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These 33 Haircuts With Bangs Prove Everyone Can Pull Off Fringe

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Photo by Lia Toby / Stringer/Getty Images

Bangs are back, baby! Not that fringe ever really left, but it seems to be more popular than ever before, especially given all the hair trends dedicated to bangs going around on TikTok. Everyone wants bangs, so we thought we'd help you figure out the best type of bangs for your face shape and hair type. From blunt bangs to baby bangs and everything in between, there are a ton of different ways to add a little fringe to your look. Meaning there is a bang style out there for everyone. Keep scrolling to discover the best bangs for you!

1. French Girl Fringe

Jeanne Damas with a natural makeup look paired with red lips at the red carpet
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain / Staff/Getty Images

French girls are often the trendsetters for all things beauty and fashion. And bangs are no exception. French girl fringe is about to be the trendy style of 2022, as it's almost an elevated take on the curtain bang trend of years past. This fringe appears effortless and low-maintenance, sitting just above the eyebrows with textured ends that blend seamlessly into your strands. The hairstyle looks great on everyone and pairs with any hair length, though the French girls often sport these bangs with a medium-length haircut.

2. Shaggy Bangs

Suki Waterhouse looking glam in a wavy hairstyle and rose gold eyeshadow makeup at the red carpet
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff/Getty Images

The Shag shows no signs of going out of style any time soon. For those who aren't daring enough to sport a full shag haircut, try some shaggy bangs instead. This style is especially great for those with thin hair because the choppy layers allow your hair to appear a bit thicker than usual. It's also an incredibly low-maintenance bang haircut, given it's meant to look a bit messy and wild.

3. Thick Bangs

Jessical Biel rocking bangs at the red carpet
Photo by Christopher Polk / Staff/Getty Images

Looking to make your bangs the focal point of any haircut you're currently rocking? Opt for some thick bangs. Even if you have thin hair, you can still sport thick bangs. The style is very dominating, though it can really balance out a long or oval face shape. Those with a heart-shaped or round face may find this heavy bang style a little too much for their smaller complexion. You can always test these bangs out with some fake bangs beforehand to see if they're something that would suit your face shape.

4. Asymmetrical Bangs

Kelly Osbourne with blue hair laughing
Photo by Jason Merritt/TERM / Staff/Getty Images

Asymmetrical bangs are a very out there style we believe more people should try... at least once. If you want to live out your manic pixie dream girl fantasy, sporting a choppy cut with these bangs will help you get there. And with the resurgence of all things emo, we have the sneaking suspicion this bang hairstyle will be making quite the comeback. Pair it with a bold hair color and you're ready to travel back in time to your MySpace days.

5. Wavy Bangs

Imogen Poots rocking tousled wavy updo hairstyle at the red carpet
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff/Getty Images

Wavy hair doesn't get the attention it deserves, especially given how gorgeous wavy bangs are. When you're blessed with a wavy hair type, you're lucky enough to rock bangs of any length with your natural texture. We suggest going with bangs that rest just above your brows, though you could go with some longer layers. It all comes down to your face shape really.

6. Spiky Bangs

Katy Perry rocking a nude dress and pixie cut hairstyle
Photo by Andreas Rentz / Staff/Getty Images

No, we're not talking Lydia Deetz in Beetlejuice spiky, though you can always go with that style if you'd like, but we're referring to bangs that are a bit more textured and pointed. We love how they look with shorter hairstyles, like a punky pixie cut or short bob.

7. Air Bangs

Kim So-hyun looking cute at the red carpet
Photo by Chung Sung-Jun / Staff/Getty Images

Air bangs are the latest hair trend that has been taking Korea by storm. However, we haven't seen too much of the style in the States just yet. So if you want to be the one to do it, be our guest. A see-through version of fringe, the bangs end somewhere between your top eyelashes and your eyebrows and are often somewhat voluminous. There's a slight curve at the ends that gives them some extra body and added oomph.

8. Birkin Bangs

Dakota Johnson rocking a neutral makeup look, silver dangling earrings, and sequined nude dress at the red carpet
Photo by Gareth Cattermole / Staff/Getty Images

Popularized by French actress, model, and singer Jane Birkin, these bangs tend to be a bit longer than other bang styles. The long layers do offer some versatility that short hairstyles don't. Not to mention, this wispy, longer fringe style is incredibly easy to style and maintain. When they start growing out, they basically turn into face-framing layers.

9. Arched Bangs

Sandra Bullock rocking full bangs and sequined nude dress at the red carpet
Photo by Jason Merritt/TERM / Staff/Getty Images

Add some volume to fine hair with arched bangs. They look absolutely stunning in long, straight hair, but any hair type can pull off the hairstyle. All you need is a round brush and a blow dryer to maintain the signature arch once you walk out of the salon.

10. Braided Bangs

Lupita Nyong'o rocking a braided hairstyle and black and white shirt
Getty Images / Staff/Getty Images

We've been seeing braided bangs more and more these days and we are so here for it. The bangs are a fun way to play with your natural hair texture. Plus, they look even better accessorized. Attach some beads to the end to elevate the hair look. Don't forget to try out these 25 braided hairstyles for natural hair while you're at it.

11. Parted Bangs

Jameela Jamil rocking a neon yellow eyeliner makeup look and neon yellow dress at the red carpet
Photo by Jamie McCarthy / Staff/Getty Images

This parted style is a great way to fake curtain bangs for those who don't want to cut their blunt, arched, or thick bangs. Simply part them down the center and use some hair spray to keep them in place. A hairstylist might even be able to take some weight out of your blunt bangs for you to make it easier to part them.

12. Face-Framing Bangs

Kaley Cuoco looking chic at the red carpet with a wavy hairstyle
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez / Stringer/Getty Images

Want bangs that aren't as obvious and a bit low-maintenance? Go with some face-framing bangs. They can be as long or short as you'd like, accentuating the best parts of your facial features. And no matter if you have curly hair or straight hair, there's a way to make face-framing bangs.

13. Bettie Bangs

Megan Fox in classic hairstyle with bangs and sequined red dress
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff/Getty Images

For the ultimate retro bangs style, Bettie bangs are calling your name. Pinup model Bettie Page is the namesake of these rockabilly bangs, which are known for their distinct rounded edge that curves to be slightly longer in the middle. They are quite a bit of upkeep so they're not the best style for those who want a low-maintenance cut. But they certainly will make you feel as sultry as the pinup model herself.

14. Voluminous Bangs

Halle Berry looking chic with a wavy hairstyle and silver dress
Photo by Bennett Raglin / Stringer/Getty Images

With the return of looks from years past, we're all about the '80s volume making waves once again. Voluminous bangs are an incredibly flattering style for everyone, especially those with fine hair. Add in that much-needed volume with curtain, face-framing, and side-swept bang styles. The more volume, the better.

15. Blunt Bangs

Kerry Washington looking fierce with blunt bangs and black and white outfit at the red carpet
Photo by Ben Gabbe / Stringer/Getty Images

Saoirse Ronan’s straight bangs aren’t as short as baby bangs yet didn’t fall under the category of traditional fringe—instead, they’re in a class all of their own: meet middle bangs. This above-the-eyebrow style works best on angular-shaped or square faces and, as your hair grows out, you can also try trendy curtain bangs.

16. Bardot Bangs

Annie Murphy looking chic in an updo hairstyle with parted bangs
Photo by Theo Wargo / Staff/Getty Images

If you haven't already cut your own curtain bangs this past year, consider this a sign to finally get them. But, maybe don't cut them yourself. Go to a hairstylist for that, especially because they'll help you determine the right length of the bangs.

17. Curly Curtain Bangs

Yara Shahidi rocking a curly updo hairstyle during golden hour
Photo by Leon Bennett / Stringer/Getty Images

The classic curtain bangs style tends to be shown on straight hair types, but we want to remind everyone that those with curly hair can rock the style too. Some perfectly placed ringlets framing your face pair well with your natural coils.

18. Baby Bangs

Constance Wu looking chic in a wavy hairstyle with bangs and colorful sequined dress
Photo by Dia Dipasupil / Staff/Getty Images

Of all the hairstyles with bangs, baby bangs just might be one of the hardest looks to pull off. They're certainly not for everyone, but the take on short bangs has become quite the trend recently. Baby bangs are also fairly high-maintenance, so prepare to schedule regular trims to keep up with appearances.

19. Punk Rock Bangs

Miley Cyrus in a black outfit and short, wavy hairstyle singing her heart out
Photo by Jamie Squire / Staff/Getty Images

The mullet is here to stay and we love seeing punk rock bangs paired with the short haircut. These thicker, choppy bangs are voluminous and stop just above the eyebrows. The cut looks best on oval, more curved shapes as opposed to angular features. If you have a square jawline, it’s best to try out a different option.

20. Point-Cut Bangs

Taylor Swift rocking the red carpet in a floral dress and neutral makeup with red lips
Photo by Dia Dipasupil / Staff/Getty Images

Point-cut bangs are a more piecey cut that tend to be longer on the sides, which draws the eye to the center. In order to achieve this look, your hairstylist should cut your bangs vertically to give them a jagged edge. If you have a heart-shaped face, which is characterized by wide cheekbones and a prominent chin, this cut is extremely flattering.

21. Curly Bangs

Zendaya rocking the red carpet in a curly hairstyle and dark plum midriff outfit
Photo by Kristy Sparow / Stringer/Getty Images

Curly girls can totally rock bangs with confidence and ease. The secret to pulling off the style? Making sure your bangs are cut while your hair is curly. If it's straightened or wet, your bangs likely won't turn out the way you want them. Don't make that mistake, we're gently warning you.

22. Long Bangs

Smiling Hilary Duff in a neutral makeup look and green suit
Photo by Presley Ann / Stringer/Getty Images

Long bangs are a fantastic option for those who have very little time to fuss with their hair. While they accentuate the best parts of your face, they're basically grown-out layers, meaning they require little to no styling. Chances are, if cut correctly, they'll fall exactly where they need to. This style tends to pair best with shoulder-length or long hairstyles, that way they blend seamlessly into your strands.

23. Micro Bangs

Rowan Blanchard rocking baby pink dress, silver dangling earrings, and rose gold makeup look
Photo by Rich Fury / Staff/Getty Images

Even smaller than baby bangs, meet micro bangs. The short crop extends an inch or two past your hairline and makes a major statement. Because this style is the shortest and boldest of all the bang trends, it typically works best on straight hair and longer or more round faces. It’s also a great complement to a pixie cut. Before you cut short bangs, you should know that styling them might be more of a commitment than you’re used to in your daily routine. Why? Because micro bangs need to be blow dried so they fall properly and can also run the risk of looking oily, so make sure you have dry shampoo on hand.

24. Choppy Bangs

Camila Cabello smiling in an all-black ensemble and dark smoky eye makeup look
Photo by Kevin Winter / Staff/Getty Images

Choppy bangs boast major volume and complement long layers. This look is similar to traditional fringe and works on a variety of face shapes, so if you have a round face, an oval face, or a diamond-shaped face, you can easily try choppy bangs to take your hair to new heights.

25. Eyelash-Skimming Bangs

Elizabeth Olsen rocking straight hair with bangs, warm makeup look, and dark blue-green sequined dress
Photo by Jesse Grant / Stringer/Getty Images

Not only are there countless variations of bangs, but even when we talk about a specific category of fringe, like curtain bangs, you’ll find varying looks and hairstyles. Take eyelash-skimming bangs for example. These shaggy bangs extend below the eyebrows, to the eyelashes, and look so effortlessly chic paired with an updo. They're also incredibly easy to pin back on days when you don't feel like styling them.

26. Side-Swept Bangs

Smiling Reese Witherspoon rocking an orange dress and warm makeup look
Photo by Frederick M. Brown / Stringer/Getty Images

Swooping side-swept bangs offer that drama and elegance we crave in our lives. They're sultry and alluring, while also offering a bit of mystery. The style works best on square-shaped faces that can’t really rock blunt, straight-across bangs. Because this look relies on a longer bang, it doesn’t require as much of a commitment, looks great with both long and short hairstyles, and works well on a variety of face shapes, making it a great beginner bang look. We particularly enjoy seeing it paired with a dramatic A-line bob.

27. Beachy Bangs

Margot Robbie looking chic in a neutral makeup look, floral dress, and beach waves hairstyle
Pool / Pool/Getty Images

Beachy bangs give blunt bangs a bit of a tousled look and more movement. It's all about embracing texture so that your bangs give off a more effortless vibe. We won't tell the world how many attempts it took to get them to look messy, we promise. Grab your texture spray and get to work.

28. Natural Texture Bangs

Smirking Sandra Oh rocking a wavy hairstyle and pink jumpsuit
Photo by Jamie McCarthy / Staff/Getty Images

Yes, you can embrace your natural texture with bangs. They don't need to perfectly rest on your forehead, so let them do what they want. More tousled, undone looks are all the rage these days, so don't feel as though you have to hide your natural texture with a flat iron or curling wand. Simply rub a little oil on the ends and you're good to go.

29. Wispy Bangs

Selene Gomez looking chic in a leather jacket, floral blouse, neutral makeup look, and wavy hairstyle with bangs
Photo by Jamie McCarthy / Staff/Getty Images

There's something so romantic about wispy bangs. Their light and airy nature gives off fairytale vibes. So if you're hoping to live your life like you're in a rom-com, get yourself some wispy bangs. The bangs grow out nicely as well, seamlessly turning into face-framing layers. Not to mention, they're another style that's easy to hide on days when you don't want to mess with them.

30. Mid-Bangs

Saoirse Ronan looking elegant in silver jewelry, black dress, lavender eyeshadow makeup look, and updo hairstyle with bangs
Photo by Amy Sussman / Staff/Getty Images

Middle bangs are an above-the-eyebrow style that works best on angular-shaped or square faces. They're a bit longer than baby or micro bangs, though not as long as traditional bangs. As your hair grows out, your strands can turn into trendy curtain bangs.

31. Bardot Bangs

Priyanka Chopra Jonas rocking gold smoky eyeshadow makeup look, Chinese-themed dress, and updo hairstyle
Photo by Jeff Spicer / Stringer/Getty Images

Inspired by French icon Brigitte Bardot, Bardot bangs are almost a fuller version of curtain bangs. Best on those with thick hair, your strands are cut into full bangs that gradually became longer towards the edges, around the temple, exuding the same effortless feel of Bardot’s signature hairstyle. Whether you wear your hair down, sweep it up, or opt for a retro, half-up 'do, Bardot bangs are the perfect compliment to your look.

32. Piecey Bangs

Julianne Hough rocking a no-makeup makeup look and white suit
Photo by Neilson Barnard / Staff/Getty Images

Piecey bangs are a classy-meets-cool cut that falls straight across the face. This style of bang works best on those with round or oval-shaped faces. Though the bangs are meant to look a bit messy, maintaining the look requires constant styling. So if you're looking for a more low-maintenance bang, these aren't the style for you.

33. Farrah Bangs

Ciara rocking a bold eyeliner makeup look paired with nude lips and a mauve-colored dress
Photo by Michael Buckner / Staff/Getty Images

Feathered bangs and layers that fan out and frame the face (think Farrah Fawcett) have completely taken over TikTok. And everyone has hopped on board with the latest hair trend. This voluminous ‘70s vibe exudes sexy, chic style and works well on a variety of face shapes.

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