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These Coffee Nail Looks so Good, They’ll Give You an Instant Pick-Me-Up

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We like our nails like we like our coffee: bold and strong, and we know we can't be the only ones. Something about a great mani gives us a pick-me-up like only the tallest cup of Joe can. But we're taking the idea of coffee nails in a more literal sense. Think caramel-inspired swirls, cold-brew tones, and frappuccino textures. Ahead, a full serving of 18 nail art looks inspired by our favorite coffee orders.

1. CafΓ© Ombre Nails

What's cooler than a single shade of coffee on your nails? A set of graduating shades of coffee. Start with the lightest and move to the darkest shade for an instant coolness boost.

2. Latte Nails

The Instagrammable heart-shaped foam design on top of your latte is cool, but foam-colored hearts on your coffee nails are infinitely cooler.Β 

3. Macchiato Nails

A gorgeous light-to-dark coffee-dipped nail is better than any caffeine kick that comes in a cup.Β 

4. Espresso Nails

A deep, dark shade of espresso-toned nails are just what you need to wake you up in the morning. A touch of gold leaf details glams things up even more.

5. Mocha Nails

A single shade of soft mocha can be the wake-up call your nails have been missing. To make things extra interesting, play with color placement and negative space.Β 

6. Cold Brew Nails

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You know how beautiful it looks when you pour milk into your cup of iced coffee? Get that same ethereal swirl when you mix multiple coffee shades of nail polish.

7. Coffee-Dipped Nails

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Give French tips a much-needed boost when you swap classic white for a variety of coffee-toned colors.Β 

8. Gradient Coffee Nails

When you don't know what to choose from the coffee menu, we suggest testing them all. This gradient of coffee shades boasts a '70s vibe we can sure get addicted to.

9. Caramel Macchiato Nails

Caramel lattes are delicious, and truthfully, so are these caramel-colored swirls layered over a soft matte nail.Β 

10. Vanilla Latte Nails

A milky-tinted espresso shade is the perfect neutral to go on about your dayβ€”and just like a good cup of Joe, it goes with everything and always makes you feel good.

11. Slow-Drip Coffee Nails

Similar to a lava lamp, this abstract-spotted design in a soft coffee tone is mesmerizing AF.

12. Cappuccino Nails

A splash of milk gives your cappuccino an Insta-worthy swirl, and a trio of brown nail polishes does the same. Create a different effect when you apply the swirl on a clear press-on nail.

13. Frappuccino Nails

If your nails were a frappuccino, the tips would be the whipped cream. Recreate this look with an ombre of coffee-toned swirls along your tips.

14. French Roast Nails

A coffee-colored matte nail made even more fabulous by a monochromatic shiny tip is the epitome of cool.Β 

15. Retro Roast Nails

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We love a '60s-inspired mani, but one created with coffee-toned patterns is a modern take on the retro trend.

16. CafΓ© Au Lait Nails

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French tips are constantly in a resurgence, and this mocha and caramel swirl overlay is like the classic look on caffeine.

17. Affogato Nails

For a creamy neutral nail look, consider this milky swirl idea. It's giving us delicious affogato vibes.Β 

18. Irish Coffee Nails

Minimalist brown-dipped tips? We'll take a full serving.

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Article Last Updated March 9, 2023 12:00 AM