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Eyeliner Stickers: The Makeup Trend You’re About to See Everywhere

Photo by Haileybieber/Instagram

Creating the perfect winged eyeliner is no easy task. Well really, wing or not, getting your eyeliner even no matter the style is challenging. If you’ve long struggled to nail your liquid eyeliner, let us turn you on to eyeliner stickers. They’re our newest beauty obsession and they’re totally changing the eye makeup game. 

About the Expert:
Jamie Greenberg is a celebrity makeup artist. Her repertoire of looks range from dramatic red carpet glam to everyday natural makeup.

You Too, Can Be Like Hailey Bieber

Some say the eyeliner sticker trend all began with Hailey Bieber after snapping a sun-soaked pic showing off holographic cat eyes. While Hailey was seemingly the first celeb to sport eyeliner stickers, Euphoria and Coachella-inspired makeup looks only furthered the trend in 2022. Spate Trends reports an uptick in eyeliner sticker searches resulting in 270 percent year over year growth. Now, you can buy just about every style from beauty brands and sellers on Amazon.

“This year I have been seeing a rise in dramatic makeup looks such as eye gems, bright colors, dramatic smokey eyes, and glitter details,” says makeup artist Jamie Greenberg. “Makeup is becoming more of a form of self expression these days, and new ways to create bold looks are being made easily accessible.” *Clicks add to cart* for every eyeliner sticker imaginable.

How Do You Use Eyeliner Stickers?

For starters, eyeliner stickers are exactly what they sound like. Think of them like false eyelashes but instead a stick-on strip (no glue needed) that you can place directly on your eyelid. Forget eyeliner stencils or eye makeup tools that promise to glide a perfect swash of product; eyeliner stickers are the easiest of all. We bet you could apply them in one minute—or less.

“The best part about eyeliner stickers is that they can be worn by themselves as a complete look in one simple step, or you can add a pop of color on the eyelid to take it a step further with your favorite eyeshadow,” says Greenberg.

While Hailey used holographic eyeliner stickers, you can also find glitter eyeliner stickers, neon, black, or matte stickers. Even eyeliner stickers made with gems!

The best way to prep your eyelids for the stickers is to use an eyeshadow primer or your fave concealer (we love DOSE OF COLOR Meet Your Hue Concealer). You’ll want to make your lids a little tacky so they can fully grip, and so they can hold up, any eyeliner sticker of your choice.

How to Style Eyeliner Stickers

Like any bold makeup look, the rules do not apply! The eyeliner sticker trend leaves room for you to play around. You may find your eye shape lends itself better to a cat eye or winged eyeliner sticker. Or you may want to stick an eyeliner sticker under your brow.

Cutting up eyeliner stickers to create a dotted line effect or using more than one eyeliner sticker for an abstract graphic liner shape is the perfect way to put a DIY spin on the trend. “I love applying eyeliner stickers in the crease of my lid to give a more editorial, trendy look. This allows you to be able to see your full eyeshadow look, while also adding a bit of holographic glam,” says Greenberg. 

The Best Eyeliner Stickers Brands to Try:

1. LIME CRIME for holographic eyeliner stickers & fun decals light hearts and lightning bolts

2. SIMI HAZE BEAUTY for gem eyeliner stickers

3. PAINT LAB for colorful cat eyes

4. HAUS LABORATORIES for black wing tip stickers

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Olivia Cefalu
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Article Last Updated April 12, 2022 12:00 AM