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BoxyCharm Build Your Box: How to Personalize Your Beauty Subscription


Thanks to Build Your Box (every month from the 1st through 3rd), BoxyCharm is better than ever! During the Build Your Box window, BoxyCharm subscribers choose three (yes, three!) of the five full-size products in their shipment, shop Add-Ons, and see what two Power Picks IPSY has picked—all in one go. Whether you want to try trending international beauty products, need a refill on your clarifying shampoo, or want a new eye cream, there’s more than one way to make sure that your shipment checks all the boxes.

Wondering how it works? We’ve all your BoxyCharm Build Your Box answers below.

What Is Build Your Box?

We heard you wanted more choice for your BoxyCharm. You asked, we listened. Enter Build Your Box, the ability to personalize your shipment each month by choosing three of your five full-size products.

It’s time to enjoy the most personal and customizable beauty membership on the market.

When Do I Choose?

Build Your Box starts at 12 p.m. PT on the 1st of each month and concludes at 3 p.m. PT on the 3rd. First, you’ll find out the two full-size Power Picks we’ve curated just for you based on your beauty preferences (learn more about Power Picks here), then you’ll get to choose your remaining three products for your BoxyCharm shipment and shop your Add-Ons.

Just remember to make your choices ASAP, since supplies are limited. Be sure to set a reminder! With so much to look forward to, you don’t want to miss out.

How Many Products Do I Get To Choose From?

For each of the three products that you get to choose, you’ll pick from a selection of at least four products—each one curated just for you.

How Are My Products Selected for Me?

Your BoxyCharm products are picked just for you using our proprietary IPSY Match technology that takes into account your Beauty Quiz, product ratings, and reviews. For your five personalized products each month, we start by selecting two Power Picks we think you’ll be obsessed with. Then, we curate your Build Your Box assortment with more beauty must-haves that are fit to your preferences.

If your beauty preferences have changed, not to worry! You can update your Beauty Quiz responses at any time. We encourage that your Beauty Quiz be current because we reference your answers every single month. Thanks to your resulting Beauty Profile, we’re provided more than 150 data points to help us better understand your preferences, and we use every one of them to personalize your options.

We also use your product reviews to better understand what you loved and why—and the more feedback we have from you, the more personalized your options will be. Plus, you earn points every time you leave a review, which can be redeemed for free products. So keep up with your reviews and score big time.

How Do I Know the Brands Will Be Good?

Every month, you’ll receive two superstar products or brands handpicked by our team of experts in your five-product assortment. We call these Power Picks. These beauty faves will make your entire monthly subscription worth every penny, trust.

Do I Have To Choose?

Choosing is totally optional, but where’s the fun in that? When you make your choices during Build Your Box, we learn more about your preferences so your membership is continuously improving over time.

But if you want to make your BoxyCharm subscription feel even more like a gift to yourself, you can let us do the choosing for you by clicking the “Skip” button. You’ll then be able to add your own personal touch with some seriously great deals on product Add-Ons.

What About Add-Ons?

You still have access to your Add-Ons on the 1st of the month. (By now, you already know how amazing these deals are—so don’t miss out!) A quick refresher: You’ll be able to shop Add-Ons that ship free with your subscription, so be sure to confirm your three choices early. That way, you’ll get to complete your shipment with product Add-Ons ASAP.

You can choose up to 10 Add-Ons, starting at 12 p.m. PT on the 1st of every month when you Build Your Box. It’s super easy to make Add-Ons work for you, because there are tons of options available for $3.50, $12, $18, $25, and $50—all that ship free with your subscription!

Which Memberships Can Build Their Bags From the 1st to 3rd?

Right now, BoxyCharm (and quarterly Icon Box) members can build their boxes from the 1st to the 3rd of each month, whereas Glam Bag subscribers get to choose one product that goes in their next shipment around the 20th–26th of the prior month.

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