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Beauty From the Roots: Bridgette Hill's Fusion of Artistry and Science in Scalp Therapy


Bridgette Hill has not only witnessed an evolution in the beauty industry, she’s been an active contributor to it. With a career spanning years as an editorial hairstylist and top colorist, Hill's journey took an unexpected turn, revealing her true calling in the intricate realm of scalp health. In 2016, this journey ultimately led her to become a certified trichologist (a specialist who focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases of the scalp and hair).  

Beyond being a certified trichologist, Hill is an advocate for the current paradigm shift in the beauty industry, urging a broader acknowledgment of the intimate connection between scalp health and overall well-being. As we sit down with Hill, we got the opportunity to chat about her unique and aspirational trajectory, exploring her early days in the beauty world, the pivotal moment that sparked her passion for scalp health, and the burgeoning trend in the beauty industry surrounding the care and knowledge of this critical yet underestimated aspect of our body.

Early Days in the Beauty Industry

Hill's early career unfolded as a dynamic journey through styling and coloring—a traditional hairstyling route that would ultimately catapult her to the peak of editorial acclaim. Rooted in her deep passion for beauty, Hill's journey commenced at Clark Atlanta University, where she majored in communications, laying the foundation for a career that seamlessly blended creativity with technical expertise. During her undergraduate years, Hill also worked as a receptionist in a hair salon, simultaneously creating marketing strategies for the business.

After graduating, Hill's quest for comprehensive beauty knowledge led her to the Aveda Institute, where she obtained her cosmetology license. Transitioning from cosmetology school, Hill relocated to New York City to fervently pursue her dreams. Reflecting on those formative years, Hill shares: "I moved to New York to be on the editorial side of things. Magazines were my passion. At that time, I believed the excitement for me as a hairstylist was all about the creative process.”

Yet, beneath the dazzling lights of editorial glamour, Hill's commitment to a holistic approach to beauty shone through. "I attended beauty school at Aveda because I wanted to understand the holistic aspect of beauty," she notes. Similar to many women of color, Hill embarked on a natural hair journey to truly grasp the intricacies of her natural hair texture. She openly discussed her personal battle with mild alopecia, revealing, "I started having to manage my own alopecia, and initially, I was going the same route everyone else does. I was going to the dermatologist, and they were basically giving me these cortisone steroid shots every four months as a cure.”

In those early days, Hill laid the groundwork for a career that not only celebrates the artistic side of beauty but also underscores the importance of a holistic and strategic approach, foreshadowing the multifaceted success that would inevitably follow.

The Beauty of Scalp Health

Despite her extensive background in traditional hairstyling, Hill's commitment to scalp health has not waned, prompting her to become a certified trichologist. In recent years, the beauty industry has become increasingly cognizant of the evolving landscape of hair loss, witnessing the emergence of drug-free supplement brands like NUTRAFOL, and scalp-stimulating brands such as NIOXIN, RENÉ FURTERER, and more.

Hill prides herself on bringing a paramedical approach to beauty, collaborating with professionals from various disciplines to ensure optimal hair health. She notes, "It's about working with a nutritionist, your endocrinologist, and sharing information ultimately to have that intimate connection for the well-being of our clients." For Hill, the scalp is the epicenter of healthy hair growth, a realization supported by scientific insights. "For instance, we can factually prove that your vitamin D levels, based on certain factors, have to be at a certain point for your hair growth function to retain."

Although trichology is a deep passion for Hill, she still retains a color clientele, describing herself as a "mad scientist" in the process. Hill's unique approach lies in the seamless integration of aesthetics and science-based practices. "That is the beauty of Bridgette Hill Scalp Therapy—I marry the rituals of aesthetics and science-based practices for my clientele to retain the integrity of the hair fiber," she asserts.

Bridgette Hill's Top Scalp Health Tips

In the pursuit of luscious locks, the crucial foundation of healthy hair is often overlooked: the scalp. "We often underestimate the importance of each hair follicle on our heads,” says Hill. “We must treat our follicles like its own little baby organ.” Hill shares her four top tips for maintaining optimal scalp health, ensuring your mane receives the care it deserves.

Tip #1: Eat a Balanced Diet

Hill emphasizes the direct link between nutrition and hair health. "The first thing is always to remember that any aspect with the scalp and hair is going to deal with something internal and topical," she says. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals fosters a nourished scalp, providing essential building blocks for vibrant, resilient hair. 

Tip #2: Incorporate a Pre-Scalp Treatment

"That pre-scalp treatment step is a game-changer for overall quality and retaining a healthy scalp microbiome," says Hill. She recommends incorporating pre-scalp treatments, such as THE NUE CO’s Supa_Thick and  RENÉ FURTERER’S Complexe 5 into your routine. These treatments, specifically designed for the scalp, aim to cleanse without disrupting the microbiome, ensuring a healthy foundation for hair growth.

Tip #3: Massage for Scalp Vitality

Emphasizing the importance of scalp massage, Hill says, "We've got to start massaging and touching our scalps." This simple practice promotes circulation, reduces tension, and keeps the scalp supple and moist. 

Tip #4: Be Mindful of Your Hair Products 

Hill emphasizes the significance of being aware of the products you use, asserting, "It's crucial for everyone to have a distinct cleansing routine tailored to their specific hair type and scalp needs." She suggests transferring clarifying shampoos into bottles with applicators or nozzles to ensure precise application directly to the scalp. Additionally, Hill advises that adopting this personalized approach guarantees that your hair care routine is aligned with the unique needs of your scalp, ultimately promoting overall hair health.

Bridgette Hill's journey in the beauty industry not only reflects her mastery of traditional hairstyling but also highlights her groundbreaking shift towards scalp health advocacy. Her evolution from an editorial stylist to a certified trichologist unveils a much needed commitment to holistic beauty. 

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Article Last Updated November 27, 2023 12:00 AM