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The Ultimate 2024 Hair Trends Forecast, According to an Expert

Photo by Iamlanatarek/Instagram

Pull out your vision board and prepare to get inspired—it's 2024. A new year, a new you (thanks to a new hairstyle)! This year's styles are more than just fashion statements; they are your key to confidence. The 2024 hair scene is a playground for the fearless, inviting you to unveil your inner icon and try out styles that mirror the boldness of your resolutions.

In this new era of beauty, the trends transcend the ordinary, ranging from electric hues that scream bombshell boldness to a modernized take on effortlessly chic styles that redefine the very essence of time. Ahead, these hair trends are all about individuality, celebrating diverse textures, and experimenting with bold colors and cuts. From the runways to the streets, this upcoming year, the emphasis is on fierceness, urging us all to let our personalities shine through our manes.

About the Expert:

Cassandra Olivia is a Delaware-based hairstylist and colorist.

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Article Last Updated November 29, 2023 12:00 AM