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Halsey’s New Makeup Line ABOUT-FACE Is Straight Fire—And You Can Try It First In Your IPSY Glam Bag


Ashley Frangipane (a.k.a. Halsey!) has been an artist all her life. You definitely know her for songwriting and singing—Without Me and Bad At Love, anyone?—but what you might not know is that makeup is one of her favorite mediums, which is what led the award-winning singer to create her very own line, about-face.

Lucky for you, about-face is launching exclusively with IPSY, so you get to be one of the first to try the high-performance line (which is vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without gluten, phthalates, parabens, and synthetic fragrances, btw) in your February Glam Bag Plus and Glam Bag x Patrick Ta.

“I’m super excited to have some of my products featured in the Glam Bag,” says Halsey. “My whole family has IPSY subscriptions. My mom is actually in makeup school right now. She recently came into my room, dumped her IPSY bag out, and started talking to me about all the products. It was a cool bonding moment for us since makeup has been a long love of my life, and now it’s a new found love of hers.”

Excited about this brand new launch? Same! Here’s everything you need to know about about-face straight from Halsey, herself.


“I’ve found in my career, having makeup artists before being on red carpets and sets, that a lot of the time I would look in the mirror, and I wouldn’t look like myself,” says Halsey. “I wanted to feel confident going into my work and feel like I was the best representation of me. So when a product or a makeup artist would change me or make me look like I was someone else, it would deflate me a little bit.”

Now, Halsey does her own makeup, and uses that time to channel her inner artist. For the singer, makeup is the ultimate form of experimentation and self-expression. Want proof? Her Instagram is an archive of every hairstyle, color, and makeup look imaginable.

Close-up profile image of Halsey rocking bright pink hair and bold pink and white eye makeup look and posing with her hand on her mouth

“For someone like me who likes to change their look all the time, makeup is the perfect vehicle to make a minor transformation that you can take off at the end of the day,” says Halsey. “It’s not as permanent as dying your hair, getting a tattoo, or getting a piercing, but it’s just enough to play around, and that’s why it’s so fun.”

It’s that same love for experimenting with her look that Halsey is bringing to her line. The brand’s goal: bright, bold products that put the fun back in beauty. about-face is not about changing the way you look. It’s about celebrating the parts of you that already exist with paint-like makeup that helps you express your unique beauty.

Your Exclusive First Look:

1. ABOUT-FACE Paint-It Matte Lip Color

ABOUT-FACE PAINT-IT Matte Lip Color in four different shades swatched on white background

Be one of the first to try this Matte Lip Color in our debut Glam Bag X collection curated by celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta, which drops this February. “Lips were a really big deal when I was starting about-face because as a musician, I’m always moving my mouth,” says Halsey. “The first time I wore a bright colored lip on stage, I pulled my microphone away and noticed that the entire capsule was covered in my lipstick. I was super embarrassed, but it also taught me a lesson about the kind of lipsticks I need to be wearing on stage.”

For starters, a long-lasting formula that doesn’t smear was a necessity in her line. “A lot of lipsticks are longwear, but unfortunately the formulas can be incredibly drying because of that,” she adds. “So I needed it to be hydrating and longwearing, which was kind of a paradox, but I was determined to make it happen.”

In your Glam Bag x Patrick Ta, you’ll receive the shade Last Goodnight, Cautionary Tale, Take Aim, or Halsey’s personal favorite, So Long Summer. “I am a collector of pink-y, mauve-y nude lips, so I wanted to create the perfect one,” she says.

2. ABOUT-FACE Matte Fluid Eye Paint

ABOUT-FACE Matte Fluid Eye Paint in Matte Soft Orchid and Matte Terracotta swatched on white background

Subscribed to Glam Bag Plus? Then you might find Halsey’s Matte Fluid Eye Paint in either Cloned or Dionysus in your February bag. Unlike the cream shadows you might be used to, these Eye Paints stay true to their name, and act more like a painter’s medium, making mixing and matching easy.

These shadows are pigmented! One swipe coats your lid in seconds with smooth color that sets into a creamy, smudge-proof finish that lasts for hours. Ready to amp up the bold look? Take a note from Halsey who likes to layer a gloss over top to dress up the look.

Want to be the first to try about-face and future hot new launches? We got you! Take our Beauty Quiz now to get started on your very own Glam Bag. Already an Ipster? Refer your friends to earn points, which you can use toward products. Either way, don’t forget to check us out on Instagram and Twitter @IPSY.

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Article Last Updated January 7, 2021 12:00 AM