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The Ultimate Guide to Effortlessly Achieve The Monochromatic Makeup Trend

Photo by Dia Dipasupil / Staff /Getty Images

Beauty trends come and go, but one that continues to stand out for its striking simplicity and undeniable elegance is monochromatic makeup. Imagine a stunning look where your eyes, cheeks, and lips all sing in perfect harmony, drenched in shades of a single, captivating color. Whether you prefer the subtle allure of nude tones or the dramatic impact of bold reds, monochromatic makeup is the perfect go-to for an absolutely stunning, easy-to-create look.

Below, we dive deeper into what exactly monochromatic makeup is and share a few examples of how celebs are wearing it on the red carpet. We've even highlighted a handful of our favorite multipurpose beauty products that make mastering this beauty trend a total breeze. 

About the Expert:
Lavonne Anthony is a professional makeup artist with two decades of experience under her belt. Anthony has created makeup looks for editorial publications, red carpet, and runway shows.

How to Wear Monochromatic Makeup Like a Pro

First things first: Let's make sure we really understand what monochromatic makeup is. Makeup artist Lavonne Anthony describes the trend simply: "Monochromatic makeup is when you keep the color palette of your makeup the same for your lips, eyes, and cheeks," she says. "I love taking it further with nails and also clothing."

This style of makeup can be sweet and simple or statement-making depending on the color you choose. One common misconception about monochromatic makeup is that using just one color on the eyes, cheeks, and lips will make the makeup appear flat overall. To avoid this from happening, Anthony offers a simple solution: "Pick shades that complement your complexion and skin tones. Red, pinks, and browns look beautiful on everyone," she says. "When going with violets, aubergines, and oranges you will get amazing pop if you aren’t afraid of some bright colors!"

Overall, monochromatic looks are a super easy way for both experts and beginners to quickly create a professional-looking face of makeup. But before you dive right in, Anthony has one final word of advice for those who are new to the beauty trend: "When it comes to cheek and blush color, you have to blend out and diffuse the color so it doesn’t appear too clownish," she says. 

Our Favorite Monochrome Makeup Looks

In need of a little inspiration before you get started? Here's how 12 celebs have recently worn monochromatic makeup on the red carpet.

1. Classic Red Monochromatic Makeup

A photo of Gigi Hadid showing off her short blond hair, bright red lipstick, white off-the-shoulder dress, and diamond gold necklace with a monochromatic look
Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

At the 2024 Met Gala, Gigi Hadid captivated the red carpet with her striking monochrome makeup look. Sporting a fiery red lipstick and matching red blush, she exemplified the elegance of a classic red aesthetic. Her bold, unified color palette not only highlighted her stunning features but also showcased the timeless appeal of monochrome makeup. 

2. Pale Pink Monochromatic Makeup

A photo of Emma Stone grinning at the camera while donning a pale pink monochromatic makeup and a white off-the-shoulder sheath gown
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

At the 96th Annual Academy Awards, Emma Stone showcased a delicate and natural take on the monochrome makeup trend. Opting for a pale pink palette, her makeup exuded a fresh, skin-like appeal that highlighted her features without overpowering them. This look is the perfect example of how monochrome makeup can be both subtle and sophisticated, proving that a unified color scheme can enhance natural beauty while maintaining a soft, elegant effect. Talk about versatile and timeless! 

3. Matte Monochrome Makeup

A photo of Rihanna with her hair up in a messy bun, a huge diamond ring and large hanging earrings, all done in matte monochrome makeup
Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Rihanna turned heads (and doesn’t she always?) with this stunning matte monochrome makeup look. Thanks to its harmonious color palette, this makeup look strikes that perfect balance between understated elegance and captivating allure. We love how it exemplifies how monochrome makeup can maintain a cohesive color scheme while still offering a natural, refined appearance—but of course, Rihanna’s effortlessly chic style definitely helps. This glam highlights the versatility of monochrome trends and showcases their ability to enhance beauty in a seamless and sophisticated way.

 4. Fiery Orange Monochromatic Makeup

An image of Olivia Munn donning an orange off-the-shoulder dress, her black hair styled in a sleek low bun, and a fiery orange monochromatic makeup
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

It’s giving elegance, polish, and brilliance. Olivia Munn dazzled with this fiery orange monochrome makeup look that flexes the vibrant potential of this trend. We love how her subtle yet striking choice of orange lipstick paired with peachy-orange cheeks created a harmonious and cohesive effect, making a bold color like fiery orange look—dare we say it—wearable.

5. Subtle Nude Monochromatic Makeup

An image of Selena Gomez wearing a red sexy sequined dress wearing a  Subtle Nude Monochromatic Makeup
Photo by Catherine Powell/Getty Images

Selena Gomez rocked the monochrome makeup trend with a subtle nude look that shows you just how you can integrate this glam into your everyday style. Her choice of nude tones across her eyes, lips, and cheeks created a harmonious and polished appearance that enhanced her natural beauty. It’s understated, chic, and perfect for daily wear—so pretty much the beauty trifecta. If you’ve been hesitant about diving into the monochrome aesthetic, try this look for a simple and elegant approach.

6. Golden Glowing Monochrome

A picture of Sydney Sweeney with short blonde hair, a white silk halter dress, a heart-pendant bead necklace, and golden glowing monochrome makeup
Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Sydney Sweeney radiated on the 2024 Oscars after-party red carpet as she showcased the monochrome makeup trend with a luminous twist. Her look, achieved with plenty of highlighter and bronzer, emphasized a glowing, sun-kissed complexion. So if you’re team there’s-no-such-thing-as-too-much when it comes to highlighter, this glam is for you. Sweeney’s approach shows us just how monochrome makeup can focus on enhancing the skin's natural radiance while also maintaining a cohesive, bronzed palette—proving that this trend is not only about color harmony but also about highlighting the skin's inherent beauty for a stunning, red-carpet-ready glow.

7. Mauve Monochrome Makeup

A picture of Quinta Brunson with her hair done in a sleek manner, wearing a mauve monochromatic makeup and a silver silk halter dress
Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Quinta Brunson dazzled with a mauve monochrome makeup look that radiates with mauve pinks and reds. We’re obsessed with how these versatile shades harmonized perfectly with her melanin-rich complexion to give her an otherworldly glow. From the cohesive, radiant palette to the way the monochrome makeup helped highlight her features, Brunson’s look is def going on our makeup inspo Pinterest boards for a future special event. 

8. Minimal Monochrome Makeup

An image of Taraji P. Henson appeared in a minimal monochrome makeup look, with her hair done in an intricate top knot bun embellished with pink flowers, wearing a pearl beaded corset dress
Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

If you're under the impression that a monochromatic makeup look is more for highly editorialized red carpet looks and less for everyday wear, think again. Here, Taraji P. Henson shows us just how wearable this makeup trend can be. 

9. Perfectly Peach Monochromatic Makeup

An image of Jessica Biel displaying her pink dress with her blond hair worn in a sloppy wavy way and wearing a perfectly peach monochromatic makeup
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

When you're looking to boost your skin's warmth but you don't want to go fully bronze, opt instead for a peach-hued makeup look like Jessica Biel is sporting here. Peach-colored shades can look good on any skin tone. They can illuminate just like gold can while being less traditional than rosy hues. It's the perfect modern makeup moment. 

10. Berry Intense Monochromatic Makeup

A photo of Zendaya displaying her blue and green gown, which was inspired by Sleeping Beauty, while donning Berry Intense Monochromatic Makeup
Photo by Aliah Anderson/Getty Images

If you've already tried a subtle pink monochrome look (see Taraji P. Henson above) and you're ready to take the intensity up a notch, try this monochromatic makeup look that features rich berry hues, like in Zendaya’s iconic 2024 Met Gala look. This monochrome color scheme is ideal if you're looking for a bit more saturation and drama. 

11. Warm Neutral Monochromatic Makeup

An image of Zoe Kravitz, with her Warm Neutral Monochromatic Makeup wearing a black mesh dress and her huge pink teardrop shape diamond earing
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Here's the perfect happy medium. The soft, bronze neutrals that Zoë Kravitz is sporting here on her eyes, lips, and cheeks are glowy but not golden, soft but not quite pink. In short, this look showcases a perfect melody of true neutrals. The key to copying this look at home is to keep it sweet and simple. 

12. Retro Glam Monochromatic Makeup

An image of Lily Collins, with her Retro Glam Monochromatic Makeup wearing a gold sequined plunge halter top dress staring straight at the camera
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

If you're all about those vintage-inspired shades of brown that are trending right now, why not create a full monochromatic '90s moment around the color? This makeup idea uses rich shades of brown to create a look that perfectly mixes old and new. Lily Collins's shimmery smoky eye is dramatic but still illuminating thanks to a mix of champagne and deep browns. 

Multitasking Products for Monochromatic Looks:

Now that you're fully briefed on the trend, it's time to give it a try. Use any of these multitasking makeup products to easily create a monochromatic look in minutes.

1. FLOSS Concierge Cheek & Lip Tint

FLOSS Concierge Cheek & Lip Tint

This multipurpose product is perfect for creating a sweet, rosy beauty look that lasts for hours. The poppy-pink tinted stain can be swiped onto the lips or dotted on the cheekbones and blended in to brighten and add a harmonious color to both areas of the face. 

2. SERAPHINE BOTANICALS Primrose + Cream - Lip & Cheek Cream Palette

SERAPHINE BOTANICALS Primrose + Cream - Lip & Cheek Cream Palette

This fan-favorite product is primarily a blush, but it can also be used for so much more. In addition to applying the pigmented palette to your cheekbones, try blending it with your favorite lip gloss for a boost of color. Need a little touch of color on your eyes? Simply dab and blend. 

3. LAURA GELLER Multitasking Eye Lip Cheek Palette

LAURA GELLER Multitasking Eye Lip Cheek Palette

The possibilities for this creamy eye, lip, and cheek pigment palette are endless. On the cheeks, it allows for truly buildable color. Add just a touch for a soft wash of color or built up for a more dramatic effect. On the eyes and lips, the coordinating shade dries down to a matte lipstick that keeps the skin hydrated while you wear it. You can also try dabbing a touch of this on your lids to tie the monochromatic look together.

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