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Becky G Created TRESLÚCE as a Love Letter to her Latinx Heritage


A lot of us have memories of sneaking into our parent’s bathroom as a child to play with makeup. We’d coat our lids in glitter eyeshadow, pet the soft brushes like they were our stuffed animals, and paint our lips (and eyes, and cheeks, and sometimes the walls) in vivid red lipstick. “I would go into my mom’s bag and play with whatever was in my reach,” says global artist, actress, and activist Becky G of her first memories of makeup. “My play time always included makeup and getting creative. I would even do makeup for my cousins and tias for fun.”

For most of us, that’s where the childhood memory similarities with Becky G end. Not only did she move on to a successful musical career opening up for major artists on tour at the age of 15, but shortly after she was also named the youngest-ever COVERGIRL spokesperson. Nearly a decade of experience later—plus a handful of successful beauty collaborations—Becky G was ready to take on her next role. In August, she announced the launch of her very own makeup brand, TRESLÚCE BEAUTY (you might get to try out one of the Eyeshadow Quads in Resilient Alma, Beautiful Bella, or Grateful Soul in your November IPSY Glam Bag!).

TRESLUCE Eyeshadow Quads swatched on pink background

The TRESLÚCE Mission

Even in the age of celebrity makeup brands, from day one Becky G knew how to set TRESLÚCE apart. “Growing up, I never really saw people who looked like me represented, especially when it came to ads for beauty brands,” she says. “My desire for creating TRESLÚCE came from wanting to put more diverse faces at the forefront of beauty. Being Mexican-American, my Mexican heritage was a big part of my inspiration. I wanted to highlight it in a very special way, along with all the other beautiful Latinx cultures within our community.”

Her Latinx culture and community is at the forefront of everything TRESLÚCE does, starting with the name. TRESLÚCE is a combination of the Spanish words tres (three) and lucir (to look good). “Three is my favorite number because it holds a special, spiritual meaning for me, and the number is also representative of generational impact in my family,” says Becky G. “Bringing in luce came from the Spanish saying, ‘te luce bien,’ meaning, ‘you look good.’”

TRESLUCE makeup products on gold-colored, textured background

The TRESLÚCE Promise

TRESLÚCE promises a world built on cultura, community, and color that honors the unique beauty within you, generations before you, and those to come. It’s a promise they deliver on from every angle. All of their products, from the Intenso Liners (available in 15 shades!) to the Ready to Bounce Cream Blush and the I Am Shadow Palette, are created using ingredients sourced from suppliers in Mexico and throughout Latin America. Even the striking cobalt blue packaging features artwork from talented Latinx artists.

“When starting my music career at the age of 15 and going on tour, I would do my own makeup—no glam team involved—so I got to really know makeup and products,” says Becky G. “That experience, and my day-to-day use of makeup, let me know what I wanted in a product, what I didn’t, and what was missing in the beauty aisles that we could fill.”

One product at the top of her must-nail list: liquid liner. “You know your girl loves her cat eye, so our Eterno Liquid Liner is always a must,” says Becky G. The tiny brush tip makes mastering the novela-inspired winged liner easy. It’s waterproof, smudge-proof, and, like all TRESLÚCE products, it’s PETA Beauty Without Bunnies approved, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly. “I love our Ilusión Premium Vegan Lashes when I want to level up my look. The lashes can easily take you from natural to mega glam, and I love that!”

The Future of TRESLÚCE

TRESLÚCE BEAUTY might still be in its infancy, but it’s already shipping internationally. But Becky G is not stopping there: “In five years, I hope TRESLÚCE is a brand that is well-known across the globe. I want my brand to be viewed as a go-to for everyone and have them really invested and excited in what we have to offer because I’m so proud of my team and what we’ve been able to create.”

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Article Last Updated November 1, 2021 12:00 AM