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The Best Second-Day Hairstyles You Can Easily Achieve in Minutes

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Day-two hair is different for everyone, but one thing rings true for us all: It holds differently than day-one hair. For some people, hair can become exceedingly greasier just one day after washing. For others, day-two hair produces just enough sebum (naturally produced oil) to secure that perfect styling hold. 

Whether you have curly hair, dry hair, fine hair, thin hair, long hair, or something in-between, we’ve got the next day styling tips and hairstyles you need to suit your lived-in tresses effortlessly. And before you hide yourself in shame, just know we’re big on the (slightly) greasy hair vibe. Plus, dirty hair is way easier to style than freshly washed hair anyway. Keep reading for everything you need to know from the pros!

About the Experts:
Devin Graciano is a hairstylist and Head of Product Development at Goldie Locks.
Eliza Pineda is the in-house hair care expert at Mayraki Professional.

Tips for Styling Second-Day Hair

1. Reach for Dry Shampoo

“Whether you came from a workout or your hair is naturally lived in a bit, dry shampoo is a must for styling second-day hair,” says expert Devin Graciano. “You’ll want an aerosol and fragrance-free option that’s a powerhouse at absorbing unwanted oils and sweat, while giving your hair that extra bit of body that may have flattened out overnight.”

Hair care expert Eliza Pineda adds: “If you have an oily scalp, second-day hair may produce sebum that’s mainly concentrated at the roots and can give your hair a limp look. Spraying a dry shampoo a few inches away from the scalp will absorb excess oil and add back volume at the roots while bringing the hair back to life.”

Graciano recommends the GOLDIE LOCKS Dry Shampoo Powder, while we’ve been longtime fans of the multipurpose BUMBLE AND BUMBLE Prêt-à-Powder Post Workout Dry Shampoo Mist.

2. Use a Flyaway Fix

“A flyaway fix is a secret weapon to controlling second-day hair,” Graciano says, recommending the GOLDIE LOCKS Flyaway Fix. “Enforcing this stick around the hairline and in unruly areas can transform any style and any hair type into what you decide you want (or have time for). It can be anything from a sleek ponytail or bun, to the control of some flyaways around the hairline without leaving you weighed down or looking greasy.”

We personally love the I.N.H. HAIR Quick Slick, which functions like a mascara wand, but for the hair. The serum formula is easy to use and smoothes the hair sans flakes.

3. Detail but Don’t Restyle

“Keeping hair healthy is on the top of my list, so I skip the heat tools when I can, and only bring out the heat to detail bits here and there,” Graciano shares. “Ensuring your ends are smoothed or detailed with a curling iron or a flat iron is a great trick for a polished finish.”

4. Refresh With Water

“Sometimes, restyling hair doesn’t work when hair has already been styled and the product has set,” Pineda explains. “There’s a simple solution: Spritz the hair with some water. You don’t have to wash your hair again, but spraying some water on the length of your hair until it’s damp will reactivate your hair products and make the hair pliable to styling again.”

5. Add Texture Spray

“Excessive sebum distributed throughout your hair may cause the strands to become slick and hard to style,” Pineda says. “Besides dry shampoo, you can enhance styling ease by using a texturizing spray to give your hair a bit of texture to hold on to.”

Our pick? The classic ORIBE HAIR CARE Dry Texturizing Spray. In addition to soaking up oils, adding volume, and nourishing the strands, it also smells amazing.

6. Add Leave-In Conditioner

“After refreshing the hair with water, you can apply some leave-in conditioner to the length and ends of your hair,” Pineda advises. “This will keep the hair shiny and smooth, while also protecting against damage. Just be sure to avoid the roots.”

We’re personally fans of the ultra-popular OUAI Leave-In Conditioner, because of its ability to detangle, protect, and minimize frizz and flyaways.

The Best Hairstyles for Second-Day Hair

1. Half-Up, Half-Down

“For those prone to getting oily quickly, a half-up style is a great way to give the illusion of volume while disguising any need to start again with a shampoo,” Pineda says.

Graciano especially recommends this second-day hairstyle for women with hair extensions.

2. Hidden Part

“Removing your part via dry shampoo and a simple flip to one side can bring new life to your second day hair,” Graciano says, as evidenced by this partless post from Hailey Bieber.

3. Claw-Clipped

“While this effortless style sits more casual, there’s a modern touch with how you secure your hair back,” Graciano says.

Pineda is also a fan of this 30-second hairstyle, adding, “This can create texture and dimension to your hair to hide the fact that it may not be freshly washed. You can also curl and loosen a few tendrils to frame your face for an effortless, feminine look.”

4. High Ponytail

“By slicking your hair back into a tight ponytail, you’ll hide oily roots while still showing off the style and texture of the length,” Pineda says. “You can flaunt curls at the length of your ponytail or keep things straight and sleek.”

5. Braids

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“Braids are an extremely versatile hairstyle that can pretty much do anything,” Pineda says. “They’re also great for second-day hair because they create a lot of texture. Keep things simple by doing one big braid, high, low, or to the side.”

You can take things a step further, she adds, “by incorporating a Dutch, French, or fishtail braid. You can also mix things up by having a braided updo, doing a half-up, or experimenting with waterfall braids.”

6. Slicked-Back Bun

“For those with really oily second-day hair, a slicked-back bun might be best for you,” Pineda advises. “This elegant hairstyle will make you look neat and sophisticated while using your hair’s natural oils to create that sleek look.”

7. Beach Waves

“Beachy or natural waves are perfect for second-day hair because they’re made to be imperfect,” says Pineda. “Unlike perfect ringlet curls, beachy waves can be messy, loose, and carefree. This style can also hold a lot of texture, creating a voluminous effect.”

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