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How I Get Rid of Dark Circles & Bags Under Eyes


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Hi Amy!

Ughhhh, I've SO been there! And while I would never judge anyone for getting fillers (...or Botox... or anything... you do you!), I do have a tip that's a lot less expensive, way less painful, and will make you think twice about those injections. Here's my tried-and-true 2-step dark circle erasing recipe:

  1. Find a creamy peach color corrector. You'll know it's the right shade if it totally disappears when you apply it on undereye circles. Apply it directly on the dark area ONLY with your fingers or a brush. The peachy tones work to counteract the blue tones that make you look "sleepy". Yay color wheel!

  2. Apply some concealer, powder, or foundation over the color corrector. This will help set everything so it stays all day.

And in the meantime, tell the haters that you are tired... because slaying the world is straight up exhausting, but someone's gotta do it. Send me before and after selfies!

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Article Last Updated September 23, 2019 12:00 AM