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We’re Celebrating 10 Years of IPSY! Here Are 10 Glam Bags You Loved


This year is a big one for the IPSY fam. We’re celebrating a whole decade of doing what we love most: curating Glam Bags filled with personalized beauty products and delivering them right to your doorstep. Over the past ten years, we’ve discovered thousands of products—from game-changing concealers to skincare holy grails—that we just can’t live without. And we’ve packed them all in adorable Glam Bags that we design and create each month to add a little something special to your package.

Whether you’ve been an Ipster for a few years or you’re an OG from day one (back when we were just a baby IPSY), you probably know Glam Bags are more than just makeup—they hold the keys (seriously, house and car keys—all the time) to making many of life’s moments easier and more fun. We’ve seen Glam Bags put to use in many ways—and trust us, we’ve probably done them all. A few highlights: lunch money, credit cards, office supplies, dog treats, snacks (so many snacks!), and as one IPSY employee observed, “by a bouncer at a nightclub to collect money at the door.” So to celebrate ten years of Glam Bag fun, we’ve rounded up ten that made us smile, jump for joy, or say, “I’m totally going to use that as a clutch tonight.”

Continue reading below for some beloved, Ipster-fave Glam Bags then, tag us @IPSY with your personal faves!

1. Force of Nature, April 2021

April 2021 IPSY Glam Bag

Last April, we fully embraced spring with this nature-inspired Glam Bag (decked with red lips, of course) and a ton of products that were Mother Nature-approved. We celebrated products and practices that let your natural beauty shine—whether that’s a no-makeup makeup look or a glam glitter eye—to inspire you to become your most beautiful, confident self.

2. Dream It, January 2021

January 2021 IPSY Glam Bag

Ipsters loved this “Dream It” Glam Bag with a cool blue zip for a fresh start to the New Year. Heading into 2021, you set your grandest glow goals, made resolutions for your looks (and life), and had all the best products to make them a reality.

3. Feel the Love, February 2020

February 2020 IPSY Glam Bag

A pillowy soft pink Glam Bag to give you all the warm and fuzzy feels. We kicked off the month of love with a call to take time for you. Whether that’s using that mask you haven’t had time for, indulging in a DIY facial, or splurging on amazing new skincare. Ipster @jessalynnz said of their bag, “February IPSY 💗✨ Loving the coconut water cream and Tarte eyeliner!”

4. Flaunt It, October 2019

October 2019 IPSY Glam Bag

October 2019 was a month to show what makes you shine. We sought inspiration from none other than iconic beauty muse and confidence queen Betty Boop™ with a set of Glam Bags you couldn’t pass up. Ipster @luna_iglesiasbcn said, “I can't get enough of IPSY,” to which Ipster @Imaywild said, “Cute bag. I can’t wait to get my first one.”

5. North Star, September 2019

September 2019 IPSY Glam Bag

Our September Glam Bag was covered in constellations to encourage you to find your guiding North Star and embrace all the paths and possibilities on the way to reaching your goals.

Ipster @chayersteph said, “So far I've liked all my IPSY Glam Bags (especially the Feb one... sooo soft 😍), but my fave remains this one Sept 2019 bag...not only because it gave me my now go-to mascara and nail polish, but also because it was actually my first one! The one that started it all and made me fall in love with @IPSY 💕💕 and for that reason it will always be my favorite make-up bag 😊.”

6. Block Party, Tetris x IPSY June 2019

June 2019 IPSY Glam Bag

Remember that time we partnered with Tetris? If you don’t, it was truly epic. The whole month was one big party to celebrate the beloved video game on its 35th anniversary. We created this exclusive Glam Bag in vibrant Tetris-inspired colors and a full makeup collection featuring eyeshadows, glosses, and more.

7. Day Dream, May 2019

May 2019 IPSY Glam Bag

Sometimes it’s OK to let your mind wander, give yourself a break, and set your imagination free. We infused our shimmering May 2019 Glam Bag with all the ethereal vibes in hopes that it would inspire you to add some magic to your life and looks.

8. Lashing Out, September 2018

September 2018 IPSY Glam Bag

Super smoky eyes. Manis with a message. Teal-tinted roots. Whatever your vibe is, we challenged you to express it to the max with a gorgeous black bag featuring flirty lashes and champagne accents. Ipster @_nickianne_ said “MY FAVORITE BAG!” and @babe_lash responded, “Love it 😍😍.”

9. Like. A. Boss. September 2017

September 2017 IPSY Glam Bag

Jet black, faux leather, and covered in soft spikes—September 2017’s Glam Bag design was as stylish, bold, and confidence-boosting as it gets. Perfect from board meetings to happy hours, this Ipster-fave Glam Bag was (and is) your best accessory for life’s bold moments.

10. Good Vibes Only, August 2017

August 2017 IPSY Glam Bag

One look at this vibrant bag will surely brighten your day. We infused it with all the good vibes (and filled it with all the best beauty products) to set yourself up for a beautiful month. Ipster @flourishingbeauty said, “My favorite @IPSY bags! Thanks for the memories.”

Want your own Glam Bags packed with products you’ll love? Take our Beauty Quiz now to get started. Already an Ipster? Refer your friends to earn points, which you can use toward products. Either way, don’t forget to check us out on Instagram and Twitter @IPSY.

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Article Last Updated September 28, 2021 12:00 AM