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60 Halloween Nail Art Ideas, From Beginner to Advanced

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What do we love about Halloween? Short answer: everything! The chance to dress up, experiment with amazing makeup, and transform ourselves into anything we please is what makes the day feel like pure magic. And that includes Halloween nail art ideas that pull together any look. Whether you’re inspired by ghosts and vamps, werewolves and witches, or your favorite movie villains—Halloween gives us a chance to express ourselves to the max. And that’s what we at IPSY are all about: showing off your unique self—even if that means summoning your spooky side.

We’re always hard at work searching for beauty ideas to inspire our costumes (including makeup looks for every ghoulish get-together), and the nail art designs we’re seeing has got us all in the Halloween spirit. A fun manicure is a perfect way to top off your costume and take it to the next level. So, to make sure you’re killing your look from head to toe, we’ve rounded up 60 Halloween nail art ideas—from vampire fangs to glam spiders to lit jack-o-lanterns—for you to DIY (if you dare) or take to your nail artist for inspo.

1. Creepy Funky

Whether you’re going as Beetlejuice or just want to get into the Halloween spirit while still remaining subtle, these nails are the right amount of spooky.

2. Groovy Baby

Dressing up as Barbie, a totally groovy ‘70s babe, or anything bright and colorful? These nails are the perfect complement to your costume. Our tip? Go with super bright neon hues to really make this look pop. We love anything by COLOR CLUB.

3. Creepy-Crawly Mani

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Halloween is as good a time as any to embrace creepy and unique nail looks, like this bug and insect-inspired design. Is it just us, or is this actually kind of cute?

4. All Stitched Up

Grab a baby pink nail polish, a black polish, and a super-thin nail brush to create the stitch designs. Beginners can definitely master the stitched French tips, while more experienced nail artists can go for the bloody knife and spider web looks.

5. After Blood

Whether you’re the Queen of Hearts this year or a good, old-fashioned witch, this gold dripping nail art look is to die for. We love a shimmery metallic gold color for this, like FORMULA X’s nail color in Revved Up.

6. Cute Green Ghosts

It’s giving Emma Chamberlain, and it’s a neutral way to get into the Halloween spirit, thanks to the muted green tones.

7. Matte Black

Halloween is a great time to experiment with matte nails, as the finish makes all the difference in adding an extra creepy effect to any nail art design. You can turn any nail art into a matte look with the JULIEG Matte Top Coat.

8. Zodiac Killer

Scorpio season begins at the end of October and coincides with Halloween. Celebrate by adorning your talons with these spooky little stingers.

9. Judas

Throw it back to a time when Lady Gaga ruled the world with these Judas-inspired nails that look great with a nun costume or any character who picks betrayal as their poison of choice.

10. Creepy Coastal Cowgirl

Coastal cowgirl has been trending all year long, so why not take it into spooky season with this inspired nail-art look? You can rock this mani with your Barbie cowgirl costume, or simply recycle your Eras tour merch to be a cute cowgirl.

11. Psycho Killer

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Pink makes everything less scary, right? Not in this case, thanks to the Scream ghosts that add a Halloween element to this otherwise pretty-in-pink nail look.

12. Scream for Ice Cream

Why not turn cute ice creams into ghoulish ghosts? This design is perfect for those months when you’re transitioning from summer to fall and can’t wait to get into the spooky spirit.

13. Cat Drip French Mani

Draw a circle at the tip of your nail with black polish and then add two triangles to the top to make cat ears. Once that’s dried, add white dots for the eyes and go back in after with a skinny nail brush to make straight lines for the cat’s pupils.

14. Maleficent Witch Nails

After you draw on a black French tip, extend the black paint down to the nail base in a zig-zag pattern, emulating strikes of lightning. Once that has dried, go back in to define the zig-zags with gold polish for an extra-spooky look.

15. ’90s Halloween Ice Cream

Did you know there are different Halloween styles you can categorize yourself under? One is pastel Halloween, where you only use pink and white colors to decorate, and another is traditional Halloween, which serves as a nod to ’90s decor, where bright green and orange reigned supreme. Celebrate a classic Halloween throwback with these brightly colored nails.

16. Upgraded Coffin Nails

This look gives coffin nails a whole new meaning. Coffin nails traditionally refers to the nail shape that is long, slender, and squares out around the edges, but making your nails look like actual coffins to boot really ups the ante on this creepy look.

17. Barbie Costume-Inspired

Come on Barbie, let’s go party! This mani takes nods from the recent Barbie film to go a little bit country and a little bit rock ’n’ roll for a totally Barbie nail art look.

18. Pop Art

If you’re looking to dress up as a Roy Lichtenstein painting, you need to try out these pop art nails. Paint the base with one singular bright color, and once that dries, draw accents on the side of the nail using white or a lighter shade that complements the bright color.

19. Friggin’ Bats

This is an easy nail design for beginners. Choose a glittery Halloween-colored base like orange, purple, or green. Then, using a slim-tip brush, paint on white bat shapes. Seal with a high-gloss top coat.

20. Haunted Mansion

Use a sponge to create an ombre effect for the background, and then go in with a slim nail art brush to paint the outline of haunted houses. From there, create window accents with a glow-in-the-dark spooky color.

21. Dust Sprite Nails

The fun little fuzz balls that we can’t get enough of make for the cutest Halloween mani—although we’ll probably wear them any time of year. Start with a neutral or bare-colored base coat and paint them where you please to give them a cool floating effect. 

22. Candy Corn

We know candy corn can be controversial, but whether you love or hate it, it’s undeniably Halloween. All you need are three colors—white, yellow, and bright orange—to create an easy treat-inspired nail look. Try it and trust us, it’s bound to be your sweetest mani ever. 

(Our Pick: AURORA Gel Effect Nail Polish for a burst of bright orange and instant Halloween vibes.)

23. Pumpkins & Skeletons

Pumpkins and skeletons are kind of a no-brainer this time of year, but we love the sketched-on effect of this funky cool mani. To create it, paint your nails black, white, and orange. Then, use a super thin paintbrush to create that drawn-on look.

24. Crystal Balls

We see compliments in your future, because this crystal ball-inspired nail art is one of the coolest we’ve come across in a while. The contrast between nude and black is eye catching, and gives it a modern and chic effect that’s equally fit for house parties or chic masquerades. (Our Pick: KASKA Nail Polish in Velvet Matte Black is edgy, long-lasting, and won’t chip on you.) 

25. Super Cute Pumpkins

When one pumpkin isn’t enough, paint one on every nail! A thin paintbrush is key to creating this artsy design. Add tiny dots or stars around them for a touch of Cinderella-esque magic and you’re ready for the most festive Halloween ball. 

26. Slithering Snakes

Perfect for Halloween, cool enough to wear anytime you’re feeling edgy. We love a stark white base to make these spooky snakes pop, but try them in gold against black, experiment with neons, or make it chic with a nude base for a surprisingly versatile mani. 

27. Vampire Vibes

You can’t go wrong with cute red lips, but add some teeny fangs and red blood drop designs and you’ve got a dangerously gorgeous mani. (Our Pick: CONTEXT Nail Lacquer in Take It Off has a beautiful, high-shine finish and gel-like effect.) 

28. Glow-In-The-Dark Aliens

The best thing about these little aliens? Some glow-in-the-dark polish means you’ll see them well past when the lights go down. Place them against a dark or black background for a floating, out-of-this-world effect. 

29. Bloody French Mani

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A classic French manicure  is always on-trend. Cover them in intricate drops of blood red polish for the most stylish-meets-spooky Halloween mani ever.

30. Dark Glam

Glamorous vampire, magical witch, dark angel—this sparkly mani will complement them all. Keep the base neutral and alternate between V-shape French and glitter-dips for a super pretty (and versatile!) look. 

31. Soft Pink Spiderwebs

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A post shared by Dawn (@dawnsdiary)

Not all Halloween manis are dark and scary. We love the soft, pretty vibes of this white-on-pink look. Add a gem or two for a tiny touch of glam and you’ll give off all the ethereal vibes. (WE ARE FLUIDE 7-Free Polish in Gala Cafe is a long-lasting, soft and light shade that’s pretty for Halloween and all year-round.)

32. Black and Gold Bats

Black and gold foil bats are fun, festive, and perfect for channeling All Hallow’s Eve energy.

33. Chic Black And Orange Nails

Want to keep it simple and chic? Opt for nude or neutral nails with slashes of orange and black. Or make it your own with slime green, hot pink, or blood red. 

34. Multicolor Halloween Nails

We love a multicolor mani—not only does it save time at the polish wall, it gives us the chance to get super creative with all the colors we crave. Make yours Halloween-themed with a range of oranges, blacks, deep grays, and more for a look you’ll love through autumn.

35. Magical Ombré French

Make every night a starry night with this beautiful black ombré mani decked with celestial accents—star, moons, your favorite constellation, the sky’s the limit. (Our Pick: PRETTY WOMAN Nail Polish in Ice Queen goes on smooth and bright and makes for perfect accents and intricate designs.) 

36. Cute-ical Cats

 The most adorable mani on our list? This cute mani with tiny matte black cats peeking out from your cuticles. Keep your nails pretty bare, and paint on as many kitties as you like. This one’s proof that Halloween can give you cute, fuzzy feels, too. 

37.  Floating Sheet Ghosts

This reminds us of some of our earliest Halloween costumes—simple, cute, and easy-to-create. While our tastes (and skills) have grown, it doesn’t mean we can’t channel our childhood with this imaginative mani that’s equal parts cute and cool. Billowing white ghosts peeking out from different directions make for a whimsically spooky mani that we’re sure to wear year after year. (Our Pick: DEBORAH LIPPMANN Gel Lab Pro Nail Color in Amazing Grace for perfect, chip-free ghosts.)

38. Say Boo

This simple nail art reminds us just enough of the 90s horror hit Scream to become slightly spooky. Paint black nails with floating ghost faces in every which way, add a “BOO” or two for good measure, and you’ve got yourself a Halloween mani worthy of one (or five) sequels. 

39.  Stylish Vamp

When we think of vampy manis, we usually think of sharp, stiletto nails. But this softer version is pretty and functional (aka they won’t scratch your friends and get caught on your clothes). The red and black ombré effect makes it perfect for All Hallows Eve, but in our opinion, these nails are pretty enough to wear year-round. (Our Pick: This rich red PEOPLE OF COLOR Nail Polish in Rodeo Drive.)

40. Spiderweb French

With black French tips and a clear background, these witchy, spider web nails are—dare we say—chic? Consider them proof that a great French mani can be tailored to any occasion. 

41. In Stitches

A little quirky, a lot cute, and endlessly fun—this black and white Halloween nail art design has it all. Paint vertical stripes with black polish on a white base for a stitch-like effect (see pinky), dot on eyes, and add zig-zags for Frankenstein vibes (see middle finger). The options are endless. 

42. Spooky Baby Blues

We see countless eyeball nail art designs around Halloween and they almost always give us the heebie-jeebies. This one is totally eye-catching (sorry, not sorry) thanks to the contrast of bright blue on matte white. Add red veins and blood splatters, and it’s a design we can’t take our eyes off of. (Our Pick: Paint those baby blues using NAILS.INC Regents Place Nail Polish.)

43. Funky Frankenstein

Franken-manis are always a good idea this time of year. Make yours cute, colorful, and totally memorable with matte stitch-inspired nails flanked by bright neon green accent nails featuring your favorite undead friend. (Our Pick: This ultra-shiny, chip-resistant, neon green LAW BEAUTY ESSENTIALS Nail Polish in Spear Me.)

44. Spooky Kitty

Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Binx from Hocus Pocus—which is your favorite TV cat character? Either will approve of this simple nude mani with black kitten faces and wispy tails. Pop on a set of fuzzy ears, add whiskers, and you’ve got a purrfect black cat costume. (Our Pick: Try the ivory or medium nude shade from this CONTEXT SKIN Nail Lacquer Duo in Piece of Me & The Last Mile as your base.)

45. Ghostly Vibes

Bring your own boos to your next Halloween gathering with this easy spider web and ghost nail art. Paint webs on one nail or all, then top it off with a sheet ghost accent nail for a mani that’ll put anyone in the Halloween spirit.

46. Witching Hour

This look wins for sheer wow-factor. It gives us all the spooky, The Nightmare Before Christmas vibes we want this season and looks like a total work of art. It takes a steady hand, so you might want to leave this one to your nail pro (unless you’re one yourself), but with cats, full moons, and creepy houses, it’ll totally be worth the effort. (Our Pick: Create a stunning base coat with holographic purple CIATÉ LONDON Moondust Geology.)

47. Bright Eyeballs

Eyeball mani, but make it...pretty? With reds, pinks, greens, and blues this super fun nail look will have all eyes on you. Paint them against brown (as shown here) or go even bolder with your brightest colors to really make them pop. 

48. Silly Spiders

We never thought we’d find spiders adorable until we saw them on this cute purple mani. The itsy bitsy spider legs are easy to paint on with an ultra-thin paintbrush. Add yellow dots for tiny bodies and you’ve got a last-minute nail art idea that’s packed with Halloween spirit.

49. Golden Skulls

Whether you’re in full skeletal attire or your channeling 90s goth vibes, this gold and black mani featuring skull nails and bones will give your look an unexpected touch of glam. 

50. Stars, Stripes, & Pumpkins

What’s more Halloween than pumpkins? Not much, TBH. We love that this jack-o-lantern-inspired orange nail takes center stage. With stars, stripes, and drips of color, it’s one of the most fun manis on our list. (Our Pick: Try this baby pink MISCHO BEAUTY Nail Lacquer in Babylove as your background polish to really make your nail art pop.) 

51. Flamin’ Hot

Fiery flames are a favorite Halloween nail art look because they’re bold, attention-grabbing, and drop-dead gorgeous. Plus, with bold orange and black colors, they complement so many costumes—devil, warlock, bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos—you name it.

52. Cosmic Energy

It’s certainly not for minimalists, but if your costume is inspired by the stars and heavens, this stunning galaxy-inspired nail art is for you. Scatter tiny stars in white polish every which way, copy your favorite constellation for a custom mani—the sky’s the limit.

53. Glam Cow-Print

Not all Halloween looks are fear-inducing. (Note: This beauty editor may have once been a western omelet.) If you’re into something that’s cute, cuddly, and will guarantee some laughs, this fun cow nail art is for you. Add bright pink dots wherever you please for a pop of color and a hint of glam. (Our Pick: Hot pink cow spots will really pop with NAILS.INC Looking Super Juicy Nail Polish.)

54. Far-Out Waves

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Give us your best ‘70s throwback look with bombshell waves, super-flare jeans, platforms, and this groovy wave mani. Pink, gold, and orange waves give it slightly psychedelic vibes that’s so Saturday Night Fever. (Our pick: This gorgeous, bronze gold CONTEXT SKIN Nail Lacquer in Shake Me.)

55. Skull Cameos

The prettiest goth-inspired nails we’ve seen, period. This skull cameo mani is actually three-dimensional and made using acrylic powder (so it’s best to leave it to the pros). A matte topcoat gives it a vintage effect that’s worthy of a permanent place in your nail art wardrobe.

56. All Wrapped Up

At first glance, all we see is a minimalist white and nude nail art design that goes with any look and that you won’t get sick of after a few days. Upon closer inspection, this look is so much more. The wrapped up mummy and spider webs complement the glitter flecks frightfully well, and the color palette keeps this modern and chic.

57. Pink Pumpkins

Black and orange? Been there, done that! This year is all about pink (we’re looking at you Versace!), and we want our Halloween nail art to be on point.

58. Ghoulishly Glam Neutrals

Ghosts? Check! Jack-o-lanterns? Check! Bats, spider webs, stitches? Check, check, and check. These Halloween nails have it all—literally—in a neutral color palette that feels cool, not kitschy.

59. Spooky Stamps

Stamping plates are one of the coolest ways to get intricate nail art designs with little effort. Exhibit A: These devilishly detailed Halloween nails.

60. Gory Glow

If we didn’t know better, we’d swear this realistic neon Halloween nail art design requires four AAA batteries. The special effects glow over a black background is super unique and will have everyone doing a double take.

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