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IPSY Personalization: 4 Hacks To Optimize Your Membership


Sometimes, it’s more than the thought that counts—especially when it comes to beauty. We each have different needs, which is why personalization is at the heart of everything we do. From undertone to skin type to eye shape, no two people are exactly the same, and we’re obsessed with delivering not only what you already love but also helping you discover new products you can’t live without.

But how exactly do we do it? Enter IPSY Match, our proprietary technology that evaluates more than 500 (!!!) pieces of data every single month to match you with the best product assortment for your concerns, preferences, and style.

Want to know how the magic really works plus learn some insider IPSY hacks for customizing your subscription? Keep on reading.

Here’s How to Maximize Your Membership

1. Revisit the Beauty Quiz

You know all those questions you answered when you first signed up? The one where you filled out your skin tone, hair color, brands you love, product faves, and more? Well, IPSY Match references your answers—every. single. month. Your Beauty Profile provides over 150 data points to help us better understand your preferences, and we use every one of them to build a bag personalized just for you.

Hack: Feel like you’re receiving face products that are too light or too dark—or want to receive blush less frequently? Update your answers by retaking the quiz. (Pssst, you can also change your beauty preferences at any time via your account page on IPSY.com.) Update by the 20th of the month to personalize the following month’s Glam Bag. If you have a BoxyCharm or Icon Box membership, update by the 25th.

2. Review Your Products

Each month, you have a chance to leave a star rating and review for all products you receive. These reviews not only help inform other members, but they also majorly help you and your future shipments. We use product reviews to better understand what you loved and why—and the more feedback we have from you, the more personalized your future shipments will be.

Hack: You earn Points every time you review a product, and these Points can be redeemed for free bonus products each month. So keep up with your reviews to score big!

3. Make Your Choice

Every month, Glam Bag subscribers handpick one of the deluxe sample-size products in their shipment. This process is referred to as IPSY Choice. Even these Choice options are tailored to your engagement (Beauty Quiz and reviews), so you can look forward to seeing products that work for you. From there, IPSY Match will fill the rest of your bag to complement both your Choice and your profile.

If you have a BoxyCharm or Icon Box membership, your personalization works a little differently:

BoxyCharm members choose three (yes, three!) of your full-size products each month from a personalized, made-for-you assortment. Then, IPSY fills the rest of your bag with two personalized faves just for you to discover.

Got the quarterly Icon Box subscription? When an upgrade month rolls around (that’s February, May, August, and November), you’ll choose three of your full-size products from a personalized assortment, while IPSY gives you five products curated by a beauty industry icon.

Check out BoxyCharm Build Your Box details and Icon Box Build Your Box details for more information.

Hack: Choice quantities are extremely limited! Make sure to check your timeline (under “Upcoming Events” on IPSY.com) so you don’t miss out. Some products sell out very quickly!

4. Stick With Us

Our goal is to help you discover brands and products you haven’t tried before, so we personalize each shipment to ensure that you rarely receive a repeat product. We also do our best to avoid sending you a product from the same brand or category too soon. It’s simple, really: The longer you’re with us, the more history we have, and the better your shipments get.

Hack: Need to take a break? No problem. You can pause your subscription at any time without losing any of your history, so it’ll be seamless whenever you want to start your subscription again. Canceling your membership, on the other hand, means starting from scratch. And if you want to add a second subscription (IPSY offers two kinds, Glam Bag and BoxyCharm) or an upgrade (Icon Box, which can only be added to an active monthly subscription), just make sure to use the same email address so your products don’t overlap.

There you have it—the magic behind IPSY Match and the world’s most personalized beauty subscription.

Ready to get started? Take our Beauty Quiz to get in on all the IPSY membership fun. Already a member? Retake the Beauty Quiz to update your preferences—or refer your friends to earn points, which you can use toward products. Either way, don’t forget to check us out on Instagram @IPSY and @BoxyCharm.

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Article Last Updated March 13, 2023 12:00 AM