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25 Almond Shape Nail Ideas You Can Try at Home With Just a Few Tools

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Almond-shaped nails have quickly become one of the mainstay nail shape requests at nail salons. Why? Well if you’ve ever rocked this shape you probably already know why, but long story short: they look good on everyone. They also look good in any length, so whether you’re someone who always likes to don mega-talons or someone who prefers a shorter shape (so typing on a keyboard doesn’t become a drag), you can custom tailor them to your needs.

This is also a fairly easy shape to attain at home. All you need is nail clippers and an emory file, and you can get to work from the comfort of your own home. If you’ve never shaped your own nails, this guide can help you get started. If you prefer to leave it to the pros (totally understandable!), you can show your technician one of these 25 almond-shaped nail ideas we’ve gathered below. We never need an excuse to treat ourselves to a mani, but if you do need one, just remember new nails have the power to shift your entire attitude. Why not invest in that? Here are the looks we’re craving right now:

Our Favorite Almond-Shaped Nail Ideas

1. Springtime French

The sun is out so it’s time to break out your nail art too. You can use a toothpick or the end of a bobby pin to create flowers with ease after you paint on a French tip using the pastel color of your choice.

2. The Reverse French

It’s like a yin-yang for your nails. Instead of doing every end of your nail with a French tip, alternate by creating the tip at the base of the cuticle. 

3. Every Nail’s a Party

If going to a salon for nail art is a special occasion treat, it’s fun to go all out. This idea is fun, has a unique look for every nail, and won’t take hours at the salon since some of the nails are simple wave and dot designs.

4. Thin French

When you do a French mani on almond-shaped nails, it changes the whole look since French manis are typically done on squared nails. This French look creates a thin, barely-there tip for the perfect amount of elegance with your almond nails.

5. Alternating Tips

Doing each nail in a different color is a fun, but totally simple, way to level up your mani. This design also features tiny Mickey Mouse ears, which you can create using a bobby pin tip or toothpick, as mentioned above.

6. Paint It Black

Having an all-black mani looks so fierce on almond-shaped nails. It gives the nails an extra-sharp look without stabbing everything you come into contact with. We love a goth moment.

7. Long Waves

These nails will have you ready to hit the beach even if it’s too cold to jump in. Alternate using blue and white colors on a thin brush and add glitter wherever you see fit.

8. Short Almond Stripes

The best thing about almond-shaped nails is that they look good no matter what length they are. If you prefer short nails but still want to switch up your mani routine, try out this look that features a nude gloss base with glitter lines.

9. Checkerboard Talons

The checkerboard look is an iconic nail design, but when you draw this design in pastel colors, it takes it to a whole new level. You might want to leave this look to a professional, or create stripes with thin painter’s tape.

10. Neon Brights

Summer is the best time to rock neon colors. Add a holographic look to your nails by topping your color with a glittery sheen.

11. Pretty in Pink

An accent nail always helps give a touch of playfulness to your mani while still staying understated enough for the minimalists at heart. Liven up your go-to pink by drawing polka dots or flowers on your ring finger nail. 

12. Unicorn Tips

When warm weather hits, the more color the better, especially when it comes to your mani. Adding two different colors to the sides of each nail utilizes negative space for a look that stands out in any occasion.

13. Retro Blooms

Celebrate the fact that flowers are in bloom by painting half-flowers along the base of your nail, then alternate colors between the flowers and French tips for extra contrast. We love this honey yellow color with white for a ‘60s touch. 

14. Dripping in Pearls

Create a 3D look by glazing clear or gel polish over small pearl beads. Lining the beads as if they were a French tip creates such a fun look that’s still classic at the same time.

15. Floral Orange

These barely-rounded almond nails create such a crisp effect so you can don your favorite nail art with pride.

16. Divided by Gold

Gold foil is surprisingly easy to apply and has minimal mess—just pick some up at your local craft store and you’re all set. Need placement inspo? Try drawing on an angled French tip to switch things up.

17. Easter Egg Nails

After you file your nails into an almond shape, reach for all the similar pastel colors you can find and alternate them on each finger. The almond shape will make your nails look just like easter eggs.

18. Plastic Hearts

If you’re new to detail work, practice drawing hearts on paper first with a thin brush to get the hang of it Then, you can add little hearts to your own nail designs whenever the mood strikes. 

19. Confetti French

Pick up pressed flowers, thick confetti glitter, or anything you can dream up at the craft store—then go to town on your nails and seal it all in with a top coat. If it’s flat, it’ll probably work!

20. Cheetah Girl

You can also use a thin nail polish brush to create cheetah spots. Just draw one uneven, misshapen circle with a base color and dot a different color on top once it dries.

21. Everything’s Coming Up Daisies

Have daisies literally emerge from your cuticles the same way they seemingly emerge overnight when spring comes. Create a dot at the base of your nail with a toothpick or bobby pin. Then with a thin nail polish brush, paint “petals” starting at the base of the dot and going upwards.

22. Negative Space French

Using your thin nail polish brush, carefully trace the edge of your almond-shaped nail just enough so that color bleeds onto the front. Then, moving about half an inch away from the edge, create another single line that follows the same shape. The negative space in-between will create the impression of a French tip. No one will believe you actually crafted this look using tools at home.

23. Ombre Fade

Pick up five different shades of the same color and create an ombré look on each nail. You can paint the whole nail, stick to a French tip look, or do it however you please!

24. Single Strokes

If you want to start small before you move on to more complicated nail ideas, grab a thin nail polish brush and create a single, wavy stroke going across the diagonal of your nail. You can draw it on with a glitter polish, a neon color, or with gold foil like in this design. Either way, you’ll have a gorgeous design that took less than a minute to create.

25. Citrus Circles

Freehand draw circular shapes on the sides, bottoms, and tips of your nails in different colors. Then, go in with your thin nail polish brush and add a white stripe to the edge to even it out. Utilize negative space to get a truly unique look. 

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