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10 Graphic Eye Makeup Looks You Need To Try (Like, ASAP)

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Word on the street is that Euphoria is coming back next year with a 3rd season (woo!), and even though the show’s been on hiatus, our love for the endless graphic eyeliner looks on the show is one season that never ends. Whether you’ve been inspired by the magical geometric eye makeup of the show’s cast, or by the resurgence of colorful, angular lined looks created by your favorite makeup artists on Instagram, it’s easy to see why creating graphic eyeliner makeup is so fun—and addictive. So let’s put the clean girl-aesthetic makeup on a little break (even though we still love it!), and give in to whimsical eyeliner shapes, crazy colorful designs, exaggerated next level drama, and get inspired with these 10 graphic eyeliner looks that are a total vibe. The icing on the cake? With a little practice, you can totally pull off your own versions of these graphic eye looks on your own.

1. Arrowed Wing

https://www.instagram.com/p/CTTQXZps761/?igsh=azZ2YjFvb3J3d2A quick scroll through Patrick Ta’s IG is all it takes to see that Camilla Cabello might as well be his full-time, live-in graphic eyeliner queen. Of all the stunning angular looks he’s created on this beauty, these neon yellow lined eyes are one of the easiest and most versatile graphic eyeliner styles to recreate. Grab a bright yellow eyeliner pencil, preferably a gel eyeliner like this neon yellow-green LOVE+CRAFT+BEAUTY Gel Eyeliner. A gel will glide on smooth for crisp, angular lines. Accentuate your inner corners like Camilla here and create an angular wing on your outer corners. Outline your wing with a sideways “V,” and you’re good to go! Having trouble creating even lines? We used the side of a clean credit card to help keep our lines perfectly straight. 

2. Butterfly Effect

It isn’t always easy to make white eyeliner work, but the combination of a bright, exaggerated arch and fluttery blue wing in this graphic liner look is purely magical. Use a high-pigment white liner (shimmery white TRESLUCE Beauty Intenso Eyeliner always works for us), to accentuate your inner corner. Draw a curved line upwards, following the arch of your nose to and stopping just past the inner arch of your brows. Then, play with some fun, geometric shapes to accentuate your outer wing. Inspo for beginners: Outline the shape you want first until you love how it looks, then fill it in with your eyeliner shade of choice. 

3. Negative Space 

Probably one of the most popular types of graphic eyeliner looks we’ve seen, this negative space style can go from day to night in the blink of an eye. Swipe a neutral shadow across your lids as a base. Then, use a felt-tip eyeliner or cream liner to sweep your lines smoothly and flawlessly. Tired of jet black? Using a deep purple eyeliner or highly pigmented blue (ESTATE COSMETICS Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Midnight Blueis a total mood) will level up this already eye-catching look. 

4. Pretty in Pink

This mini pink wing is giving crazy cute, girl-next-door vibes. Besides being adorable, this is one of those eye makeup looks that is super low maintenance, easy, and quick to create if you need glam in a pinch. Reach for a pastel pink eyeliner pencil such as TANAÏS Kajal Pencil in Lotus Lake and line your lids from your inner corner to about a third of the way across your upper eyelids. Then create a mini flick like Hailey here. For an extra touch, add a second flick to create a double wing and line your waterline with a white or nice eyeliner for an eye opening effect. Cute hair ribbon optional, but recommended. 

5. Color Splash 

Anytime we can incorporate orange into our eye looks (when it isn’t for Halloween), we’re 100 percent here for it. This look is all about intensity. Solid black eyeliner served up thick, topped off with a wash off neon orange lights up these eyes—literally! James Molloy used products by DANESSA MYRICKS BEAUTY’s Colorfix line to create these show-stopping shapes. Start off with a really good pigment-enhancing primer like F.A.R.A.H Eyeshadow Primer and then begin outlining your eyes with a jet black liner (we also use HIPDOT Jet Black Stamp + Thick Liner as a go-to for these looks). Then, apply a bright orange pigment, creating a combo of angular and curved shapes starting from your inner to outer corners. Be playful with your shapes—there’s no right or wrong here!

6. Kaleidoscope Eyes

Obsessed is an understatement. What we love most about this look by makeup artist Danessa Myricks is how the graphic liner was used to accentuate the gorgeous chrome flecks she placed on the eyes, making the shape of the eyes look larger and wider. First, create your outline with a dark liner pencil so you know you’ve got the right shape. Then, layer DANESSA MYRICKS Infinite Chrome Flakes all over your lids, building outwards for a gorgeous chromatic effect.  

7. Gummy Bear Graphics

Makeup artist Alexx Mayo captioned this look created for Lizzo, “GUMMY YUMMY WUMMY BEAR,” and it couldn’t be more perfect. Gather all your favorite pastel eyeliners, and create a candy-inspired triple-wing by layering colorful flicks along your upper lid. Keep the party up top and your lower lash line simple with some lash-defining mascara (we’re fans of BENEFIT COSMETICS Fanfest Mascara)

8. Blue Crush

Unleash your creative side and try your own hand at freehanding these wavy, oceanic lids. The best part about it? This look can be so unique to you. A long lasting liquid liner would work magic here. Makeup artist. Diane Da Silva, used ABOUT FACE Matte Fluid Eye Paint in No Queens Blueshere. Just be sure to use an eyeliner brush to create your lines.  

9. Still Bejeweled

Who says graphic eyeliner has to only include liner? These decked out cat eye wings make a mega statement and have us frantically googling “eye makeup rhinestones” so we can buy them to recreate the gorgeous glam for our next night out. Yup, that’s pretty much all you need. Start adding some rhinestones to your inner lash line, working outwards until you have the shimmering, disco-themed wings of your dreams. We love how much a jeweled wing accentuates our eye shape too.

10. Y2K Lines

This Y2K inspired graphic eyeliner design is an instant throwback to the colorful, anything goes makeup trends of the early 2000s. Simplistic but making a major statement, a sweep of high pigment neon eyeliner is all you need. First layer a sheer pink shimmer eyeshadow all over your lids, sweeping up to your brow bone. Then create a thick wing using a neon liner (in any color you like), adding a little to your lower lash line from your inner corners outward. Top off your cheeks with some shimmering highlighter and babe, you’re ready to throw your next ’90s–2000s party. 

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