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"Hitting Pan" Podcast Episode 7: How Danessa Myricks Became Beauty’s Best Accident


In episode 7 of Hitting Pan, Danessa Myricks gets to the bottom of growing up as a young Black woman who didn’t see herself in the beauty space to accidentally becoming an in-demand makeup artist, educator, and product innovator with a successful brand of her very own. In a world saturated with beauty brands, Danessa’s entrepreneurial spirit, just-say-yes attitude, and commitment to inclusivity have helped her build a brand that manages to stand out, and she’s spilling all the magic behind her secret sauce.

Why You Need to Tune In to This Episode

From her unexpected leap into makeup artistry to becoming a major innovator in the beauty biz, Danessa spills it all. You'll hear how she went from working at a publishing company to transforming lives with her makeup magic, all while battling self-doubt and societal expectations. She also gets real about her journey to creating her own brand, her inclusive beauty philosophy, and how she’s all about breaking those old-school beauty rules. Plus, get the inside scoop on her must-have products and how they came to be. Trust us, this episode is packed with gems you won't want to miss.

Key Takeaways: Danessa Myricks’ Recipe for Success

  • Take Big Leaps: At 30, Danessa decided to become a self-taught makeup artist, despite not initially seeing herself in the beauty industry. “For anyone listening, I don’t want them to think I’m some superhero. This was very fear-based. It was very much like, I’m scared to death, but I was just looking at what was right in front of me, and I think that’s something I like to share with anybody who has aspirations of doing something bigger. If I was looking at the whole big picture, I probably would have never done it. It was really just what’s in front of me, and saying yes, and making those micro-decisions along the way.”

  • Start Small, Dream Big: Her brand started with her creating makeup kits in her basement for her students. This entrepreneurial spirit led to her creating innovative, inclusive products. For Danessa, the first I-made-it moment came when she saw her pro peers embrace the products that she created and carry them in their kits. “I’m a self-taught artist, and so that validation from my peers is always super important for me. It makes me feel like I belong.”

  • Harness the Power of Community: Teaching at trade shows and creating products for others helped Danessa realize the importance of community and connection in the beauty industry. “I remember my first trip as a speaker for a master class was to Vladivostok, Russia…I met so many people who never saw a Black person. Their perspective of a race of people changed because I came and did a makeup class. If you could imagine the power that lies in that, and the communities that can be built as a result of that. So that is really the big picture: How many more connections around the world we can make through beauty. As we’re creating, that’s what we’re really building. We’re building this connected world of understanding. We’re more similar than we are different. That’s the big goal.” 

  • Inclusivity Is Key: As an artist, Danessa noticed gaps in the industry and aimed to create products that catered to all, focusing on inclusivity and representation. “There were people whose voices were not being heard and people who weren’t really being represented, and it’s not just with shades. It’s with style of makeup and gender equality and all of the things. I was like, you know what, I wanna make a different kind of statement, and that’s really where the brand was born.”

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Final Thoughts

Danessa’s story is everything we need right now—bold, creative, and totally empowering. Her path from “accidental” makeup artist to beauty industry icon is proof that following your passion can lead to amazing places. Tune in to soak up all the inspo from Danessa’s journey, her innovative approach to beauty, and her unwavering commitment to inclusivity.

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Article Last Updated June 17, 2024 12:00 AM