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Everything You Need to Know About Hair Bonnets for Your Most Gorgeous Hair Yet


Have you ever wondered how to wake up with a flawless mane with zero frizz that could rival a voluminous silky blowout? Look no further than the unsung hero of bedtime: the hair bonnet. Sure, we've all seen those iconic movie scenes with silk pillowcases and perfect morning hair, but let's be real—most of us need a little extra TLC to achieve that level of fab. Incorporating a hair bonnet into your routine not only protects your precious tresses from frizz and breakage but also shields your hair from the friction and moisture loss that can occur during sleep. 

Ahead, prepare to join the bonnet brigade and get ready to step your mane’s night routine up a notch, because just like your skincare ritual, who says bedtime can't be another highlight of your beauty routine?

About the Expert:

Ikeyia Powell is an NYC-based celebrity hairstylist.

What Is a Hair Bonnet?

A hair bonnet is your ticket to a good hair day, every day! Picture it as a chic, protective cocoon for your strands. Typically made from silky satin materials like mulberry silk, pure silk, or satin, a hair bonnet creates a friction-free environment that minimizes hair breakage, tames frizz, and prevents moisture loss while you sleep. 

Whether you’re rocking natural curls, long hair, locs, or anything in between, a hair wrap is the ultimate overnight guardian and hair-care staple, ensuring you wake up to a mane as radiant as your dreams.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Bonnet? 

  • Frizz Control:  "A satin or silk hair bonnet creates a friction-free zone, ensuring your hair stays sleek and frizz-free," explains celebrity hairstylist Ikeyia Powell. 

  • Breakage Prevention: By providing a protective barrier, hair bonnets help shield your hair from the abrasive effects of rubbing against sheets and pillowcases, reducing the risk of breakage and split ends.

  • Maintains the Moisture: Bonnets help retain the natural moisture in all hair types, preventing it from drying out overnight. "This is especially beneficial for natural hair,” says Powell. "It helps lock in moisture, preventing overnight dryness and promoting healthier hair."

  • Preserve Hairstyles: Whether you've got a fresh blowout, curly hair, or intricate braids, a satin bonnet helps to keep your hairstyle intact.

  • Time-Saving Morning Routine: With a hair bonnet, you'll spend less time in the morning dealing with unruly hair. 

  • Enhances Hair Health:  "Consistent use of a hair bonnet contributes to overall hair health," Powell advises. It helps protect against external stressors, improve texture, and reduce the need for excessive styling and heat treatments. 

How to Wear a Bonnet to Bed

Step 1: Opt for a bonnet made of satin or silk, such as the GRACE ELEYAE Silk Twist Turban. According to Powell, "These soft materials reduce friction, preventing hair breakage and maintaining a smooth surface for your locks."

Step 2: Gently detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb or brush."This ensures your hair is knot- and tangle-free before putting on the hair cap," explains Powell.

Step 3: Gather your hair at the crown of your head or wrap your silk press around the circumference of your head using a silky satin headscarf. Powell also advises, "Loosely secure your hair with a soft hair tie to prevent kinks or indentation marks."

Step 4: Slide the satin sleep cap over your gathered hair, ensuring all strands are tucked inside. "Position the bonnet so that the elastic band covers your hairline, creating a protective barrier for your edges," says Powell. 

Step 5: Opt for an adjustable satin hair bonnet with an adjustable drawstring, and make any necessary accommodations to ensure a comfortable fit. "Avoid tying the bonnet too tightly, as this can cause tension and defeat the purpose of protecting your hair,” Powell notes. 

By following these simple steps and consistently incorporating a sleep bonnet into your routine, you’ll be on your way to the healthier, more manageable hair of your dreams. 

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Article Last Updated December 12, 2023 12:00 AM