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15 Awesome Indigenous-Owned Beauty Brands That You Have To Try


Fact: There’s a gaping hole in the beauty industry when it comes to recognizing Indigenous-owned beauty brands. They’re rarely covered on beauty sites and mags, and they’re even harder to spot on the shelves of major beauty retailers. But the truth is, many well known beauty brands that we know and love use ingredients and practices that are inspired by Indigenous and Native American practices. 

While there has been a huge push towards inclusivity in the beauty world over the past year (that we love!), there also has been a major movement within Indigenous communities themselves, to proudly represent their culture and values through their own beauty brands (and we 100 percent support them). They’re sustainable, they give back to their communities, they use natural, effective ingredients, they’re cruelty-free, and they're honestly just amazing. Here are 15 Indigenous-owned beauty brands that you need to keep on your radar.

Cheekbone Beauty Sustain Lipstick in Makoc

This Ontario-based beauty brand, created in 2016 by founder Jennifer Harper (of Anishinaabe roots), is inspired by the 7000 languages of the Indigenous people. It checks off all the feel-good beauty boxes: It’s cruelty-free, sustainably-packaged, and all ingredients are naturally sourced. Even better, the brand gives back to Indigenous youth and women across North America through product, monetary donations, and project-focused initiatives. 

You’ll love: Cheekbone Beauty SUSTAIN Lipstick in Makoc. It’s ultra-pigmented, with a gorgeous satin-finish and loaded up with soothing ingredients like natural shea butter that won’t dry out your lips. Each lipstick package is made of completely biodegradable vegetable ink too. And the gorgeous deep berry brown shade? Perfect for any cold weather occasion. 

2. Sister Sky

Courtesy of SISTER SKY

Created by sisters Monica Simeon and Marina TurningRobe from the Spokane and Pauquachin Tribe, Sister Sky was inspired by the herbal wisdom of their Native American roots.The brand incorporates ancient medicine and plant-based ingredients to develop skincare that’s naturally-derived, effective and gentle on skin. You’ll find ingredients like sweet grass, lavender, sage, and cedar in their line of products that help soothe, hydrate, heal, and calm all over.

You’ll love: Sister Sky Sweetgrass Bath Bomb. Drop one of these super soothers into your tub for an instant spa sesh. It’s loaded up with Epsom Salt, Sweetgrass, Olive oil, and Shavegrass Herb to moisturize, calm, and relax tense muscles. 

3. Blended Girl Cosmetics

Blended Girl Cosmetics BLENDED GIRL LASHES

Founder Shi-Fawn from Le Chee Arizona, was inspired to create her brand because of the lack of Indigenous and Native American representation in the makeup aisles of beauty stores (beyond the Pendelton/Aztec designs used on packaging as decoration). She grew her brand out of her love for makeup and through the years has donated funds to Navajo/Hopi COVID Relief, Black Lives Matter organizations, Page Outreach, and towards assisting families in need.

You’ll Love: Blended Girl Cosmetics Blended Girl Lashes. Each design is named after a prominent Native American woman (a member of the Navajo Nation, a Warrior Chief, an Author, and more). Talk about girl power!


SḴWÁLWEN BOTANICALS Kalkáy Wild Rose Facial Oil

Founded by ethnobotanist Leigh Joseph of the Squamish First Nation, Sqwalwen Botanicals (squall-win), products are created in the Canadian Pacific Northwest on the Unceded Territory of the Squamish First Nation. The brand blends Indigenous ancestral traditions with plant science and modern beauty rituals to create products that are sustainably harvested and ethically sourced. Each formulation has a Squamish name that honors the place where the plant knowledge comes from. 

You’ll love: KALKÁY Wild Worse Facial Oil. This good-for-skin oil has all the luxe feels. It’s formulated with naturally-sourced rosehips, organic sweet almond, and jojoba oils, to help calm skin, hydrate, reduce redness and irritation, and leave skin feeling baby soft all day. Just apply one or two pumps to clean skin with, or in place of your moisturizer. It absorbs quickly and won’t leave behind a greasy feel. And the pretty floral smell? So addictive.

5. Prados Beauty 

Prados Beauty  The Matriarch Palette

This pigment-packed line has us hooked. It’s vibrant, bright, unapologetically fun and has everything you need to create all the bold beauty looks you love. It’s founder, Cece Meadows developed the line inspired by her Xicana and Indigenous background and proudly reflects her culture in everything the brand creates. The brand even has an “Indigenous Marketplace,” where you can purchase products made by other Indigenous-owned brands. 

You’ll love: Prados Beauty The Matriarch Palette. This baby features 30(!) eyeshadows in deep and vibrant matte and shimmer shades that are perfect for any and every eye look. 

6. Ah-Shi Beauty

Ah-Shi Hi Def Foundation
Courtesy of AH-SHI BEAUTY

In Navajo, Ah-Shi means “This is my beauty.” The brand is a proudly Native American and Black-owned prestigious beauty brand founded by Ahsaki Baa LaFrance-Chachere, who grew up on the Navajo Nation in Arizona, and includes a full line of skincare and cosmetics. 

You’ll Love: Ah-Shi Hi Def Foundation. This cult-favorite comes in a wide array of shades making it suitable for many skin tones from the lightest to deepest. It’s got a dewy-matte finish, it's water-resistant, and has anti-aging benefits.

7. Haipazaza Phezuta

Haipazaza Phezuta Sweetgrass Infused Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Bar

Haipažaža Phežuta means “Medicine Soaps,” in the Lakota language. The brand's founders are Lokota and Dakota from The Great Sioux Nation and created their line of products after recognizing how chemicals in skincare products were causing their children to develop reactions. Their line of soap and herbal products are created using traditional plant knowledge and the Lakota belief that “everything we touch carries our spiritual medicine.” 

You’ll love: Haipažaža Phežuta Sweetgrass Infused Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Bar. It’s no secret that apple cider vinegar holds serious shine-boosting, hair-soothing power. That’s why we’re pumped about this find. This bar uses sweetgrass and apple cider vinegar to help balance your hair’s pH levels, making it glossy, bouncy, and more manageable. It’s made with all organic ingredients like Goat’s Milk, Canola Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, and more and lather’s like a dream without stripping your strands.

8. Niawen

Courtesy of NIAWEN

Niawen was founded by Iriquois Mohawk, Tara-Tekahentakhwa, after she beat cancer(woo!). The meaning of the brand’s name is, “Thank you” and the brand’s founder chose it as a means of saying thanks to being given another chance at life. Niawen’s line of products fuses nature with science and the healing effects of Native American traditions. Their products are made with ingredients sourced from the Mohawk Territory and Aidirondacks in New York. 

You’ll love: Niawen Good Earth Eye Balm. This fast-absorbing treat for tired eyes is loaded with good-for-skin ingredients like organic squalane oil, argan oil, sunflower oil, and evening primrose oil to help de-puff, brighten, tighten skin and reduce the look of fine lines. 

9. Satya Organic Skin Care


If you’re struggling with skin issues like dry skin and eczema, this Indigenous-owned line of soothing essentials is everything. Founded by Patricia Mousseau, Anishinaabe member of the Fort William First Nation, this Northern Vancouver based line was created specifically to address the needs of people dealing with eczema by creating remedies to replace steroid creams. The line’s products are all organic, plant-based, and made with just five ingredients. 

You’ll love: Satya Eczema Easy Glide Stick. Swipe on this soothing stick to help calm and soothe skin while deeply moisturizing in a pinch. This refillable twist-up is easy to stash in your to-go bag and glides on smoothly without a greasy feel. Even better, each purchase of a Satyra Stick helps remove plastic from global waterways and helps fight poverty.

10. Mother Earth Essentials 


Founded by Carrie Armstrong, who hails from a long line of Cree Medicine women, Mother Earth Essentials creates products inspired by traditional Indigenous recipes and teachings based upon the sacred plants of the Medicine Wheel.

You’ll love: Mother Earth Essentials Cedar Balsam Hang & Body Lotion. This ultra nourishing lotion is made with organic white willow bark and olive oil to leave skin buttery smooth and hydrated from head-toe-toe. 

11. Intertribal Beauty Cosmetics

Intertribal Beauty Cosmetics FIERCE satin lipstick

Creator Brittney Amitrano, who identifies as Hadatsa, Lakota, and Black, founded her brand with inclusivity and openness in mind. The meaning behind the brand’s name comes from “when visitors or outsiders can come into the circle at a powwow and dance.” 

You’ll love: Intertribal Beauty Cosmetics Fierce Satin Lipstick. Cruelty-free, paraben-free, and vegan, this velvety smooth lipstick delivers intense pigment with a super hydrating finish. 

12. Spirit Earth Holistics

SPIRIT EARTH HOLISTICS Blueberry Sage Sugar Scrub

Spirit Earth Holistics was founded in a kitchen in 2008 on the Oneida First Nation Reserve near London, Ontario Canada. The brand creates luxurious wellness products using traditional Indigenous knowledge and practices that are therapeutic and supportive to the body while being earth friendly. 

You’ll love: Spirit Earth Holistics Blueberry Sage Sugar Scrub. Besides being a ridiculously pretty blue addition to your counter space, this gentle scrub helps slough dead skin, while leaving it feeling smooth, conditioned, and hydrated. It’s made with all vegetable and organic ingredients, plus pure organic essential oils and organic sugar leaving your skin baby soft around the clock.

13. Indigenous Cosmetics


Based In Denver Colorado, Indigenous Cosmetics is a Sicangu Lakota and Chippewa Cree company that creates handcrafted cosmetics inspired by Native American culture, identity, and values. 

You’ll love: Indigenous Cosmetics Eyeshadow in 2-Land Back. This espresso shadow treat is the icing on the cakey to party-ready eyes. This bronzy brown pigment is fused with green and pink flecks that complement any eye color. Plus it's super buildable so you can rock anything from a natural daytime look to full on evening glam in a few swipes. 

14. The Yukon Soaps Company


Founder of The Yukon Soaps Company, Joella Hogan, has truly turned this Indigenous-owned brand into a collective. With the goal in mind of connecting people to the land, she works with local elders and youth to gather wild botanicals, employs Indigenous youth in her workshops, and participates in farmers markets all across the Yukon. Her brand carries soaps, oils, shampoo bars, and more, all of which feature natural plant ingredients like wild rose petals, juniper berries, and beadwork created by Indigenous artisans.

You’ll love: The Yukon Soaps Company Petals + Patchouli Soap Bar. This gorgeous flower-filled bar is almost too pretty to use (but it would be totally criminal not too). It’s made with layers of dried fireweed, cornflower, wild rose, and calendula petals that nourish your skin and leave behind a luxurious scent. Plus, these babies make the perfect stocking stuffers!

15. Quw’utsun’ Made

QUW’UTSUN’ MADE Vegan Lip Balms
Courtesy of QUW’UTSUN’ MADE

Arianna Johnny-Wadworth, a daughter of the Quw’utsun’/Cowichan Tribes, founded Quw’utsun’ Made to preserve the traditional knowledge of the Coast Salish Nation. She saw a lack of ancestral medicines in modern skincare and sought to bridge this gap through her products. Inspired by the land and by her elders, Arianna formed the line to help support her community. She believes that people can “only find true healing by cultivating their sacred relationship with the natural world.” All of her products are sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free, handcrafted using 100 percent renewable energy.

You’ll love: Quw’utsun’ Made 1/4 oz Vegan Lip Balm. Made with coconut oil, sweet almond oil, Candellila wax, Avocado oil, and pure essential oils, this lip smoother is the secret to pillow soft lips all winter season. It’s lightweight, hydrates like crazy, and absorbs quickly with no grease feel left behind. 

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