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The 10 White Nail Polishes to Wear This Winter


In the days before white nail polish, beauty buffs might have turned to Wite-Out. These days, we have more options at our fingertips—ones that don’t involve clumping or scraping.

And now, white nail polish is a flattering statement-maker that’s no longer limited to a French manicure or a single shade. In fact, you’ll find an endless array of possibilities—from eggshell to marshmallow, ivory to pearl. Play up your glow and transform your nails with a white polish (which also makes a flawless base for bright neon colors). And trust us, it looks fabulous on all skin tones and nail lengths. Below, we’ve rounded up the best white nail polishes to upgrade your look while making it feel timeless.

LAW BEAUTY ESSENTIALS nail lacquer in Hashtag White


We love white nail polish for its ability to toe the line between neutral and totally statement-making. This snow-white nail lacquer takes the cake and gives you the best of both worlds. Two coats will offer your nails an intense high-shine finish, but of course, you can opt for decorating only your tips for a pearly pop of color.

POP BEAUTY Nail Glam – White Vinyl

2. POP BEAUTY Nail Glam – White Vinyl

This sexy nail lacquer is the color of cool milk, and its chip-resistant staying power will keep your nails amazingly opaque and streak-free. Plus, the formula contains nylon, which strengthens your nails and keeps them pretty and strong. The white backdrop is perfect for colorful nail art or a top coat of glitter nail polish.

PRETTY WOMAN nail lacquer in White Hot


For chic perfection and nails that’ll look freshly painted long after the fact, spring for this cruelty-free vegan nail lacquer. Just like the perfect dress shirt, the bright pantone nail polish comes in a clean and crisp white that looks good with any outfit. Swipe it on if you want to want to give dull nails a sleek transformation.

NAILS INC. White Out

4. NAILS INC. White Out

There’s something about a white manicure that screams high fashion. Thankfully, you don’t have to be on a catwalk to rock the trend. Try this long-wearing, high-shine white nail polish. The cruelty-free, vegan formula dries rapidly, and it makes your nails looks like sparkling sugar. 

KINX White Collar

5. KINX White Collar

It’s hard to one-up a gel manicure—except for the fact that they can be tough as nails to remove. Nourish your nails with this unique at-home gel nail polish, which dries fast and only requires a simple peel-off when you’re ready to change your shade. The pristine snow white shade is gorgeous on your entire nail, but it can also be used as an accent color when you want to create a bold graphic look.



Treat your nails with this luxurious white lacquer, which hails from a line that was inspired by 1940s Miami and lush Art Deco. While white may seem like a “cool” color, this true white creme polish carries hints of tropical coconut and balmy summer nights. Plus, the cruelty-free, vegan formula is infused with coconut oil to keep your nails in tip-top condition.



Whether you’re rocking an opaque white or pure white polish, the best pale shades give you enough shine so that your nails never look chalky or dull. Case in point: this cruelty-free, vegan nail polish. Dab it on for gorgeous French tips, or glide it all over your nails for a pretty, streak-free finish. While you’re at it, boost your nail health. The formula is packed with botanical ingredients that strengthen your nails without skimping on the shine. Seal in the nutrients with a top coat and thank us later.



Want a white manicure that looks expensive but won’t blow your budget? (See what we did there?) Try this cruelty-free, vegan creme polish, which comes in a classic white shade. Get smooth coverage, flawless wear, and unbeatable shine all in one coat.


9. SUNDAYS No. 43

Trying on new nail colors is a fun activity for a lazy Sunday. SUNDAYS are also great for innovative, high-quality polishes. This lacquer is a delicate ivory shimmer that makes your nails look clean and healthy, offering a twist on opaque white polish. The delicate shade brings you serenity and peace, especially considering that it’s non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan, and 10-free.



Remember those celebrity white parties that were all the rage way back when? Even if you’re not on someone’s VIP list, painting your nails can feel like a party with this stunning white polish. The short brush gives you full coverage and an even, flawless coat. The protein peptides in the formula increase the durability of your nails and the longevity of your mani. Apply a base coat before and a top coat after, and you’ll be a picture of sophistication.



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