking fresh and touched up.

8. Dark and Stormy Blue-Black Hair

Here’s a blue-black hair dye look that will look fabulous as it continues to grow out. It’s been carefully placed to highlight and it also features a lot of undertones. If you have long hair like this example or tend to go to the salon infrequently this dark blue hair might be the perfect one for you.

9. Mermaid Blue-Black Hair

This is so Mermaid Barbie like! These true blue highlights add the perfect bright pop of color to dark hair. Your stylist will likely need to work with you on how to bleach your hair to the right shade before going in with your blue. Starting with virgin black hair can be tough but your stylist will work through the best way to remove and add pigment to your natural hair.

10. Soft Goth Blue-Black Hair

Something about this color and haircut feels so nostalgic. As the soft goth trend continues to take over TikTok and work its way into trendy makeup looks we can’t help but feel like this hairstyle matches perfectly. The blue hues are subtle yet create an eye catching moment.

11. Black to BlueHair

Wanting a blue ombre? Of course we have an example for that. This coloring looks amazing on mid-length hair and can be used with dark and light blues.

12. Color Melted Blue Hair

This is a great way to explore the trend if you have dark brown hair to start. You’re not quite ready to have a full dye job but you want to see how your hair and skin tone takes to blue tones. Show this to your stylist and ask them for this color melted look. When you go for your touch up then discuss if dying your hair a darker black shade is right for you.

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Article Last Updated February 9, 2024 12:00 AM