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Hats Don’t Have to Mean Lazy! Here Are 10 Hat Hairstyles You Need to Try

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Hats can be worn for a number of reasons. You have rainy days when you don’t want your hair to get wet. You have dirty hair days when you’d rather wear a hat than hop in the shower. Hats also make great accessories, so depending on the outfit and your pick, the head covering can really glam up the look. And of course, you have lazy hair days when putting any effort into a look feels like the biggest chore. Even on those days, however, your hat hairstyle doesn’t have to appear low effort (even if it is!). There are so many easy hairstyles and hair hacks for hats, and we’ve chosen our favorites below! And if you’re worried about hat hair that’s bound to follow, we have some pointers for that, too.

10 Easy Hairstyles for Hats

1. Bubble Braided Pigtails for Hats

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A post shared by Gina Dinko (@ginadinko)

Bubble braids are among our favorite hairstyles because they’re quick, easy, elevated, and of course, a trendy look on TikTok. All you need are a few rubber bands and a medium-to-long head of hair, as seen in the hair tutorial video above. The braids look great in a casual beanie or a luxurious top hat—your pick. French braids are also an excellent alternative to bubble braids if that’s more your vibe.

2. Wavy Hairstyle for Hats

Whether obtained by a curling iron, or by air-drying your strands, casual waves add some effortless excitement to the look. This is great for short hairstyles as well—and the same applies here for loose curls if you feel like putting even more effort into the outcome. We think this is a great summer hairstyle option since it’s hard to keep strands straight in humidity.

3. Hats With Endless Curls

The only thing more statement-making than a full head of curly hair? A cute hat to accompany it! We absolutely love the direction this user took with her accessory, opting for faux fur, a seasonal must.

4. Double Bun Hairstyle for Hats

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A post shared by ALANA (@alanahairkauai)

Who says messy bun hairstyles have to be boring? As this look proves, you can still have chic without sleek. Seemingly designed for a ballcap, all that’s required are a few easy twists, as demonstrated in the video tutorial above.

5. Thick Pigtail Brands for Hats

We’re suckers for traditional braids because they’re so darn easy and quick. This user, who sports the look with a baseball cap, makes sure to tug at each individual braid lightly to thicken the style. She also pulls out a thick, face-framing strand from each side.

6. Long Accessorized Braid for Hats

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A post shared by R+Co (@randco)

We’re all for a solo braid, but why not amplify the look with some accessories? This user paired a fishtail braid with dainty little accents all the way through. Because they’re miniature bobby pins, they’re sure to stay secured. We recommend this especially for long hairstyles, and you can obviously play around with accessories. We think little bows would be cute for this, too, or a scrunchie to pull the whole look together.

7. Tight Low Bun Hairstyle for Hats

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A post shared by Funmi (@funmiford)

Let your face take centerstage, while your hair takes a backseat. Whether you’re feeling lazy or you’re after a polished, professional aesthetic, you can tie your hair in a tight low bun, throw on a fedora and call it a day.

8. Long and Straight Hairstyle for Hats

When it comes to easy hat hairstyles, this one takes the cake. Embrace your cool girl persona with a look that says so much while doing so little. A casual beanie, long, luscious locks, and an oversized blazer are all you need for a model off-duty aesthetic. Don’t forget your sunnies, of course.

9. Beanie With Classic Bangs

Bangs can be a super fun built-in accessory at any point, but with this look in particular, you can really let them shine. This user plops the rest of her hair into a beanie and keeps the bangs out as the main event. We’re also fans of selecting a bold beanie color to contrast with the bangs, and therefore make the look stand out so much more.

10. Low Pony With Long Wispy Bangs

Easy breezy! This ponytail hairstyle requires nothing more than a hair tie and long, wispy bangs divided down the middle. In addition to being quick and on-the-go, this look can also be dressed up or down. We don’t recommend a beanie, but a baseball cap is a perfect fit for this look worn casually. For a more sophisticated look, we’d opt for a fedora like the one pictured.

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